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    100 years now. .. Best hymne so far
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    Hello and Welcome to the first of (hopefully) a series of Movie Top10 lists i'm going to compose over time. Ach ja, Halloween is just around the corner and everybody is getting in the mood for a frightening, cold and wet autumn week! While it's a big event in the United States, the wave of cultural-imperialism swapping over the big pond towards Europe mostly takes place in our television sets and the retail industry. For me, Halloween has always been a welcoming occassion to have some long film nights alone or with friends, with lots of softdrinks and snacks, always heralding it with The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrorr Episode. Being a big sci-fi fan and not so much a fan of plain horror and splatter movies such as SAW, i have composed for you my list of favourite lesser-known Sci-fi'esque Monster Horror Movies, which you might not know or forgot about! These will include "Monsters" in form of terrestrial and extraterrestrial Viruses, Bacteria, unknown lifeforms, space vampires, lesbian space vampires, beautiful naked female space vampires, and a pissed mother-nature in one or two cases. Usually, these films weren't Blockbusters, some of them became flops (totally unjustifiably!) or are just plain b-movies for the less sophisticated viewers, but managed to build up a suspenseful atmosphere and absolutely managed to fascinate me. With every movie on the list, i connect a certain mood. Alright now, let's dig right into this list, starting with number 10! 10. Night of the Comet (1984) Hawk's Comment: I'm a simple nostalgic child of the 80's, i see 80's trash - i like. In the classy b-movie "Night of the Comet" you have basically everything that the 80's represent: Smartass one-liners, a bad taste in clothes/hairstyle and generally light-hearted mentality to deal with problems. Another big nostalgia factor is the incredibly cheesy music by Diana DeWitt 1, Skip Adams 1 or Revolver 1, 2 being played during some rather pensive scenes in the gloomy radio station. In hindsight, this movie is more mood- than story-ridden, yet somehow worth to watch. The choice in actors is also worth noticing. Next to Catherine Mary Stewart as main character Regina Belmont, you will soon encounter Robert Beltran playing the heroic truck driver who helps the two sisters surviving what soon turns out to be a somewhat-zombie apocalypse. Yes exactly, Commander Chakotay from Star Trek Voyager! 09. Creature (1985) Hawk's Comment: Yep, this one is a b-movie. Nonetheless, it creates quite a suspenseful space-horror atmosphere. Klaus Kinski's acting is perfect and appears almost over the top in comparison with the rest of the cast. You can tell there are some significant parallels to Ridley Scott's "Alien" that was released a couple of years earlier. Yet, worth watching. 08. The Dark Side Of The Moon (1990) Hawk's Comment: Another b-movie which appears, in hindsight, to be better in the german dub version...mhh. Fascinating how much dubs can sometimes improve the acting skills. For the german readers, the full movie is available at decent quality on Youtube here. The dense atmospheric encounter with the mysterious spacecraft and the total mistrust among the crew members after what is happening then, makes it a exceptionally thrilling experience for a movie of that budget. 07. Galaxy of Terror (1981) Hawk's Comment: Very creepy, pretty gory but honest 80's space horror with a good late night space atmosphere. Take a look at the cast: Robert Englund (actor of Freddy Kruger), Sid Haig and Robert Walston. Oh and that woman getting raped by a giant worm?! - in charge for that scene was a young Second Unit Director named..uuhh... *flips through papers* James....Cameron. The complete movie can be seen on Youtube here. Don't get turned off by the trailer, it sucks. 