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  2. Today I would like to start a discussion regarding the problem of transfuel vehicles (such as petrol+LPG, diesel+LPG or CNG) and the discrimination they face in our society. They are often banned from underground parking lots because people think that LPG storage tanks can leak and explode (even though they must pass inspections). In my country the fuel inlet for LPG is called "a cap of shame" and mounted in a hidden way to avoid discrimination from other road users full of prejudice. People think that LPG installation will destroy their engine because last time they heard about it was in 93' in their uncle's Polonez serviced in a shed for a crate of vodka. In reality modern LPG systems are run by computers which allow precise injection of fuel and optimisation of engine maps. LPG can greatly reduce emissions of harmful gasses and particulate matter while decreasing the fuel costs. A sticker proclaiming "LPG free zone" by a polish radical white preacher known as Zbigniew Łomnik who claims that gas "is only good in your kitchen stove" Sign prohibiting the entrance of transfuel vehicles Petrol and LPG is a normal family
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  5. Longnose Posted by: Eat Uranium 29.03.2020 17:00 GMT Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update. Today we are showing off a render of the most advanced tank to see combat with the Finnish Army in the Continuation War. The new T-34-85 had begun to place the older T-34s at the front in 1944, and were one of the main Soviet tanks in the large summer offensive against Finland that year. As with many other Soviet vehicles, the Finns were able to capture a number of these vehicles and press them into service. In total, 9 T-34-85 were captured, of which 5 were in drivable condition and a further 2 could be repaired. These new tanks were a powerful addition to the Finnish Army, but supplies of ammunition were limited and the war was over before they could make much impact. To the Finns, this new Sotka was known rather simply as Pitkäputkinen Sotka, or "Long Barrel Sotka". The captured tanks received similar modifications and camouflage paint as the other Sotkas, and ours was modified from Pointblank86's original by Matt Baker and Stubbfan. http://forgottenhope.warumdarum.de/news.php?id_news=547
  6. Sir Kowskoskey : "What happens when @AdmiralBG and @Ombustman go into a forest?..." TBC
  7. What is Folding@Home? Folding@home is a project focused on disease research. The problems we’re solving require so many computer calcul­ations – and we need your help to find the cures! The Folding@home software allows you to share your unused computer power with us – so that we can research even more potential cures. Find out more, and download the software at https://foldingathome.org/
  8. Best: - So much players - old and new ones, great! also map with parashooters Worst: - in half my game crashed so i was only able to stay at TS Funniest: - Tractorfahrer charged again I got You @svakidan! Most hated player: - Error 404! Player not found! Most loved/liked player: - I would say @TomTom39 for his organization skill when my FH2 crashed, but I think everyone was great and was playing fair and well! Other: -
  9. slow and relaxing, I thing You know artist personally
  10. Best: - Numbers! there were people in the waiting room! I had a break for two rounds to allow other players to join. Worst: - nothing really, good atmosphere Funniest: - talking nonsense and making jokes and killing @WOLFXLin his panther Most hated player: - nobody Most loved/liked player: - everybody! Other: -
  11. Best: - 100 players and people waiting to join Best2: my squad @Anguita36 @Darkpotato @sergioten @TheNoiSe @KrazyDogui @mcpollo @VINCE_ITA Worst: - nothing Funniest: - I die and for some reason I get @Sir_Kowskoskey' s cam, he kills and start bagging hard @Trigger Lock. Someone else joins the party, i think it was @Hawk. 2 secs later a 76mm HE shell destroy their asses Funniest2: Fighting all the night against my polish buddies @gen.p @Ronid and his guys, @BaskaBommi as my toy, frenchies beating my ass , specially @CptBocquier. The bagging was real. Most hated player: - no one Most loved/liked player: - everyone, but again, specially those who were new or oldies coming back such as @0utlaw @Hispanec @Not-So-Civil-Engineer @alorbe @LEGION-XV @DONALD TRUMP @beavis_aka_ostwind @Loctoc . And definitely @Pyradus , already leadng a squad ! Other: - @Darkpotato you're so handsome with that MG, looking to the horizon...
