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Announcing the launch of CMP's Third FH2 Campaign - "Into Darkness". Join the battles in the Winter and Continuation War fought between Finland and the Soviet Union.

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  2. I voted Normandy but..... Maybe some "landmark" battles during WWII. Maps of several theatres (so a mix), like: Omaha beach Midway Bulge offensive (Bastogne/Greiff) Dunkirk (map already exists) El Alamein Pearl Harbor (cant be that hard to make it....) Stalingrad (same as above, we need a thing like Pavlovs house) Monte Cassino (maybe we can port this one from BF1942 road to rome....)
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    Thread moved to the appropriate section. Are you sure you want to delete this account. If yes, all previous messages will be deleted. @Buddydog
  5. From what I remembered about the Pacific, the most bugged thing was that people kept smuggling a wrench on board the destroyers. Some Landing Crafts were OP with 20mm cannons on board. In general, too much AA ripping ground assets on many maps. We should definitely sort those things out before the campaign starts. Team balance needs to be attended to as well. I remember one team dominated the land and the other the sea. That pissed both sides off.
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  7. Lol ok thanks, it makes sense there is always work, couldn't believe however Normandy maps are as much work in the end as other theaters, but yeah I believe you on the word. Bummer I just wanted to make some sense with the idea that it would be nice to have every second campaign we play one with less workload on the developers....
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  9. If we're gonna play Pacific campaign I would like to be on US as air force pilot. That is the only job what I haven't done in FH2 campaigns.
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    Lustig? Der lustig Thread.

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    Happy Birthday

    Thank you guys very much ❤️ !!!!!!! @HaLoAL it's the 17th but who cares ❤️ Also Happy Birthday @Haraldt
  13. Yah the mood...Balancewise I think we got a grip on that with the 32 layer counter attack scenarios. About buggedness, the Ha-Go was underpowered in its main gun when we started, and I think we upped it some quite late in the campaign (https://www.quora.com/If-the-M3-Stuart-battled-against-the-Japanese-Ha-Go-tank-who-would-win-Referencing-the-Philippine-defence-during-WW2). We added the HEAT mortars too and the Type 1 AT gun to give the IJN something to work with against tanks. Well, hope to sway you mate 🙂
  14. Balance, maps and especially the mood. Oh, and the use of bloody bugged assets, like the light tank Stuart with armor like a Maus. The assets, weapons etc. were so unbelievably imbalanced that everyone was annoyed, angry or straight-up pissed off 24/7 when playing, and reading the best worst funniest threads did nothing but fuel the flames. And nobody seemed to care or do anything to fix it. Then again, it was the death throes of FHT, but the campaign left such a bad taste in my mouth, that I refuse to play a single pacific map again.
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  16. CMP-Gaming FH2 Campaign #3: Into Darkness Battle #9 You can download the Forgotten Hope 2 Community Updater at https://fh2.cmp-gaming.com/updater/FH2CommunityUpdaterSetup.exe Or download manually from Download CMP Tournament Pack Or download only Lenino Download Lenino The campaign files will come in a zipped file. Just copy this file into Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods folder. Choose 'Extract Here' and let it install the files. Let it overwrite any files if you have older campaign files installed. Details: Date: Friday August 10th at 18 UTC Length: 4 Hours+ Server Password: ASK YOUR COMMANDING OFFICER Server: CMP - FH2 Battle Server IP: Teamspeak: CMP - Teamspeak Server : ts.cmp-gaming.com Time: Time (UTC): 18:00 till 22:00 Time Zone Converter Battle #8: Ogeldow Map by TS4Ever, edited by Papillon Requirements To Play: Working Forgotten Hope 2.53 for Battlefield 2 with latest BF2 update (v1.5) Latest Campaign Pack: Download CMP Tournament Pack FH2 Admins: Papillon Quicksilver kummitus RAnDOOm Hawk Wualy
  17. The only "bad" thing was the ship cannon reload speed bug, but other than that it was a good campaign iirc
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  19. what was so toxic? Maps? Balance? Mood?
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    Insurgeny free at steam
  21. I second this. The last Pacific FH2 campaign was toxic and absolutely horrible. If CMP wouldn't have started after it, I would have probably quit playing campaigns for good.
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    Back to Battlefield 2

    Wanna take a helicopter. What do I need for bf2??.
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    Dirt Rally Racing League

    As at the time of this post, there is still 1 day and 6 hours left to purchase the $7 bundle to claim Dirt Rally! If you are interested, just go to https://www.humblebundle.com/games/sports-bundle and scroll down the page to the bottom where it says "Purchase the Humble Sports Bundle" then click on $7 and below click on either the yellow Pay with Paypal button, or the blue Pay with card button. Do NOT click on Add To Cart as this will also add on the monthly subscription. Pay for your Humble Bundle and once confirmed, then in the top right where your account details are, click on it and choose Keys. Click on the 'Reveal your Steam key' button to get the Steam key and copy it. Open up Steam and on the top menu click on Games and then Activated A Product On Steam and paste in your Steam key when prompted. Your game will be added to your Steam library. Go to https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/leagues/league/155341/cmp-dirt-rally and sign up for RaceNet and the CMP Dirt Rally league
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    Dirt Rally Racing League

    Ourea Spevsi, Greece - Stage 2 Results So Far
  25. Quicksilver

    Dirt Rally Racing League

    Ampelonas Ormi, Greece - Stage 1 Results So Far
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday @DerSohnGottes and @Haraldt!
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    Dirt Rally Racing League

    Hum, will have a look!
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