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  2. Wualy

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday @Ombustman and @ganapol!!
  3. Just looked it up, no cross-platform play
  4. Happy Birthday @ganapol and @Ombustman!
  5. As ombust always has to stand spaniards around ts, i ll congrat him in spanish. Muchas felicidades @Ombustman my friend! Congrats to our dear @ganapol also!
  6. Pr0z4c

    Happy Birthday

    doğum günün kutlu olsun arkadaşım @Ombustman
  7. Last week
  8. We had a nice race session this evening. We were 5 (Hawk,5hitmaker, Raandom, a friend of Hawk? and me) @Hawk was damn fast with his controller
  9. News from battlefront!!! Germany defeated the British in Gazala!!! Read our Newspaper today thanks to our War journalists @Wualy and @Quicksilver (click on the newspaper, then click on the magnifying glass to read a larger version)
  10. If you are interested in Egyptian history like myself and have not been able to actually be on the locations, checkout the videos below. It will give you a whole new perspective of what it is to be there. Amazing shots filmed in 4k and 60 fps.
  11. A pesar de los problemas de potencia se le coje cariño al kubelwagen
  12. Best: -288 squads. We just rock! Worst: -leaving early due to balance the teams Funniest: -Apart from the Jeep episode this one was funny too. I'm setting the RP near frontline bunker. Geballte in my hand and press Y instead of T. My mate sets up the RP and I drop the explosive. I yell "GEBALLTE!!! RUN AWAY!!" I end up blowing the fresh RP and fuck up that assault completely. Most hated player: -No one Most loved/liked player: - @Sir_Kowskoskey. Handsome, adorable hunk of a man. Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2128-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -Killed a plane with 6pdr. That was fun too.
  13. https://soundcloud.com/hallotabby hey, boys'n'girls! sharing own stuff with you since i know this community is more than 'just gaming'. this project i freshly started with an old friend with whom i was making music already 11 years ago. i moved back to my hometown last months. we met in his practice room and jumped into the equipment with big eyes like children. with this energy we began to do somewhat like 'electronic dance music' for the first time and we found out it's fun. so after small technical progressions (we're still learning) we started to record some wonky onetakes. everything is under developement, but we're going forward. hope you'll like it. don't hesitate to give us some feedback and of course to share the tracks of you like them! wishing everyone a good summertime, enjoy! (also i'd like to come back to the digital battlefield somewhen. hopefully in 10 days i'll have a stable internet connection ...)
  14. Insurgency: Sandstorm free weekend from June 20th to June 24th https://steamcommunity.com/games/581320/announcements/detail/1603759333268193323 https://store.steampowered.com/app/581320/Insurgency_Sandstorm/
  15. Fuí el muro en el Norte... Panzer is coming!!! xDDDDD
  16. It hasn't been too bad with GRID, there is little in the way of any drifting (unless you choose specific cars and races), otherwise the physics aren't too bad. Population numbers is the issue. GRID I know has 15+ players in CMP, PC2 has 4 people who own it in CMP (that I know of) and Assetto has less than that. I guess if you can create an open tournament, I'm sure the CMP guys would join in.
  17. Hi, I made a post but to have only 13 megabytes to upload I can only put some images, I can not add the others maybe you could enlarge more the space given to do post, since some contain many images
  18. It would be cool if it has that, at least on their steam page it is not listed. I just looked through some videos, at least from viewing I don't like the way they've implemented car physics. Looks like the crew, with people drifting around all corners instead of actual driving. I would have to try it though, to get a feeling for that. But I just quit Forza Horizon for the exact same reason. The cars simply do not feel like I assume they'd do in reality. I'd personally prefer pc2 right now, you can reduce some simulation effects for the people who prefer to play that way, but still you can have everything else. But if I'm the only one around playing that, it will be hard to get a grid together
  19. JAJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Alto post, gracias @mcpollo!! espero mas de estos
  20. Best: - good map. liked it and remind me of the good old times Best2: numbers ON THE BEGINNING... Best3: my little squad @Heia Safari! @kirbyris-cafe @Anguita36 doing damage even if we were only 3 on the ground. Great job, great having anguita finally on teamspeak with mic. Best4: @AdmiralBG and his guys doing a perfect job with vehicles in ground and air Worst: - numbers ON THE FINAL ROUNDS Funniest: @Erwin yelling " don't kill me I m going for the flag watch out" @AdmiralBG instantly kills him Funniest2: facing @Wualy , getting him, he getting me with s mines. Funniest3: @AL-SAHAD for being my favourite tortellini in his birthday Most hated player: - no one Most loved/liked player: - @Wualy and @Hawk for the faces to face. @Sir_Kowskoskey @turbomursu for good cordination between them and HQ in CC @Erwin @Pr0z4c for efficiency with couple of guys and @AdmiralBG @HaLoAL for letting HQ decide about some assets . @CptBocquier for making them steak tar tar special mention to @camperchadway for the effort on sleeping hours Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2128-best-battle-photo-medal/ "I'm sorry @Belzebuth !" Other: - thanks admins for sticking with the work. Sorry for being a bit slow no one wanted to switch sorry allied HQ also -So nice having new players, welcome @PoorLaszlo @Kolyamedve @szabu925 your first time was more than good!
  21. LOS HISPANOS ATACAN DE NUEVO "Esos hispanos nos jodieron la vida en old buker..." "Salían de la nada por todos lados! no se donde coños estaba su rp" "Son como son como una manada de lobos" "Oí que su comandante manda selfies desde el vater" "Se viene la pecheada?..." Son algunos de los comentarios que comienzan a circular de boca en boca de tropas británicas luego de una APLASTANTE derrota por parte de la 90 Afrika Korps Holaaaaaa! soy mcpollo, tu iutuber de confianza. Felicidades hispanos! como les rompimos el orto el viernes a esos britanicos eh Impecable potato tirando ordenes cual Rommel en el Kübelwagen comiendose un Bretzel y bajándolo con un cafecito a las 12 del medio día Vieron como estuvo @Smashmachine en el tanque? impecable, era una pared en el norte, no pasaba nadie La fuerza aerea? un luuuujo hermano. Me sentía mas seguro que un sábado en la cama durmiendo hasta las 12 Y los hispanos?.... aaaah, los hispanos... im-pe-ca-ble Eramos una maquina de penetrar ojetes británicos made in Volkswagen bien aceitada Buena comunicación, buenos números, impecables todos. Sigan así! Os dejo este link que es de la web oficial del forgotten donde estan varios weallpaper para poner de fondo de escritorio o en el mobil (así cuando lloras a la noche porque recordás que eia te dejo no sufres tanto) Link: WALPAPERS FH2 HD Y nada shabales, seguid así y recordad que la mejor hora para hacer un ataque Blitzkrieg es a eso de las 4:50, porque estan a las 5 paran para tomar té los capullos (a tu hermana le hizo gracia anoche) Algunas fotos de la victoria del viernes (agradecemos por las fotos a marshe y pocho (ese soi io)): El capi estudiando el mapa Aquí estoy traicionando al equip... digooo pasandome con ellos porque no tenían números Imagenes reales de la Afrika Korps: Saludosh shabales y no olviden shushcribirshe a mi canal, dale like al vídeo, click en la campaníta para que te ieguen lash notificashionesh y compártelo con tush amigosh (por que coños hablaban asi los youtuber españoles, jodeeeeer)
  22. http://blog.codemasters.com/grid/10/grid-autosport-oculus-rift-support/ looks like they're saying it's supported, but no clue myself as I don't own a headset. The game currently isn't on sale, but it frequently is.
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