06. Leviathan (1989) Hawk's Comment: Number six comes with a deep-sea horror. Haaaaah, non-cgi horror movies like these give me a warm fuzzy, nostalgic feeling. The cast is also upper class for that period: Peter Weller (Robocop), Richard Crenna (Colonel Trautman in the Rambo movies), Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters) and Daniel Stern (Home Alone). This one is less of an unknown than more a movie you tend to forget among the row of deep-sea thrillers like Deep Blue Sea (1999) and especially The Abyss (1989) & DeepStar Six (1989) from the same year. There is a HD version available on Youtube here, allthough i'm actually now quite sure if it comes with heavily cut borders. 05. The Mist (2007) Hawk's Comment: What would be Halloween without a Stephen King story? With "The Mist" directed Frank Darabont (Dawn of the Dead) you got one of the most underrated movies of the last decade. A very thrilling story that immediatly catches you and makes you feel like you are also in that supermarket, strongly wanting to keep everything deadly outside and just contain yourself in this heavily leaking lifeboat. The end is grim, very grim. Don't watch it on a rainy day. 04. Screamers (1995) Hawk's Comment: Another movie starring Peter Weller (Robocop). And yeees, it's a b-movie, but a good one, really! This time, the "monsters" come in form of small robots with blades everywhere, making sushi out of all humans they encounter, just to include the precious biomass as source of energy and machine-oil in their own (re-)production - charming little buggers. 03. Ghosts of Mars (2001) Hawk's Comment: Icecube, a relatively unknown Jason Statham by that time, Natasha Henstridge (most of your guys probably "know" her oh too well from the Species-movies :smugface:) and Clea DuVall starring in this John Carpenter movie. Allthough its released in 2001, it feels so 90ish. With a rapper and a future action-star in the cast, the script was condemned to be crammed with cool, yet cheap 90's dialogues. Other than that, the sets do certainly get you in a sci-fi mood. Looking at the villain, it's being confirmed: Black Metal ist Krieg. 02. Lifeforce (1985) Hawk's Comment: Space-vampires with an irresistible hunger for precious life-energy, hence: Life-force. Great bulky animatronics, awesome masks and puppets, a "young" Patrick Stewart and a absolutely gorgeus (nude) Mathilda May gets this movie onto every must-watch list in this galaxy. Effin' nude vampires from space, wohoo! 01. Phantoms (1998) Hawk's Comment: The reason why this is number 1, is, that it was the trigger for this Top10 list all along. I once watched this film in the 2010's and was instantly fascinated by the premise. For years, i thought i would have found it again with Slither which has a similar setting, until i stumbled upon this one by coincidence. In hindsight, and according to the critics, the movie is rather moderate. Slither probably is a good alternative, more nasty though. But Ben Affleck surely was da bomb in Phantoms, yo!
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    Best: Playing as arty. Good numbers as always. Destroying King Tiger with 105mm HE (took me like 6 shots). Hunting tanks with arty with @fabrigrinovero35. Worst: Dying suddendly and repeteadly. Connection problems Funniest: Three tanks on the same hill, I missed the shot and after that they were driving all directions (it's funny if you see it). The division chatting in spanish. Most hated player: @WOLFXL with his KT using buildings for cover. Muack. All those burning tanks I couldn't destroy. Most loved/liked player: @AL-SAHAD and his spots Other: Enemy (?) field artillery on our main. Someone shot to the howitzer with a tank from far far away, almost hit me.
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    Best: Nice evening Worst: Crappy skill level and didint do my job. Really dislike this map Funniest: The bond squad. Funniest2: Sminesh funniest3: final attack east.. odi bagging and hawk dipping. Most hated player: Breddy, please let me live Most loved/liked player: prozac, the fool Other: Would be nice to play a map that both sides wins a round Other2: Finally got vlasov with a knife!
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    My go-to song when flying fighters or bombers. "Radar! Riding radar!"
