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FH2 Campaign #8: Last Offensive -All Campaign - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Share your opinions about this campaign.  Replies are ok but no flaming, keep it clean!

Copy and paste below:

Best: -

Worst: -

Funniest: -

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: -

Best Battle Last Battle Photo - Anyone that posts a Photo of the Last Battle will Earn a Medal!

Other: -

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Best: Being able to play the last battle after missing a few battles.

Best 2: Forgotten Hope 2. Its still the best WW2 gaming experience you can have.

Best 3: Fantastic campaign with great numbers! Everyone had fun and we will do it again soon!

Best 3: Spotting for @0utlaw inside enemy lines. Always fun!

Funniest: Always the Teamspeak chatter. Its awesome to relax with friends, drink and have alot of laughs.

Funniest 2: This last battle the duel with @GeoPat and @Pepinio🤣

Most loved/liked player: Fantastic campaign everyone! I hope all the players had fun!

Best Battle Photo Last Battle -
"Spotting for AT. C'mon tank. Show yourself.  C'mon man..."

Other: Thank you to everyone that joined and played this campaign. It was amazing to have so many players, specially in this era because of all that is happening.
We will be back very soon! Long live CMP!

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Best:  GG axis! wp allies

Worst: somehow not enjoying this last battle, spawncamps and bunnyhops... and usual arguings. 

Worst2: campaign over

Funniest:  the knifing kills

Most loved/liked player: everyone making it possible

Best Battle Photo Last Battle -

seems i got my "kill an enemy officer with knife " medal in the money time 


Many thanks everyone for making this possible:

Admins, technical staff and mappers for obvious reasons @Quicksilver @RAnDOOm @Papillon @kummitus @SgtAlex @Blander

Balance vehicles and assets committee for doing a great job, once of the best so far @Pr0z4c @caeno @Tore and specially @Hawk for his hard work following everything related with it during the campaign. 

Both HQ's involved. I honestly have to say that, for being 2 new HQ's, I'm impressed by the high level shown by both of them. Many thanks @CptBocquier @Otto @turbomursu hope to be under all of you 3 orders in the future. It was a pleasure @Otto @turbomursu ! 

All of the officers, thanks a bunch for doing one of the hardest job which means being officer on a fh2 campaign , getting down in the mud. Thanks for doing your best to offer the players the greatest of the experiences here @Sir_Kowskoskey @Erwin @Pr0z4c @beavis_aka_ostwind @Zabstone @Ronid @matyszg @TomTom39 special mentions in enemy side to @beavis_aka_ostwind for making the russians again a fearsome team, and to @Ronid @TomTom39 and the other PL staff for getting their 1st time and keep building a great PL communitty.  My team fellas @Tutvys @alorbe @BaskaBommi @aquintus @Haraldt @Blander @Nightwing ♥️

All of the players who came every friday or who tried their best to participate. Without you, having maps, admins, officers and hq's wouldn't make sense. Many thanks to every single new player trying FH2 campaign for 1st time, hope you guys keep tuned about CMP to join next events and campaigns! @SANANe_TR @Cap.Otto @Enrik @Seway @FadusTM @Heersoldaten @erpupus @Jager @ChooChoo_Go_Kill @BigMoleUSMC @Kalashnekov @cristhianxd @ZOCIO @LanXcL @Luis 1944 @TuncaCeleste @Danielikus @Cyper @king_tigernator @SPARX382 @Lt.Sturmbaguette 



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Best: - A lovely and sadly the last evening with some of my favorite people. I will miss you guys, but I hope to see you next campaign! :)

Worst: - The complaining from the select few as usual and after campaign (!) talks...

Funniest: - Caeno and Turbo pissed drunk in the last round and during the aftermath :D

Most hated player: - No one! Tis the season of jolly fun!

Most loved/liked player: - Easy - my boys and everyone else on Allied Team who have pulled themselves together for the last final push of the campaign. Cheers!

Best Battle Last Battle Photo - Photo's not mine, but a lot of love from me went into this ❤️ 

Other: - Thank You. Every single one of you for such a great campaign, be it with its own ups and downs but with fair fighting spirit and full servers every battle. I want to thank my regiment and everyone else who reads this for an amazing opportunity during these hard times to connect with people, have a chat and have a fun evening. With this in mind, I would like to congratulate everyone with Merry X-mas and wish you a Happy New Year. And, of course, to see you next time in yet another campaign, be it on the same sides or different! Stay strong and safe, especially our new potential HQs for future @caeno and @BaskaBommi. Thank you once again! Happy Holidays everyone!

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Best: Playing with organised squad and division, that was really nice feeling. I've never seen something on this level.

