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  3. CMP FH2 Campaign #7 Map Test Friday 21st February 19:00 UTC On the CMP Battle Server - Join Teamspeak for the password! We will be testing a selection of the maps for the next FH2 campaign. This campaign will be taking you to the Western Front after the Allies have landed at Normandy! The purpose of the test: We will spend 10 - 15 minutes walking around the maps (no planes or tanks - NO KILLING!) to look for floating objects, areas where glitches occur (gaps in walls and terrain for example). If you find an issue then take a screenshot and post it in this announcement. State on which map and what you found along with the screenshot you took. After we search for issues on a map, we will restart and have a small 10-minute scrim on each map to test balance and general game play issues before moving onto the next map. You can download the maps and tournament files at https://dl.cmp-gaming.com/cmp_file_share/cmp_c7_rc1.zip This file is 3.2Gb in size The campaign files will come in a zipped file. Just copy this file into Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\ folder. Choose 'Extract Here' and let it install the files. Let it overwrite any files if you have older campaign files installed. Here is your warning Anyone making kills, flying planes, or driving tanks when we are looking for bugs and map issues will be kicked. Repeat offenders will be banned. If you do not think you can be sensible with map testing, then do not join us.
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  5. Missed this yesterday. Liverpool and psg would have been my guesses but would have been zero poeng anyways
  6. Rafdal


    Witam wszystkich
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  8. Borussia Dortmund vs PSG 0-1 Real Madrid vs Manchester City 2-1 Atalanta vs Valencia 1-0 Atlético de Madrid vs Liverpoo l 1-2 Chelsea vs Bayern 2-1 Lyon vs Juventus 0-1 Tottenham vs Leipzig 2-0 Napoli vs Barcelona 0-2
  9. thanks for reminding! Borussia Dortmund vs PSG 2-2 Real Madrid vs Manchester City 1-1 Atalanta vs Valencia 1-0 Atlético de Madrid vs Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea vs Bayern 1-1 Lyon vs Juventus 0-3 Tottenham vs Leipzig 1-1 Napoli vs Barcelona 0-1
  10. @Sir_Kowskoskey - @RayderPSG - @Erwin - Or anyone else - First matches will be today. Place your bets please.
  11. RAnDOOm

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday @DarthTemoc!
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  13. Kingdom Come Deliverance for free at the Epic Games Launcher/Store, starting February 13th.
  14. Happy Birthday @Granate and @MihosSvK!
  15. Once again a big Thank You to everyone that has donated in 2019 Proud to be a member of CMP-Gaming
  16. As we are now in the starting months for 2020 and are beginning to see donations arrive for the new year, we want to say a huge thank you to the donators of 2019 who helped us to get very close to our budget target! A Huge Thank You To @Johonas- @RayderPSG - @Incognito - @GeoPat - @GABBOTTO @The_Spine - @Firecrafter - @Spindrifter49 - @Belzebuth - @Pepinio @jan_kurator - @Papillon - @Heia Safari! - @Mekong - @camperchadway @Harmonikater - @eXHaLe - @L.L.HERRAIZ - @0utlaw - @AL-SAHAD @TomTom39 - @Pr0z4c - @Blaze There were a few "anonymous" donations where it was hard to track the member who donated. A big thank you to those members as well. Because of the people above, we raised € 806,44! As always we need donations to keep on coming in so we can keep the forums, Teamspeak, Discord and most importantly our game server running. If you want to keep on playing in events like the FH2 campaigns, meeting up to chat and game with friends on Teamspeak then we need your help and support by donating to keep CMP running. It doesn't have to be a lot, even € 5 would be a great help.
  17. Happy Birthday @Maverick!
  18. Happy Birthday @England008!
  19. BATTLEFIELD 1942 Theme Cover Music Video -GMCB with The Conscript Band of the Finnish Defence Forces
  20. Is there already a Squad forum-thread where players posted? I wonder who else in CMP has Squad/wants to play it (as a CMP-squad)
  21. We would like to give a quick and short information regarding the next Forgotten Hope 2 Campaign. Everyone is working hard in the backstage. Things are going as planned. Maps are being prepared, armies setups are in the final touches, regiments logos are ready and much more is being worked on. The plan is to open the campaign in March. More news will come soon! Thank you for your patience.
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