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    Best: - The lads as always. Capping back Outpost alone (but with the awesome Tiger support from @Awisko and the final reinforcement of @Quicksilver ) after loosing it to the german squad. Had a nice rambo time with the mg42, hidden in the trees, killing them one by one and slowly closing in the flags. @WOLFXL Worst: - The few people that screwed everyone's evening. Funniest: - Playing with @RayderPSG @DarthTemoc @engelxd2 @Anguita36 & @Smashmachine after the battle on Rocket League, really relieved me from the frustration. Ofc the talks with @matyszg @Ronid @TomTom39 @Zabstone @beavis_aka_ostwind after the battle. Most hated player: - Won't spill oil on the fire, but you know my foughts. Playing against rules is disgrateful, and if you had done so i suggest you step in and present excuses, whatever the side you were playing. Most loved/liked player: - @knokworst sorry for killing you each battle with a knife on the mortar. You do well with it ! Best Battle Photo - Let's go ! Other: - Please keep a good ambiance in this campaign. The fights are good, but we need everyone to have a good attitude and have fun. Spaniards picture Winning the 1v1 HQ knife fight against @turbomursu. This week will be with pistol !
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    Best: - One hell of a fight. Team is really buffing up its game Worst: - Rotation problems. Please lads leave the server when you have to quit it. Admins & HQs are not there to kick people every round. (axis & allies) Funniest: - Round 6. Thinking about how weird i didn't encountered @RayderPSG for the whole night. Fire randomly in the fog, and boom, guess who i got ? Most hated player: - / Most loved/liked player: - Big up for @Druidix for leaving his seat on round 5, it was really getting messy. Also this time i go for @Erwin being in a good mood for 2 battles ! Also all the friends @WOLFXL @RayderPSG @BaskaBommi etc !!! Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - Some good laughs all the night, thanks lads.
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    Best: - Capturing 5 enemy jeeps Worst: - Not being able to capture all 6 Funniest: - Jeeps Best Battle Photo - Captured enemy jeeps
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    Best : Killstreak over Stalbar with M1903A1 where I got 7-10 guys within 2 minutes and tank hunting in last round - 4 tanks Worst: Boredom in first round - had to parkour around in order to stay awake because of no combat on our flag Funniest : That majestic teamkill from @Greeksoldier76 with M1A1 Flamer. Spectacular no-scope burst from 70 meters. He just peaked from behind corner and unleashed burst of flames. Had laugh long after it, deserves medal Most hated/Loved player: None, I hate all equally (jk).
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    Just want to share a bit of recent experience about this. Past year has been hard for everybody I guess. Personally things started going wrong before Covid crise : in two days I entered in the friendzone (another brother fallen at fight lol) with a very good friend and learnt that I had miss my final exam (believe e that it's hard to find motivation to go to 2nd session when you have spent one year waiting for the end of your formation because you have find that it was not for you). Few months after I lost my grandma (the only grandparent i've ever know). I had a lot of regrets at this moment. And finally the lockdown stopped me while I had a bit of fun making a work I love (which was only for 9 months) During last campaign, precisely during the juin 44 battle (this is a bit why tell you the story, I find a bit funny that all changes started on this moment, and tomorrow we will play it again), I learnt something about that girl that made me feeling really bad (I'm the kind of jealous guy if you see what I mean). This made me a sort of electrochoc, and I decided it was time to change some things, especially physically . I've been chunky for almost all the years I can remember well, first cause to drugs I had to take (I'm epileptic and teenager years were hard, now I'm ok), and then by taking bad habits. So I started seriously to make running, and paid a lot more attention to the food. And it has paid, between those 2 battles I lost around 17kg, and feel a lot better, even if I'm still not totally satisfied. Changing physically is (at least hope it will be) a huge step in the daily life, it gives you a boost in confidence in yourself (I'm shy, and it was amplified by the fact I was complexed by my apparence, afraid by possible judging from others). And finally we're back in a good terms with that girl. Still need to change some other things, but when you are launched it's easier start. Guess it's a good example about motivation, with a bit of CMP in it lol, and I wanted to share it with some people. We're not really friends, but some guys here are a little part of my daily life
