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  2. Bienvenue Vince ! Je te conseille de passer ce soir pour te faire un petit briefing de tout ce qu'il y a faire (le tag, l'installation...). Pour la langue, ne t'inquiète pas, je suis loin d'être le meilleur dans la langue de Shakespeare.
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  4. Bonjour Vince et bienvenue sur le CMP ! Pour info il y a quelques français qui jouent dans la campagne dans la 3Kompanie - 21 DIvision (côté axe). Pour l'instant il n'y a pas de squad purement française car sur cette campagne nous ne sommes pas assez nombreux contrairement aux précédentes, cependant on a un système de chuchotement qui permet de converser en parallèle en français.
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  6. Best: - A nice comeback...but the best of all... THIS 1v1 knife action vs @RayderPSG : Worst: - This : Funniest: - after struggling during 3 rounds, made an action on Mill, started with the flamethrower then rushed, picked a m1 garand and hold my ground on the flag for 5 minutes against the ennemy reinforcements... was really on fire ! Most hated player: - @RayderPSG Most loved/liked player: - @RayderPSG Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - @Pr0z4c did the thing !
  7. Bonjour, Je m'appel Vince, 32ans, j'habite dans la région Rhône alpes. Je suis le mod forgotten hope 2 depuis son début, jusqu'à présent je suis toujours resté dans l'ombre dans les parties en ligne, souvent en solo sur les serveurs. J'ai entendu qu'il y avait un petit groupe de personne qui parle la même langue que moi (l'anglais à l'oral pour moi c'est compliqué et surtout à l'entendre suivant les accents de chacun ). Je serais bien partant de quelques fois rejoindre une partie et partager un moment de rigolade et de stratégie de jeu. Bon il faut la vérité aussi, je ne suis pas un très bon joueur, je me fais plus tuer que l'inverse (Punaise des fois les mecs te shoot alors que tu sais même pas ou ils étaient). Voila
  8. happy birthday @Mef !!
  9. Ah, now I got it! so others who answered incorrectly before me were shot?
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  11. Quicksilver

    FH2 Axis Training

    Axis Training For FH2 Campaign TeamSpeak Server: ts.cmp-gaming.com You will need to be on Teamspeak for both training and for the battles. If you are not on Teamspeak, you will be kicked from the server! FH2 Campaigns - What You Need To Know
  12. Quicksilver

    FH2 Allied Training

    Allied Training For FH2 Campaign TeamSpeak Server: ts.cmp-gaming.com You will need to be on Teamspeak for both training and for the battles. If you are not on Teamspeak, you will be kicked from the server! FH2 Campaigns - What You Need To Know
  13. happy birthday @Indy95cro !
  14. Noooooooooo!, No more "jumpscares" please! I still remember your AT Mine in Westwall... I was so happy with my brand new sherman, leaving mainbase behind, and when arriving to the first flag... BOOOOOOOOOM!!!... come on! I was like "okay"
  15. Best: -Map turned out to be possible for us to win in the end - what a nice surprise! - The round with 6-0 or 9-0 in the last round! Worst: -My performance - apart 1st round I was below my average and didn't make big input into the win, fortunately others did! - Our task was to defend crossing. I thought - "easy peasy, I will mine the round - have some time until they reach us!" It took me a while to come to my mining location from the furthest spawn, I lied down on the road and before I started minig, I noticed charging Kubel on the horizon - "holy shit! I don't have much time, quickly let's set this mine!" Well, that 1 second was decisive... However, even if I had successfully set this mine, Kubel would have probably survived, as quickly moving vehicles survive driving over mines in this game.... Funniest: -Situation on the bunkers flag - we were attacking it, I passed near Panzer IV which was near the flagpole, and got inside one of the bunkers, inside was one guy manning MG42, so I got our beloved @Achtungsnow and hid in the corner. Then another German came and without noticing me manned MG42, this time I was more silent and used my knife ^^ I thought: "hmm... let's see what weapon had our beloved Achtung? He always carries nice weapons! Oh, STG44 - how nice! Oh and it has Geballte Lagung - it's even nicer! Oh, is this Panzer IV still standing there? Yes, it is! Let's make some suicide action!" Don't remember which Geballte was successful, but although plenty of flying bullets into me, I managed to destroyed that Panzer IV Most hated player: -Only myself Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - "Stopping one of Kowsky kubel charges on Bunkers flag - there should be award for this!" Other: -Speaking about awards - what award was for correct answer in the last round? I haven't still got it!
  16. Best: As @caeno says, the map wasn't as traumatic as on the Scrim. I performed really well with the Sherman. Worst: Trying to do some damage to a Tiger when we found each other face to face. I shot but I knew I was lost Funniest: When I killed @-Bombarik- who was spotting me hiding in the forest. And @-Bombarik- appeared a couple of times more in a short period of time between the bushes. I was like: "How many Bombarik(s) are there?!?!, Wtf? xD". Then I realised there was an enemy RP near there... Most hated player: No hated player this time. Urge to kill gooooneee... Most loved/liked player: Everyone. Nice battle. Best Battle Photo - "Johnny, la gente está muy loca!" (loca picture) @johnnymzq taking care of us... the prisoner @Kalashnekov wanted to blow all us up while we wanted to take a picture.
  17. Happy Birthday @Indy95cro!
  18. Im sure when I planted the mortar there was no building - I think Quick made it appear suddenly as a joke - not funny
  19. Best: -This map wasn't as traumatic as last time I played it. -Tough fighting all around the map for the whole evening! -That 0-9 round! Even though we lost it; it was awesome! Worst: -Can't really think of anything... except Quicksilver killing everything I was also aiming at Funniest: -First round, someone came to church with a pickup mortar kit, placed it nicely next to a house, aimed at something, shot, died from the explosion when the shell hit the building next to him I was laughing so hard once I realised what happened. No idea who it was -Killing @CptBocquier and then giving him a medpac after it. Didn't seem to help though... But you got your revenge at bunkers when I tried to chase you north of the flag and you somehow got behind me - that bayonet to my back really hurt my feelings... -Generally I had a lot of fun during this battle and was laughing at small things all the time - maybe I was just tired.
  20. Best: Last round. My 5 men squad were literally everywhere. Action packed over the top reactions from all of them. Hell we were at crossing a second ago, I saw Bunkers is about to drop and headed in less than a minute with a full jeep. That flag was held. Other action was the bleed stopper at Outpost. We also greyed Village when it's direly needed. That 9-0 would not be possible without our bleed-stoppers. Excellent job guys! Best: First round, first seconds. It was another action movie entrance with my driving skills. Wasted @Kwiot while he was about to shoot us, dropped the guys, went onto the flag with the jeep and penetrated @BaskaBommis trousers by smacking him with my jeep. That was a nice action cause we bypassed everything and capped Crossing in 2 minutes. Worst: Players who doesn't care about their KT. I was surrounded by 5 friendly infantry and still got satcheled. Then I raged so fucking match my keyboard wrist support fell up into the air. @Sir_Kowskoskey Funniest: Killing @turbomursu all night long, everywhere around the map. Funniest: @RayderPSG making a rally point at the map edges. Used that against them in the later rounds. HAHA. Funniest: @Sir_Kowskoskey making assumptions about how my driving wouldn't matter when he is in the jeep. He couldn't be more wrong. Funniest: @Sir_Kowskoskey making our RP right next to the enemy one. I mean he stood there for 70 seconds and it was a miracle he didn't blocked enemy rally. It was dumb luck. Other: Had a fun time with KT at Church. Had my heart about to blow up when I got out of bounds since mappers really tried hard to make that flag like that. Saved it and probably saved myself from humiliation.
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