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    FRIDAY , 3 November, 19GMT , the map Monte la Difensa will be played in the campaign Road to Glory History Battle for Monte la Difensa Monte La Difensa, (also known as Hill 960) was one of the peaks forming the Camino hill mass which formed the left-hand "gatepost" dominating the Mignano Gap, key to the U.S. Fifth Army's route to Cassino and the Liri valley and thence to Rome. The mountain itself had become a stalemate for American and British troops because of the defenses employed by the German troops, part of the Bernhardt Line. - The action was the first combat in the Italian theatre for the US-Canadian commando unit 1st Special Service Force. They were attached to the U.S. 36th Infantry Division. The 1st SSF used the special training that they had received in winter and mountain warfare to scale the mountain and overcome the Germans atop the stronghold. The cost for both sides was high though. The 1st Special Service Forces suffered a 77% casualty rate, but distinguished themselves by doing the seemingly impossible. - With the rest of 36th Division on 1st SSF's right attacking Monte Maggiore and British 56th Infantry Division (attacking Monte Camino) and British 46th Infantry Division on their left, it took 5 days heavy fighting for the Camino hill mass to be cleared. Casualties were high. After a pause to regroup the U.S. Fifth Army renewed its offensive but it took until mid-January to advance the 10 miles (16 km) to Cassino at the mouth of the Liri valley and the formidable Gustav Line defenses, where the Allies were halted by stubborn German defense until May 1944. Click Below To Join https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/612-how-to-join-a-campaign/
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    Best: Nice attacks.and.counters Worst/worst/whahappen: After two rounds one player was kicked, 2nd officer ragequit and the army was without a general Worst2 : part 1, so uncool... Funniest2: yehiel and someother fighter placing rp next to manoir. Followed them for a while, rp up kill em and start destroying the rp. Clip from thompson, few rounds from webley, few rounds from g43 and nothing. Lucky that the guys dropped faust. Funniest3: the moment when you have stolen a mg42 from a dead fighter you kill 2 guys both armed with mg42 close to you and to be shot 5seconds later by a mg42 you start to think we might have over done it Mhp: was having sturmflim nightmares Most loved: my conspiracy theorist fighter ensign
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    What a great day :-)
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    Mejor: volver como siempre a jugar una batalla en campaña... gran numero de jugadores... y por fin ganar una batalla en mi regimiento Peor: cada media hora un lag que era imposible jugar... Más divertido: escuchar a pichu decir que no le dan las manos con la artilleria... y ver al tiger II caer al agua y explotar despues de mis bazokas Jugador más odiado: ninguno Jugador más querido / querido: pichu, rami y rayder Otro: me encanto el mapa como aliado
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    That was me! I was retreating cuz KT was coming and saw you on my side. I only was able to hit you once sadly
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    Just happy that our new lad isint fron massaschuheeee
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    This movie published in Finland on last friday. Public opinion have been that it is great movie what shows how absurd the war is, but it make's normal mens to do heroic acts. It is second remake of first unknown soldier what is like national treasure here in Finland and national TV show it on every independence day. It is based to same name novel. I don't know when people from other countries have possibility to see this, but hopefully soon. Here is trailer about this movie:
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    Watch Dogs for free on Uplay https://freetrial.ubisoft.com/promotions/watch-dogs-1/8/
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    Best: "Commanding" the admin squad. Holy crap... those guys really got mad skills. Best 2: Great teamplay and HQ coordination, I asked for help at a flag and within 20 seconds I could expect a support in squad strength. That was really impressive! Worst: Trees, Hafthohlladung and more trees. Worst 2: The bad attendance of the 66th regiment.. Funniest: Germans walking behind my sherman with Hafthohlladung like ducklings walk behind their mother. Funniest 2: Saying something like "Camino, Camino" in teamspeak and @Pollenz answering something in spanish haha Most hated player: All those germans who were successful with walking behind my sherman like ducklings Most loved/liked player: Everyone in the allied team. It was a pleasure to play with you.. that team spirit was simply unbelievable. Special thanks @Pollenz for helping out driving the tanks and to all the admins who played in the 66th Knights squad. Other: I hate trees.
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    Best: Nice map, a lot of tactical beauties Best2: new lads joining in. Worst: rainrain go away Funniest1: failed assault on the hill. Alone on the flag and the russian squad trying to serve me tea. Funniest2: prozacs squad came to help first driving over me and later someone else. Funniest3: that lonely german rifleman and me having a duel. Missing all the rifle shots, me taking a knife going after him. The panic arraises untill someone shot me in the back and a kubel drives over me Mhp: Johonas, didint trick me as bad this week but was athe pain!