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    Best: - for me the best was the battles for each flag Worst: -In the second round, it was a nightmare to be in the village, since if the king tiger would not kill me, I would do it @FadusTM with that sublime heinkel, or @IVAN_88 Funniest: - when In the hotel's flag, @qtaCHRIseach one was hiding in a building in front of the other and a shooting started in which he killed me once and then we were around 3 to 5 minutes shooting each other and we did not give each other until I went to look and finally I was able to kill him Funniest: -While defending the trench flag I saw a truck from the axle at 6 o'clock and I started to follow it ... at first I wanted to move the truck away from our flag as if it were a police chase but then we did a race honking the horn. That german driver @ROIOR Most hated player: - none all are cool Most loved/liked player: - @DarthTemoc for his good vibes always and to follow me in my crazy things Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
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    Best: - Hearing @Druidix on Ridge getting killed by the famous spanish Zorro @RayderPSG, see him firing with his garand while i was on top of the hill, called the knife in TS and then get on him as Batman Worst: - @GGarrido (iirc) learning from his past mistakes and rushing me in the tower on Castle by avoiding my S-mine. Felt so ashamed to get killed so easily ! Well done lad ! Funniest: - That's why i'm always asking @Sir_Kowskoskey to get into my jeep, my jeep is amazing ! Most hated player: - / Most loved/liked player: - Everyone Best Battle Photo - / Other: - Intense battle, loved it !
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    Best: - @Blander says WTF^^ as he got money in his stream^^. Worst: - Arti. Funniest: - Most hated player: - @ Outlaw with the Arti. Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo -I just wanted to enjoy my beer after work. But the Germans don't allow me to do it. https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
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    Best: Intense fighting all around, fast action needed between flags. That's the way I like it. Best: Last round Festung doctrine, glad my brain came up with that suggestion while I'm half a sleep. Worst: I sucked at aiming but I always do suck on this map. Funniest: First time on this map I haven't argued with anyone during the battle and actually was calm whole night. Funniest: My order of capturing enemy jeeps and denying enemy from using them. It was a damn funny way to end the battle. Funniest: Getting bombed by @caeno all night long. It wasn't the bombing, it was his bombing runs. At least 10 times I died right next to 5-6 people and nothing happened to them. - Enemy bomber!!! "Drops bombs " Explosions happen all around me and I'm the only one dead. Funniest: Attacking Domaine from Village. Me: Hope we don't get Kowsk'd in this full truck. *3 seconds later enemy tank appears behind the hill and kills us all. Me: Shit. Funniest: I bagged @AdmiralBG so hard, he never came back to the factory again. Most hated player: caeno with his guided bombs on me.  Most loved/liked player: @FadusTM and @0utlaw Also @RayderPSG and @turbomursu for bagging opportunities. Best Battle Photo - See Ombust's post. Other: @Pr0z4c sabotaged my round start twice by driving over my players with his jeep.
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    Best/Funniest: - - @caeno and @knokworst making fun of me for my frustration trying to get a drill bit to work with my drill. - Some hilarious chatting in Easy I for the whole evening, seriously wasn't even annoyed with the outcome of the battle.. - @Tutvys getting annoyed by the amount of MG's people kept spawning with. I thought everyone hated the 1919A6 Most hated player: - @FadusTM and @Outlaw seriously. I'm pretty sure I died to Outlaw the most in this entire campaign, just the amount of times I'll get on an emplacement shoot one bullet and then BOOM I get shelled and die. I only died to Fadus two or three times but Fadus had everyone annoyed in Easy Co. during the second to last and final round.
