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  1. If you are interested in Egyptian history like myself and have not been able to actually be on the locations, checkout the videos below. It will give you a whole new perspective of what it is to be there. Amazing shots filmed in 4k and 60 fps.
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    Happy Birthday @L.L.HERRAIZ , @King FronXos and @Yronno
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  4. Best: The 3rd The King's Own Hussars.. Could not ask for a better regiment has a CO after being an admin for the past years. Great job everyone. Best2: Intense fighting on all flags. Having fun in Battle/Teamspeak even tho i had to leave it several times due to having 3 nieces at my house and had to take care of them at the same time. Worst: Nothing at all. Funniest: My nieces trying to understand what was being said on Teamspeak. They actually understood some things. They have strong englando. Most hated player: No one. Most loved/liked player: Everyone Best Battle Photo - "Capping the lumber flag and holding it inside the ammo truck for more then 5min. I was hearing at least 7 guys running around me while was laughing like crazy until someone decided to check inside. Oldschool BF1942 tactics still work. " Other: -
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    Happy Birthday @Erwin!
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