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  1. Happy Birthday @CestMoi and @KarlGeorg!
  2. Happy Birthday @DAVID-SOLDIER!
  3. Happy Birthday @IvanWazowsky!
  4. Happy Birthday @Edgar and @Italiandux95!
  5. Happy Birthday @Ramiro23!
  6. until
    [RIP] + Friends vs STURM Find out more at https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2377-sign-up-for-battle-rip-friends-vs-sturm-29th-september-1900utc/
  7. We are currently working on creating the next FH2 campaign for the CMP community, so keep checking the General Announcements for more information in September. If you are interested in being a squad leader in the next campaign under the leadership of an experienced Captain then please PM Quicksilver. Your job will be to lead a smaller squad of players from a regiment, or to take over from your Captain should they need to take a break, or they are away for a battle. There will be multiple squad leaders needed for each regiment. We encourage players who have a little experience with CMP campaigns as well as long term veterans to have a go! We'd love to see new leaders rising up in the community!
  8. Happy Birthday @camperchadway, @FunnyBombarik and @The Jancoegers!
  9. Happy Birthday @La-Hire!
  10. Happy Birthday @shkolnek59rus!
  11. Happy Birthday @RAnDOOm!
  12. until
    CMP Project Cars 2 GT3 Championship #1 Race 10
  13. until
    Come and join us for a map testing event to hunt for bug and other issues on the maps we will be using for the upcoming Sicily and Italy campaign! More information at https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2361-fh2-campaign-6-map-test-event-23rd-august/
  14. Campaign #6 Map Test Event August 23rd at 18:00 UTC Use our Community Updater - Download here (Read the Tutorial. Post any bugs or issues you might find, this is still a work in progress) Alternative Manual File Download Map Download - Download here Minimod Download - Download here The campaign files will come in a zipped file. Just copy this file into Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\ folder. Choose 'Extract Here' and let it install the files. Let it overwrite any files if you have older campaign files installed. We will be testing 6 or more maps from the upcoming CMP Italy campaign for FH2. This will help us to check what needs updating on the maps, if there are any bugs or major issues that need to be fixed. THIS IS MORE ABOUT TESTING THAN FIGHTING! DO NOT EXPECT TO BE PLAYING A NORMAL GAME WHEN WE TEST! Details: Date: Friday August 23rd at 18h UTC Length: 3 Hours Server Password: JOIN TEAMSPEAK FOR THE PASSWORD Server: CMP - FH2 Battle Server IP: fh2.cmp-gaming.com : 16567 Teamspeak: CMP - Teamspeak Server: ts.cmp-gaming.com Time: Time (UTC): 18:00 till 22:00 Time Zone Converter Requirements To Play: Working Forgotten Hope 2.55 for Battlefield 2 with latest BF2 update (v1.5) Latest Campaign Pack: Use the above updater or manually download the files FH2 Admins: Papillon Quicksilver kummitus Hawk Wualy
  15. Happy Birthday @vengado!
  16. until
    ANTCORP Members Meet Up Do some missions and have a little fun. All welcome!
  17. Happy Birthday @DerSohnGottes and @Haraldt!
  18. @Papillon is currently away I think. I'm sure he'll take care of this when he's back.
  19. Quicksilver

    Hell Let Loose

    Yeah, orgs are most likely passwording for events and trainings etc., but some will also just be for members only. It's fairly rare though as anyone renting a server at the moment needs player traffic to actually legitimise paying out for a server in the first place! @Ayrton we have a Discord channel for Hell Let Loose too https://discord.gg/BHzaf7p so if you aren't registered there then I'd recommend doing so and posting if you want to see if anyone is interested in playing a few rounds. At the moment we are not really doing any organised play, but there are people meeting up to play once in a while.
  20. Happy Birthday @Fumaca!
  21. Happy Birthday @Handzar and @TerranceG!
  22. Happy Birthday @Maoista Bolado!
  23. Happy Birthday @CABEZO [Goz-[Mauri94]-[ and @GGarrido!
  24. Happy Birthday @ProNoob!
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