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FH2 Campaign #9 "Karelian Wolves" - Battle #1 Silver Fox will begin in:

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  2. Estás agregado y a la nación correcta desde el primer día, revisa la lista.
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  5. Oh thank you! Just noticed.
  6. Best: -We lost the 2 first rounds but we managed to make an incredible comeback afterwards ! Worst: - Being cannonfodded by MGs especially Tutvys who definitely wanted my skin (but no hate there ). This Huge TK by @Outlaw too. Funniest: -Arty TK by our now famous artilleryman @Outlaw. Most hated player: -@Tutvys  Most loved/liked player: - I dont remember his nickname (sorry) but the guy in the little tank that kept protecting our flag was doing a good job.
  7. I see my one kill with AT was on you. I see this campaign will be no different from the last. Best: - Definitely getting a 15k with the MG34 at the supply depot. Worst: - So many MG34s! Kill one another pops up! But it wasn't unbearable.
  8. Falte yo Ramitos soy de Colombia xd
  9. TT = Total Tickets Remaining | T RVP = Round Bonus Modifier | T TVP = Total Tickets Bonus Modifier RVP = Round Victory Points | TVP = Total Victory Points
  10. Best: - Locking down the northern flank with achtung and cooperating closely with our great spotters. Spotting helped us win the first two battles. Worst: - Hills Funniest: - Stumbling on a rally to only have a squad spawn on it seconds later. Thankfully I accidentally flipped the tank over before they could get me Most hated player: - @ShadowNick with his AT. Most loved/liked player: - @caeno with the little panzer that could.
  11. Best: - great atmosphere and tough fights. Worst: - 404 Funniest: - being cannonfolder is fun, change my mind Most hated player: - 404 Most loved/liked player: - it was fun to play with you all / 404 Best Battle Photo - Za RONIDU!
  12. Best: - Playing cmp winter maps again Worst: - Funniest: - Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - Other: -
  13. que recuerde te mandé toda la información y enlaces por mensaje privado. No te preocupes, poco a poco. Te aconsejo que primero acudas a varias juntadas hispanas antes de jugar la campaña.
  14. happy birthday @Kalashnekov !
  15. Best: - great atmosphere and tough fights. Worst: - mg34 everywhere Funniest: - @Beyerswho could not stop laughing Most hated player: - nobody Most loved/liked player: - everybody! thank you for the battle! Best Battle Photo - Papillon the squatting slav. Never fear. Papillon is here. Ready? Let's go! Other: -
  16. Best: - the whole battle, atmosphere was on point and a few round were decided by single digit tickets, epic Worst: - mg34 guys on hills Funniest: - setting a sneak rally for my squad to spawn in on after getting out of jeep, jeep falls down hill before i can get back in, enemy finds rally within a few seconds Most hated player: - @Blaze Most loved/liked player: - @0utlaw Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3455-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - we smell blood after this hard earned victory, allied wont go down without a fight
  17. Last week
  18. Best: -MG34 and I was quite positively surpirised my k98 accuracy and good to have the tournament running Worst: -Cannot believe that we lost it after having 2 rounds winning so decisively... Funniest: -1st round, beginning of a round, @Tutvys: Thunderman and Kwiot are going me with me in Kubel and set up a rally to attack a trenches and remember to be quick. In the end, Tutvys got out from Kubel to set a rally and killed himself with Kubel sliding down from the hill - Flipping over tanks on both sides Most hated player: -Nobody this time Most loved/liked player
  19. They community updater is not working for this battle. You need to use the manual downloads posted in the campaign announcement below.
  20. Hola soy nuevo, y nose mucho de todo esto, ademas de encontrar la pagina que me costo un poquito porque no muchas personas saben de esto supongo, me iteresaria participar en las campañas que hacen. Y tambien si tienen grupos de wasap agradeceria que me agregaran
  21. Getting a "you do not have the map to play on this server" message on the practice server yesterday and today despite running the community updater.
  22. Oh ja, die Space Frogs sind so ziemlich die einzigen deutschen Youtuber die ich regelmäßig schaue, die machen sowas immer echt gut muss ich sagen! Der eine Daumen hoch war bestimmt von einem Privatkanal eines FUNK chefsXD
  23. Share your opinions about the battle. Replies are ok but no flaming, keep it clean! Copy and paste below: Best: - Worst: - Funniest: - Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3455-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
  24. WTF?! this is completely new to me O.O
  25. Wie darunter schon einige schrieben, kein Scherz. Vermute die sind gekauft. Da tut sich auch nichts daran. Seit gestern beobachte ich die Entwicklung des like/dislike Verhältnisses. Es gab lediglich 1 Daumen pro seit gestern Mittag. Mich erschreckt sowohl das Video als auch die Kommentare die vor ein paar Wochen darunter gepostet wurden...das Leute da emotional darauf reagieren usw. und das feiern und Scheckig lachen. Bin mal gespannt, bis sich Space Frogs oder Kuchen TV oder wer auch immer mit etwas Reichweite darauf stürzt , wie das ganze dann aussieht. Sowas kann man mit etwas gesun
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