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  1. Happy Birthday @Airshark79 and @Taylor shaw!
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  3. Happy Birthday @johnnymzq and @PollitoJr1294Frozen!
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    Testing CMP's Assetto Corsa Server Testing starts at 19:00 UTC We'll test the server with as many players as are present for stability and connection speeds. We'll then test tracks and cars to decide on which car / class to use, and the tracks to race on.
  5. until
    A Star Citizen Social Gathering Star Citizen players from CMP will be meeting up to check out new ships and vehicles, co-operate on missions and generally have some fun. We'll focus on ship based combat, bounty hunting and ground missions. Come and join us on Teamspeak!
  6. Happy Birthday @lucas!
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  12. From all of the Committee, Admins and Moderators we want to wish every member of the CMP community a wonderful holiday. Yes, 2020 has been a strange, confusing and frightening time with the Covid-19 pandemic, but through it all, it has been great to see the support and camaraderie between CMP members, helping each other through a difficult period. This truly is a great community of video game players! With the various lock-downs in so many countries at various times throughout the year, it seems understandable that gamers found some comfort in playing classics such as Forgotten Hope 2 - not to mention it being free to play in some capacity - and it has been amazing to see our FH2 campaigns reach the stage where we had so many players, we had to implement waiting rooms, while playing on a 100-player server! We hope to see this huge player-base continue to join us in 2021! Without a doubt there is a core group of CMP members without whom, we would not have any FH2 tournaments to play. They work hard, and in their free time (this is all voluntary work after all!), to bring our FH2 community two custom campaigns a year spanning 28-weeks in total, and they deserve a heartfelt thank you. Without the dedication from those listed below, there would be no FH2 campaigns: Website, Game Servers, Discord, Teamspeak and All Things Technical kummitus Mapping and Mapping Support Papillon Blander SgtAlex Harmonikater Stubbfan Geopat Forums, Graphics, Social Media and Community Support RAnDOOm Sir_Kowskoskey Hawk RayderPSG Ronid Map Balancing and Feedback Hawk RayderPSG Pr0z4c caeno Tore There are undoubtedly many others in the community that aren't on this list and we thank them all for their help. Donations A massive thank you to those that have donated throughout 2020 and continue to donate monthly or one-off amounts to keep the forums, Teamspeak, Discord channels and game server up and running. With the help of the CMP members listed below, we managed to reach and exceed our yearly target for this year! € 1 055,95 Raised! Thank you to: jan_kurator Heia Safari! GABBOTTO Pr0z4c Firecrafter Belzebuth Incognito RayderPSG AL-SAHAD Pepinio Layon CptBocquier Spieler4 Haraldt 0utlaw Johonas Awisko BaskaBommi Ronid TomTom39 LeatherneckSgt GeoPat FELDPREDIGER_HANS beavis_aka_ostwind Spindrifter49 ShadowNick SPARX382 Without the generous donations from these community members, we would not be able to continue the expansion of the CMP community and to look forward to supporting more games and events during 2021. If you donated to CMP, but are not on the list above, PM @Quicksilver and receive your 2020 Donators Medal! If you'd like to donate, you can see how, by going here. CMP 2020 Recap Over the past 12 months we have: Hosted both our Normandy and Battle of the Bulge FH2 campaigns featuring US forces against German forces. Well done to the Axis forces for coming out on top in both campaigns! Maybe next time Allied! We want to thank the HQ's, Officers and Squad Leaders for taking the time to lead and help players in the campaign, attending trainings, meetings and battles. Without you, this campaign would not have been possible! We've continued to increase the number of players in our other community games such as: CS:GO Hell Let Loose Post Scriptum Star Citizen Come and join them if you play these games! We saw the expansion of the Polish community within CMP, and welcomed the opportunity to create a dedicated Polish regiment for our 8th FH2 Campaign. It's great to have you here and we look forward your numbers increasing in the coming years. Along with our Spanish speaking, Russian speaking, German speaking and French speaking players, you can see how diverse the CMP community really is! Christmas Holiday Break With the 8th FH2 campaign now over, we'll be taking a long break over Christmas and the New Year, but plans for the next FH2 campaign are already underway! We expect the next FH2 campaign to start sometime in March 2021. For our next campaign, we'll be winding back the clock to 1939 and the Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union! Keep checking the forums and CMP emails to find out when the new campaign will start and to get signed up! We welcome all new players to join us in upcoming FH2 campaigns, and if you have played in at least one of our campaigns and would like to volunteer for a role as a Squad Leader, Regimental Commanding Officer or even as HQ then please let one of the @Quicksilver or @RayderPSG know by Private Message in the forums. CMP In 2021 We are looking to increase support for existing gaming groups and the number of games we support over the next year: Continuing our FH2 campaigns; More Dirt Rally events; A new Assetto Corsa event; As Star Citizen increases in scope and activities we will be hosting more events - come and join us at ANTCORP!; To continue arranging scrims with other communities and clans playing Post Scriptum along with investigations into the recently released SDK; Supporting the expanding community of Hell Let Loose players in the CMP community. Are there other multiplayer and co-operative games you are interested in that you think the CMP community would enjoy too? If you do, then please post here and also vote in our poll! Donating To CMP In 2020 our donators absolutely smashed it out of the park, and we surpassed our goal for the year by over 200 Euros! While this means we can continue to create and host FH2 campaigns, support new games when possible; as well as run the forums, Teamspeak and Discord channels, in 2021 we will again need members to step up and donate whatever they can afford to help cover the monthly community costs - even a few Euros will help. You can use the button below to make a single or monthly donation to CMP, or use the buttons on the side bar of the Home page.
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