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    Best: Good FH2 night. Always fun gameplay and teamwork. Worst: My skills on FH2 are terrible nowadays. Too much CS:GO. Funniest: Me looking at the minimap :" There is someone on axis mainbase" TS:"No there is not" Me:"Yes there is. Look at the map!" TS:"RAnDOOm, that is the allied 2nd mainbase, what are you smoking...." Me: "......" Most hated player: Myself again. Most loved/liked player: I love everyone! Other: Everyone LIKE our Facebook page! Thanks in advance. - https://www.facebook.com/cmpgaming/
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    " Coldplay is music for men who masturbate crying" - Ensign steel, no idea how we got there
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    Best: Rebel army of the germanites. 100th went through a wall a few times Worst: we still dont have a "Beam me up Scotty" transport Funniest: playing against people with extreme imagination. Couple of defences succeeded only cause of chance. Funniest2: minijim is learning to be trigger happy Funniest3: Halos mobile altar, praying tank. "Noonoo please noooo" Hate an love: Hawky aka Saltybird. Found him many times and should be only allowed to use a radio. Othet: @Johonas i always belived you to be a gentleman but after the trick you pulled on me @stoumont the gloves are off
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    Best: My squad! Worst: My cough >_< Funniest: Massachusetts and If you are pilot and there is no bomb, then this isnt problem. Just improvise Most hated player: Nope Most loved/liked player: @sch@mpus and @Druidix for AA Other: Damn YouTube with recommended 16:9 (because i have 4:3)
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    My most favourite dutch music teacher
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    Just bumping this thread so that everyone knows we have a very active discord channel. Join us!
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    Best: - I enjoyed this battle, nice squad and lots of stupid jokes! Best2: - Tank hunting with the bazooka Worst: - artillery and mg42's Funniest 1: - Kowskosky shouting, ''get back to the flagzone!!!'' me replying, which flag?! ''what do you mean which flag? west!!!'' ''but i am at east?? where am i?'' Funniest 2: - Sneaking into the outpost flag recapping the flag. then moving towards Liege east. paying the germans a visit and bringing them some tea. Funniest 3: - Destroying axis tanks with at-mines. Ensign and me shouting Allahu Akbar! Funniest 4: - Florian joined our squad, completely destroying the focus on the game. everybody started to make stupid jokes Most hated player: - Camping WolfXL in his KT. i got you back though. Most loved/liked player: - 100th Guards players Other: - Thank you Matsku for leading. I was being happely retared
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    Maybe Vlasov? Well, the Allied also have such people now. For example, me, @AL-SAHAD, @Ombustman (although he like played with smg, I guess)... But this battle I played as inf first 2 rounds, because next rounds played as tanker. As I understand @AL-SAHAD played as spotter. @Ombustman and all... Pardon, I dont know
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    Best: finally solved my connection problems and results were awesome, very good self-perfomance Best 2: great US battle planning Worst: map geography. It was difficult to move on vehicles cause of trees, hills, valleys... Funniest: jeeps leaving US main trying to avoid trees. We had a nice rally race there Funniest 2: roadkills in a jeep Most hated player: no one Most loved/liked player: everyone who joined Other: I'm an expert jeep driver
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    Never try to play as japanese if we do another pacific campaign
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    Best: The fight axis gave. It was a real honor to play against them. Best 2 : 200+ kills, enemies felt like they were running into my bullets. Worst: Nothing, maybe ammount of stupid trees around main Funniest: Us trying to leave main and bumping into every damn tree in a way. Most hated player: All Russian and German regiment players who fought at Caminno Most loved/liked player: All Russian and German regiment players who fought at Caminno Other: God damn guys, this was a good map.
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    Maybe in the rotation on 762 servers: Stoumont as a 16 or 32 layer map. Stoumont city as king of the hill variant.
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    Best: HaLo Intuition Worst: Nein, @Yehiel, its MY nerves You good played... Funniest: Panic Panther and my Jumbo or Made a confusion at Panther on Sherman 75 in forest. About forest (or Why must use SPOT) -> In forest. I on Sherman 75. Briefly, Panther was right in front of me. Maybe 2 meters. Behind the trees, I see him because of my spoting and He dont see me. Well, I was lucky, I destroyed Panther Most hated player: Me Most loved/liked player: HaLo Other: It seems that We going crazy... Nevermind.