  12. Ah zut, prends soin de ça ! Tu sais le souci pour l'instant ce ne sont pas tes performances (car on agit en équipe, les qualités individuelles n'entrent que très peu en compte sur le rendement d'une escouade), mais ton attitude qui lors de la dernière campagne ne m'a pas permis d'apprécier le fait d'être capitaine d'un régiment. C'est quand même dommage d'avoir quasiment 30 personnes enregistrées et actives dans un régiment et de ne pas vouloir être au jour de la bataille à cause d'une ou deux personnes... et je pense que rayder ainsi que d'autres joueurs feraient le même retour. Ce n'est pas notre plaisir d'engueuler des joueurs, loin de là...
  13. Best: The French squad at his best ! A real team of Zouaves ! Worst: My very bad aiming sometimes... Funniest: Teabagging @Sir_Kowskoskey with pleasure, a little boom from a satchel with @thunder493 enough powerfull to destroy the Tiger and some bazooka sniping on Juin 44 against the spanish guerillos. Most hated player: @RayderPSG el grande pistolero Most loved/liked player: The baguette teamates @CptBocquier @Druidix @La-Hire@MedicalWanderer@Garfield@Temp3st02 @thunder493 Other: Sneaky Zouaves one day, sneaky Zouaves for ever ! Thriumphing the Panther with @CptBocquier and @La-Hire on Juin 44
  14. Hi I've created a team for CMP at Folding@Home, if anyone is interested to join, the team # is 255007 -kummitus
  15. This event was only for a specific date that is why the link is not working. You will have to wait until we announce the release.
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  17. Happy Birthday @truth_hun!
  18. Best: Full server, was fun! Worst: Funniest: getting served random russian tea. I laughed my ass off when i got shot on st Julien road and just before spawn i get bagged. Well played sir! Most hated player: @AL-SAHAD not accepting my knife fight challange Most loved/liked player: @Anguita36, joder my friend. Two Times! Other: booooring sniper action with wolfie. But we held the flag!
  19. Best: - Full server with waiting rooms. Really nice! Worst: - Only 2 maps with plane, P51 mustang on metz takes around 15 min to respawn <crying> Funniest: - Good Most hated player: -not even one Most loved/liked player: - everyone Other: - Random bugs on some maps - (not working ladders or invisible pass in bushes) as posted below. AND PLZ FIX THE PANZERFAUST INBALANCE ON SOME MAPS FOR GERMANS, the entire team can spawn with those and they have got even pickup kits as well (inc Bloody marshes for example)
  20. Best: Full server with waiting rooms. Really nice! Best: Fighting against Spanish on St.Marie du Mont. That flag changed hands until the end of the round. Well played, Had real fun. Best: Germans going after us on Dutch Border. We had a good action for 15 minutes. Worst: Not being able to bag @Sir_Kowskoskey Funniest: Bagging players in the middle of firefight while bullets flying around me.  Most loved/liked player: Since it's a scrim I love you all. Other: @Papillon needs to work on his road building skills.
  21. Best: - Full server and 9 player french squad, encountering old chaps in the battlefield like @Sir_Kowskoskey @Ombustman @WOLFXL @RayderPSG and all the others from 71ID and the other campaigns ! Worst: - Full server dark side ! Funniest: - Melee sessions ! Most hated player: -  Most loved/liked player: - @Temp3st02 @MedicalWanderer @Garfield @thunder493 @Heia Safari! @La-Hire @SputnikFighter @Druidix Other: - French squad with @McCloskey & the infamous FARMER KIT
  22. Best: Full server and waiting list, we should start a second server to open a second front. Worst: - Funniest: - Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Other: It was a lot of fun, thanks!
  23. Best: Full server once again. Best2: Giving my slots for others members to play. Worst: Not playing. Funniest: Checking the server and helping people from outside. Most hated player: No one. Most loved/liked player: Everyone. Other:"all the people dont even fit 4k portrait mode" - @kummitus
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