Worst: Complaining about Axis/Allied balance (sometimes justified) + mainbase territory problems

Funniest: Going with kubel from main to farm flag with @Ronid, we passed two bazookas, bar and sherman who was looking directly at us.

Most hated player: @Menuen for his lonewolfing xD

Most loved/liked player: @RayderPSG for his support to our community. 

Best Battle Last Battle Photo :


Other: Every battle was great fun for me. That was pleasure to play with you. I was waiting for every friday like for some Champions League Final match.

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Best: - Bad days and good days can't tell but definetly can tell , this expierence is unforgettable .


Funniest: - When @krakki starts swearing and everyone bursts out laughing - the last round we were more talking than playing the game either @Awisko when starts telling us a story about an american guy that burned a whole forest cuz of bunch of coyotes

Most hated player: - don't know the names but definetly the allied artyllery guys , sometimes raged  so hard that I was punching the wall  and erwin didn't know what was going on with me .

Most loved/liked player: -  everyone of the OFFICERS  @Erwin @Pr0z4c - mr.Weed and erected guy @Sir_Kowskoskey . I played most of the time with Erwin and everyone from there has a really good sense of humour

Best Battle Last Battle Photo -

Other: - The organization everything was fine this campaign . The best community that I have ever saw - not lying . Good players , funny people and strickly organizationg that's all I want .

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5 minutes ago, Cap.Otto said:


Most hated player: - don't know the names but definetly the allied artyllery guys , sometimes raged  so hard that I was punching the wall  and erwin didn't know what was going on with me .


Well, if we play together next time, you'll like it when I make life miserable with my artillery against the enemy. 😂 by the way good spots in ranked ❤

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Best: - the best was the camaraderie between all aje, allies, easy, charlie the boys of CC

Worst: - for me mi K/D

Funniest: - intentionally tk the other gunner @kirbyris-cafe with a howitzer shot.

Most hated player: - no one

Most loved/liked player: - all those who were always cool

Most loved/liked player: - polish squad

Most loved/liked player: - @CptBocquier for good vibes te amo bb!

Other: -I want to thank to @RayderPSG for giving me the opportunity to be arty for trusting me.
To @kirbyris-cafefor letting me use your howitzer and help me improve.
to all the cc @Otto, @BaskaBommi, @turbomursu, @caeno, @Tore for understanding my bad pronunciation.

a able 2:


@Nightwing @L.L.HERRAIZ @Danielikus @DarthTemoc @Smashmachine @wanchekid

by the chemistry and the union achieved
I hope that next time we are all together again.


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Best: -Finally getting a chance to play this game the way its meant to be played on a PC that works.  

Worst: -Getting my ass handed to me every game.

Funniest: -listening to Baska curse in Finnish.

Most hated player: -none

Most loved/liked player: - All the good folks in Easy company.  Thanks for giving me a chance.

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -I had a lot of fun and I'm glad I signed up. Thank to everyone involved in organizing this campaign. Awesome job. I hope to see you all on the next one.


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Best: - Listening to the tactics and sheer competitiveness of everyone on the team, we played to win and that's what made the battles so immersive and intense. A uniquely FH2 experience. Excellent job 21st Panzer Division and congratulations on your victory.

Worst: - Hit registration acting up, I have a hard time hitting targets on the CMP battle server compared to the public server, but it's to be expected with American ping.

Funniest: - @Tore's outbursts about panzerfausts and bazookas 😆

Most hated player: - Nobody!

Most loved/liked player: - @krakki for being a worthy victim to the sword bayonet :fencing:  Hope to see you on my team again! And all of the officers and people who made these maps and battles possible. Thanks.

Best Battle Last Battle Photo -


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Best: The Action-packed maps and combat with the lads. Intensive defence where we gave them what for!


Worst: The fact that we did not manage to win at the three last battles and let the victory slip so brutally. Allies were playing the best game in ages and we were so close to greatness.


Funniest: Basically all the stupid memes and conversations about anti-tank and the veneration of the Bazooka-Gods we had over at Easy-company chat. Roadrage with the jeeps and kubels were also enjoyable.

Most hated player: Why do we even have this kind of negative question? Only people I hate were the ones that were camping the rally points!

Most loved/liked player: Too many to tag here, but special mention to all the newcomers and veterans who had their first taste of defeat (or victory) in this CMP feature presentation! Also thank you for @Tutvys and @alorbe for being all the way with the squad.


Other: Letssee what we have in store for the next campaign? See you there! I have no guarantees that you'll see me on the winning team this time but who knows.


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Best: - Amazing action in battles! Thank you allies, you are excellent opponents! Thank you axis for great team play!

Worst: - No!

Funniest: - Many)

Most hated player: - No, we all friends here!

