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  1. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday @Ubersoldaten!
  2. Post Scriptum - WW2 Conversion Of Squad

    Post Scriptum now available for Pre-Order on Steam - https://store.steampowered.com/app/736220/Post_Scriptum/ Game should be out in late May from reports. Pre-ordering allow beta testing in May. Feature List 40 vs 40 multiplayer PvP battles (50v50 is our goal) Parachuting into action Photo scanned 3D Uniforms Artillery and Airstrike support Vehicles using realistic values, such as turret speed, armor thickness etc. Authentic level at a 1:1 scale based on military archives and historical maps Faithfully recreated historical weapons, vehicles and famous landmarks Base building, fortification and barricades Logistic and supply runs to help fortify your position and rearm friendlies Towing system for supplies In game Voice Over IP with proximity fade Player driven objectives in Sandbox game mode Full access to PS SDK to add or modify content Steam Workshop support Teaser Trailer
  3. CMP 1st Birthday Weekend Celebrations

    Thanks @eXHaLe, sometimes we forget we have these things installed
  4. CMP 1st Birthday Weekend Celebrations

    Glad you eventually got on the server @HochuDeutschmeister and thank you for helping to test
  5. CMP 1st Birthday Weekend Celebrations

    We will most likely be swapping Peleliu for Invasion of the Philippines as there is a potential crash issue with Peleliu.
  6. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday @Regaizz!
  7. Star Citizen Free Fly Weekend

    Try Star Citizen for free this weekend with the "free fly weekend" https://robertsspaceindustries.com/promotions/April-Free-Fly-Event Just download and try out the game. Good for people who are curious about the game but don't want to purchase just yet. Bear in mind the game is still in early development, so bugs and performance issues are still around Speak to one of the Star Citizen players if you want help in the game or just some company while playing.
  8. Come and join us in our celebrations starting from Friday 20th April at 18:00 UTC! For this special weekend we have put together a range of events incorporating some of the communities favourite co-operative and competitive games and running from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd. Battlefield Pirates 2 Special Event - Saturday 21st April at 18:00 UTC Jarr! To all pirates, marauders, and swashbucklers as well as to all ye landlubbers out there! Battlefield Pirates 2 is a full conversion modification of Battlefield 2 featuring big ships, big guns, and big hats! BFP2 offers an exciting theme set in the lush environments of the Caribbean, as well as guns, ships, cannons for everyone's taste! With that said, pick up your musket, board that runabout, and prepare to assault that island in a mod that's made all that possible. What Is Needed To Play: Download and install the mod for free at http://fh2.cmp-gaming.com/pirates/BFP2_R2.1_Client_Full.exe Go to the BFP2 shortcut created in the desktop. Click Properties and in the text for Target Location change the text BF2.exe with ForgottenHope2.exe Start the game using the BFP2 shortcut. Go to Options and change the terrain to low Connect IP - fh2.cmp-gaming.com:16571 Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop AND GRID: Autosport Events - Sunday 22nd April at 18:00 UTC For those that players that get a thrill at the thought of landing on a hostile alien environment to take on co-operative based objectives with up to seven of their team mates while battling hordes of aliens, then Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop is for you! The game is free to download and you can find out more at http://store.steampowered.com/app/563560/Alien_Swarm_Reactive_Drop/ And for the adrenaline junkies who love to test their reflexes at high speed there will also be a seven race, 10 lap competition in GRID: Autosport featuring a mix of famous racing circuits and a selection of different sports and performance cars. Circuits Will Be: Yas Marina Circuit Spa-Francorchamps Hockenheimring Sepang International Circuit Intercity Istanbul Park Circuit of the Americas Indianapolis This is a paid for game and you can find out more at http://store.steampowered.com/app/255220/GRID_Autosport/ but cheaper Steam keys may be found elsewhere online
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    Happy Birthday @TheLyraki!
  10. Original post updated with map download information!
  11. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday @HaLoAL!
  12. Come and get a sneak peak at the battle maps for the upcoming FH2 campaign! The next FH2 campaign is just around the corner, and we have progressed well on the mapping front. We would like to do a test of some of the maps and invite everyone to participate. This event will take place on Friday 6th April at 18:00 UTC We will take a peek at the following maps: Silver Fox (done by Matsku on basis of a port of the BF2142 map done by Hitmaker) Aniskala (done by Geopat on basis of the map Operation Avalanche) Herrlisheim (done by Papillon on basis of the existing Herrlisheim map from Helix) Karelian Isthmus (a port of Arad to the Continuation War theatre by Prozac) Further maps that are in the making but not ready yet are Invasion of Tornio (done by Watchtower on basis of a donated map from keimummy), Ilomantsi (done by SgtAlex, also donated by keimummy) and Sinimaed (done by Airshark, also donated by keimummy) Here are the files for map testing: https://fh2.cmp-gaming.com/cmp_file_share/cmp_campaign3_betatest.zip Download and exract to your bf2/mods. IMPORTANT! Make a backup of the cmp_minimod folder found in Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\fh2\levels beforehand, because that will be overwritten and you cannot play on 762 #1 with the new files. Just copy back in after map testing is over. Teamspeak: CMP - Teamspeak Server : ts.cmp-gaming.com
  13. Happy Birthday