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    FRIDAY , 27 October , 18GMT , the map Stoumont will be played in the campaign Road to Glory History Battle of Stoumont At dawn on 19 December, Peiper surprised the American defenders of Stoumont by sending infantry from the 2nd SS Panzergrenadier Regiment in an attack and a company of Fallschirmjäger to infiltrate their lines. He followed this with a Panzer attack, gaining the eastern edge of the town. An American tank battalion arrived but, after a two-hour tank battle, Peiper finally captured Stoumont at 10:30. Knittel joined up with Peiper and reported the Americans had recaptured Stavelot to their east. Peiper ordered Knittel to retake Stavelot. Assessing his own situation, he determined that his Kampfgruppe did not have sufficient fuel to cross the bridge west of Stoumont and continue his advance. He maintained his lines west of Stoumont for a while, until the evening of 19 December when he withdrew them to the village edge. On the same evening the U.S. 82nd Airborne Division under Maj. Gen. James Gavin arrived and deployed at La Gleize and along Peiper's planned route of advance. German efforts to reinforce Peiper were unsuccessful. Kampfgruppe Hansen was still struggling against bad road conditions and stiff American resistance on the southern route. Schnellgruppe Knittel was forced to disengage from the heights around Stavelot. Kampfgruppe Sandig, which had been ordered to take Stavelot, launched another attack without success. Sixth Panzer Army commander Sepp Dietrich ordered Hermann Prieß, commanding officer of the I SS Panzer Corps, to increase its efforts to back Peiper's Kampfgruppe, but Prieß was unable to break through. Small units of the U.S. 2nd Battalion, 119th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division, attacked the dispersed units of Kampfgruppe Peiper on the morning of 21 December. They failed and were forced to withdraw, and a number were captured, including battalion commander Maj. Hal McCown. Peiper learned that his reinforcements had been directed to gather in La Gleize to his east, and he withdrew, leaving wounded Americans and Germans in the Froidcourt Castle (fr). As he withdrew from Cheneux, American paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division engaged the Germans in fierce house-to-house fighting. The Americans shelled Kampfgruppe Peiper on 22 December, and although the Germans had run out of food and had virtually no fuel, they continued to fight. A Luftwaffe resupply mission went badly when SS-Brigadeführer Wilhelm Mohnke insisted the grid coordinates supplied by Peiper were wrong, parachuting supplies into American hands in Stoumont. In La Gleize, Peiper set up defenses waiting for German relief. When the relief force was unable to penetrate the Allied lines, he decided to break through the Allied lines and return to the German lines on 23 December. The men of the Kampfgruppe were forced to abandon their vehicles and heavy equipment, although most of the 800 remaining troops were able to escape. Click Below To Join https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/612-how-to-join-a-campaign/
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    lol. That guy in the bed Mmmm autumn music
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    Best: Playing with Calliope, as infantry and even as tanker. But with bad results in everything! Best2: Destroying a PIV and a Panther in less than 10 seconds with a Sherman. Worst: Allied numbers. something we need to take care of... Worst2: Trying to aim with Calliope... Funniest: @RAnDOOm almost destroying my Calliope when I was trying to aim. FYI, mate: I was close to Allied main exit, not close to the front when that happened It wasn´t me when someone did that. I tried once, and got back to base very fast Most hated player: Same player as ever Most loved/liked player: Everyone who showed up!! Other:
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    Best: 84+ players! Best2: Saying 'hello' to Elmo and Hawk at 'bunkers' Worst: To fill up half the allied side with axis players Funniest: Managed to teamkill ODIUM yet again while he spawned near the church with the anti tank gun, on the allied side! Funniest 2: Who parked that Messersmith (No. 5) next to church in round 5 (or was its sixth) and left it empty? Surprisingly it was not destroyed for many minutes. Most hated player: Must be Kowskoskey with his knife Most loved/liked player: Spindrifter and all allied squad mates, was a pleasure to also have been playing with you guys for once Other: Hope to fix my internet connection soon
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    Best: Puting Quad 50 in the church tower, congrats kowsko for the idea x) Also 4[25] always on top, even on allied side Worst: nothing, all was perfect Funniest: everything, didn't have such a good time on fh2 since a long time Most hated player: Vlasov Most loved/liked player: all my mates
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    We have reached 400 total members Congratulations to everyone and lets continue to increase the numbers of the CMP-Gaming community!
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    WAIT, they have actually THAT much carbonic acid in their stomach??? W T F ? ? What in gods name are they drinking?
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    Medal of Honor™ Pacific Assault Free for a limited time on Origin https://www.origin.com/dnk/en-us/store/medal-of-honor/medal-of-honor-pacific-assault/standard-edition