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  1. Most loved/liked player: - @Jager (Smoking hunter) For awsome dogfights and opportunity to dispence some pwnage. Worst: Felt bad leaving @Wasteland_Hero alone in the sky in the last round, and when I was rotated and fought for the axis. Worst2: No wing *bonks* this battle Funniest: - But I did manage to do this, So which one of you flipped his shit?(this is why I hate trees, when you crash into them they don't do cool shit like this!) And this...(I would say stay out of the runway but you were actually in the air so) asd.mp4
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  2. Best: -0-1 Worst: - being late Funniest: - Laptop wont take screenies in game Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - @RayderPSG @Hawk thank you for covering Other: - The words " Wait no screenie taken" apparently means " blow the shit out of everything" in the allied languages
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  3. Quite silent here after the battle, so I will start: Best: -Numbers on Axis are getting better and better with every week I think -The way we improved in our small squad during the battle was quite impressive Worst: -often CTDs when placing the AP mine Funniest: -the guy who decided to get on top of the tower at Ruins just to take me out (I was sniper there), he succeed, but he stole my sniper and then decided to put AP mine... and well... he crashed to desktop because of that - Im still pressing "F" for that poor guy! Most hated player: - @Danielikus - he got me so often even in ridiculous long ranges that at some point it became frustrating!  Most loved/liked player: - @Enrik for his beginnings in his squad leading role - that was so charmful when he had typical troubles with setting up CC, or realised how life on CC looks like Other: - No more Photo from the battle? Well, I have one anyway: "Me with @Enrik taking a bath together"
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  4. Best: - nice frenchie numbers , always fun to play with them Best 2: bagging the spaniards and being bagged by them. I actually feel gang banged Best3: full server again! Worst: - starting a bit late. People, let's do an effort to be on time!! Funniest: - shameful engagements in the sea fishing Journey. Vincenzo, Sei riuscito a pescare qualcosa? Most hated player: - no one  Most loved/liked player: - everyone, switching guys Other: - spaniards pics
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  5. so late, but happy birthday @Jager @Pepinio !! happy birthday @Malleus @Pr0z4c !!
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  6. Best: -Hiding from tanks in plain terrain Worst: - Funniest: -Recon plane and Camels. Most hated player: That one sniper on the tower...  Most loved/liked player: - @gtgt40 for artying Other: -I am f*ckinf John Cena!
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  7. I totally did not drown our Kubel and kill ally in the process.
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  10. Worst: Koswki not taking the picture in the end! coudlnt get all the sweaty bois back into the pool Funniest: Ombustman and admiral trying to run me over in jeep, they miss, steal my bailed brencarrier but roll it over, and I kill them both, golden moment hrhrhr
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  11. Best: - GG! Worst: - Funniest: - Ramming toegether with @Pozzo in south. Great minds think alike Most hated player: - 404 Most loved/liked player: - @Sandre for his Trick Best Battle Photo - Other: -
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  12. TT = Total Tickets Remaining | T RVP = Round Bonus Modifier | T TVP = Total Tickets Bonus Modifier RVP = Round Victory Points | TVP = Total Victory Points
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  13. I like fast instrumentals but lately I've been listening to slower ones, more psychodelic A great and new band from Argentina. They will perform live soon and I'll have the pleasure to see them!
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  14. best: running over dozens of ppl in cars worst: uncontrollably laughing after a triple car kill and ramming a parking truck, boom, RIP! funniest: nudging french APC with the dorcester "ey there is some asshole bumping our truck" "yeah no worries, i got out and shot him" BOOOOM
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  15. first meeting with @Nightwing left and right @johnnymzq shortly after finishing campaign 7 which I had recently joined. photo taken in winter 2020 in mendoza
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