    Happy Belated Birthday @truth_hun! Happy Birthday @Ensign_Steel!
  14. We are a diverse community of players who enjoy many types of genres and games, and as we grow we are always happy to create and promote new groups for players within the CMP community who show a passion towards a particular game. From First Person Shooters to Flight Sims, Racing Games to Strategy and Sports, there is a good chance you'll find fellow players within CMP Gaming. For those games that support campaign stye scenarios, we also set up and run long term campaigns and events including structured command positions, ranks within divisions and squads, plus features such as rewards and medals for players who go above and beyond to support their team. Don't forget that as well as our CMP Community forums and dedicated Teamspeak server, we also have our Discord channel at https://discord.gg/BHzaf7p In Discord ypu will find various channels set up for the games we play as well as our General chat area. Don't be shy! Come join us and say hello! Below are just a selection of the games, campaigns, groups and events we run in the community. You will be able to access see and access these forums once registered with CMP Gaming! Arma III Campaigns For those interested in the 'mil-sim' tactical shooters, then we have regular custom campaigns set up to run inside Arma III. Previous campaigns have included taking down warlords as a spec ops group, to joining a band of local rebels against an invading foreign army. Look out for more Arma III campaign announcements in the General Announcements section. Forgotten Hope 2 Campaigns Utilising a wealth of experience and expertise in creating custom campaigns for FH2 spanning over 10 years using custom mods and maps, the CMP community was built on the back of running custom 12 to 15 week long campaigns. Taking place in the deserts of Africa, the mountains of Greece and the varied landscapes of the Western Front during World War II, these battles regularly see up to100 players fighting for their chosen Allied or Axis regiment and division. Look out for more FH2 campaign announcements in the FH2 Announcements section. Star Citizen Group Interested in Star Citizen or already own the game and looking to join an Organisation? Come and join the Antarus Corporation at https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ANTCORP With the recent updates to the Alpha PU, CMP's Star Citizen group will be frequently conducting events ranging from cargo runs to combat missions, exploration of areas of interest on foot, to simply driving around the moons of Crusader and beyond. Check out the Star Citizen area in the Community Games section once you have registered. Foxhole Group Looking for organised group play in Foxhole? We have a growing group of Foxhole players who regularly meet to train and fight as a unit on the incredibly large and detailed maps from World War II. Find out more about the Foxhole group and say hello in the Community Games section once you have registered. War Thunder Group For those looking to play in co-operative and competitive War Thunder matches in a fun and friendly environment then the War Thunder group may be of interest to you. The group like to fight in the air and on land (planes and tanks) and specialise in realistic combat, so introduce yourself in the Community Games section after you have registered, and join in the matches they play. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds If you are tired of playing in solo rounds and are looking for Duo or Squad play then come and join our group of regular PUBG players for some fun and friendly rounds in pairs or as a member of a squad. They even participate in some of the custom matches and PUBG events, playing in teams of up to 10 men. You can find more information in the Community Games section once you have registered.
  15. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday @Malaquias_Voador and @MoonFire!