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  1. Happy Birthday @Heia Safari! and @Herman!
  2. Happy Birthday @Thief02!
  3. Happy Birthday @Matt and @Killa B!
  4. Happy Birthday @Drelid and @LeatherneckSgt!
  5. until
    [RIP] (Rusty In Places) + Friends vs STURM Rematch We've been invited to join Rusty In Places for a rematch against STURM on 1st December at 20:00 UTC We need people who can 100% commit to attending the battle if we are to join in. We have 4 places left. First to sign up, gets to play. Sign up at https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2509-sign-up-for-battle-rip-friends-vs-sturm-rematch-1st-december-2000utc/
  6. Happy Birthday @MishaPafos!
  7. Happy Birthday @Johonas and @Panzer Ice!
  8. Happy Birthday @BorderLive!
  9. until
    ANTCORP Social Meeting Let's meet up in the Star Citizen universe. Try out some personal mining, bounty hunting (anyone want to take on a Hammerhead?) and whatever else we feel like doing!
  10. @ermahe and @war3bf2clark001 you will need to fix your tags please. You are using incorrect characters. This will avoid any errors in the statistics being reported. Thank you.
  11. Happy Birthday @Dagoth!
  12. Happy Birthday @Indy95cro!
  13. until
    Post Scriptum Skirmish Rust In Places [RIP] + Friends vs 1stAL More information and sign up - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2492-sign-up-for-battle-rip-friends-vs-1stal-3rd-november-2000utc/
  14. Happy Birthday @Chus!
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