Most loved/liked player: - Love myself 😄

Best Battle Last Battle Photo - Don't hide Pershing, the German Cat wants to play with you! 😼


Other: - VicPic after 1h15min


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Best: - Playing with you is somethig that will stay in my heart for every and two years more

Worst: - taking break in the middle, but it was needed

Funniest: - one round as SL defending not attacked back flag and not shoting single round - I consider myself as a pacifist.

Most hated player: - 404

Most loved/liked player: - ah there are many of you... but special thanks to:

@TheBlackReaper @Ronid @Akikyo @matyszg @TomTom39 @Th3rioN @Sanskrit_Bandit @gerul @futher and of course @CptBocquier!

Best Battle Last Battle Photo - Polish and Russian afterparty



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Best: -

1. Good attendance on both sides till the last battle - there was no need to rent other players from other team during battle or even switch people during camp as it often used to be in the past!

2. Maps generally without major problems, so the campaign ran quite smoothly.

3. We had equal battle between both teams on the campaign scoreboard till some point of the campaign.

Worst: -

1. Winning as Allied in campaign still remains as a problem here...

2.  I dont know what is your perspective, but mine is simply ending the campaign with at least 12 rounds lost in a row, which is quite frustrating... 🙄

3. My performance during 1st half of the campaign, fortunately later I found myself better in the heat of the batlle! ;)

Funniest: -Easy company and TS chatter!

Most hated player: -G43s and MG42s - I swear I will join next time the side with these weapons...

Most loved/liked player: -All Easy company, especially these in Easy II under @BaskaBommi command! It was a real pleasure to play under your command! ;) 

Best Battle Last Battle Photo 

"Double teabag on @Sir_Kowskoskey and his teammate @Pozzo (if I remember right) 😂



In the end I would like to say big thank you to all of you for making this campaign possible - to all who spent so much time on preparations (admins and mappers) and to these who joined this campaign as a player - without such big playerbase it wouldnt be possible to happen! ;) 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

See you all in the next camp! ;) 

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Best: Winning Battle 7 - it got a bit heated but boy that was a good victory

Worst: - Battle 10 - We fought well and lost in Battles 9&11 and 12 was about trying new officers, but 10 really was a clusterf**k for the allies

Funniest: - @Tore screaming over CC like he'd actually been shot in the last battle

Most hated player: - People killing me while I was looking at the map - very unsporting

Most loved/liked player: All the allied officers & SLs but particularly @turbomursu and @RayderPSG for their HQ advice, @BaskaBommi for his positive attitude, @Tutvys for his passion to win and @CptBocquier for being a superb opponent and making the battles fun and exciting (except for Battle 10 obviously)

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-Thank you Covid-19 for sponsoring this campaign with such great numbers! ;)
-I thought it was an awesome campaign from start to finish. Great moments for both sides and really tough battles won and lost. 
-I got to fly planes and did not fly into trees as often as I thought! Also a couple of really awesome moments in a tank.
-Close campaign.
-Allied determination to keep going even when things started looking bad.
-Some moments with awesome teamplay like:
spotting enemies, calling for arty and seeing them go PUFF in the air just few seconds later, 
airplane&AA action (@Heyna and @Tore),
some really great attacks to a flag or defences against a larger force and still holding the flag,
teammates spotting enemy tanks and successfully flanking them,
All these moments that make this game and CMP so awesome ❤️ 

-Meh, can't think of anything that bad really.

-Easy TS channel. Thank you all in Easy Company :)
-So many funny moments - too many to remember or already shared them in individual BWF threads before, but some like: Admins tk'ing lots of squadmates, people driving badly or flipping vehicles, hilarious accidents (for some reason @knokworst was part of these many times :D) and many many more... 

Most hated player: 
-caeno after a winebottle

Most loved/liked player: 
-Everyone in the end! 

-Thank you all for a great camp! See you the next one! 

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Best: - The lads ! GG to everyone, really enjoyed this campaign

Worst: - my nap times before battles were often the worst idea ever

Funniest: - The lads ! @Sir_Kowskoskey @matyszg @Zabstone @Ronid @Pr0z4c @0utlaw @TomTom39 @beavis_aka_ostwind @Kerst @Erwin @WOLFXL @Awisko and of course @RayderPSG @BaskaBommi @turbomursu !! The froggies that stayed 'til the end too !

Most hated player: - Those who finfed the kows

Most loved/liked player: - The lads, everyone on CC, the glorious and fair opponents, everyone who had fun with us. Also the admins for their work, and @Otto for leading the Allies team to the end ! Was a real challenge for my nerves.

Best Battle Last Battle Photo - The most epic charge that ended glorious by massive tks.

Other: - Happy holidays everyone, hope i'll be able to play with @RayderPSG next campaign !

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