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    Best: - Driving the jeep with Basaka up to the Ridge and him going "well hopefully we don't flip over and die." As we slide down the entire slope towards a stack of trees. Worst: - Getting Tked over a jeep because a misunderstanding on my part spawning at the wrong point with multiple jeeps being available. But it happens Funniest: - Definitely rushing crossroads on the Jackson's with Tore, while using the .50 cal on the back of it Most hated player: - Idk there wasn't any nemesis' just the Panther flicking his HE rounds at me randomly. Most loved/liked player: - Working with Tutyvs while I squad leading. Lost my temper second round and thankfully he was understanding. Best Battle Photo - Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Damn look at that fine @$$ Other: - I didn't record as much as I usually do but this was all I got besides me dying all of the first battle.
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    Best: Great map - one of my favourites - intense action all the time! Even though I played only 3 rounds I was on every flag (maybe except Lumbermill), doing something useful! Also Bazooka and AT mine action! Worst: -Played only 3 rounds Edit: - The amount of glitches this map received since last time I was working on it... Funniest: -Beginning of a round, spawned in main to grab some nice pickup kit (sniper rifle or sth), but when I reached tents, it turned out that everything what could be grabbed was grabbed (except Brownings, but meh...). So I looked around, everybody has gone already, and I noticed stationary AT gun and ammo truck: "hmm, lets try this deployable system for the 1st time in this campaign" - I thought. So I packed the gun and moved to River Crossing where my squad was attacking. I wasn't sure if I find a good spot and if I reach the objective alive. Anyway, reach the river bank on our side and deployed the gun well hidden in the forest. I turned it towards flagzone and I had really good view on the flagzone. When I aimed towards flagzone, it was already greyed and tough fightings were going there. I noticed 1 lonely Axis soldier running towards it, so I fired - BOOM, @Sir_Kowskoskey got hit! Then, after a few seconds a small squad of Axis soldiers were running towards the flag - BOOM! Kowsky squad down! We capped the flag and my squad rushed forward leaving another defending the flag, but I knew Kowsky squad had still a rally south of the flag somewhere in the forest - well hidden, because nobody could find it and I saw disappearing arrows on the minimap, so I knew they would come sooner or later, so I waited patiently... After a while, @Heyna (his battle orientation often amuses me) woke me up, yelling to shoot inside the bunker, cause Axis are there. And I looked carefully towards the bunker and I thought: "yeah, these firing mgs towards us look quite suspicious" so I fired a shell inside, wiping out 2 guys with of course - Kowsky In the end, sb finally came for me on foot Anyway, I might consider using deployables more often - they might be really useful if placed in appropriate location! Edit: - Stoumont/Stormont/Sturmont/Stourmont Most hated player: -nobody Most loved/liked player: - @ShadowNick and @Heyna for their Bazooka action and also @BaskaBommi for another great performance as SL of Easy II ! Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -It's already 8 battle and the battle score is really tight! Looking forward to next battle!
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    Best: - Easy II Squad ! All brothers in arms ! We were kicking Axis assess Worst: - Kicking me from server when tried to Tbag my Apc bit i belive it is sorted as missunderstanding Funniest: - PZ 4 doing barrell roll last round when chased by bazooka Squad Most hated player: - i loved everybody with my 75 cannon this battle, Most loved/liked player: - @ShadowNick for Bazooka Tandem Best Battle Photo - Most enjoyable moment Me killing @Awisko Panther with one shot from bazooka distance ~100 m to the side Other: BAZOOKA TIME with @ShadowNick ! High five bro for superb tandem. Together we have got 38 kills
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    Best: - Being in a unit of no-nonsense vets who shut up and got the job done. Worst: - Missing a round to help my mother reset her login credentials and security questions. We'll probably be talking friendly to eachother tomorrow. maybe Funniest: - Being the ghost sniper in that round village north of Stoumont. Took out some HQs and SLs with the crap Springer. They never looked up. The funniest was when an enemy held halftrack was below me and I took out the driver then won a duel with Erwin who was on the .50 by playing peekaboo. All with that crap Springfield. Most hated player: - The guys I put half a Thompson clip into but the killed me and brushed it off anyway. Ping difference I guess. Most loved/liked player: - everyone in Easy 1 Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - It was a close fought battle. I hope both teams keep it up and keep improving.
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    Best: meh, well evenish i guess Worst: the ammount of people playing in the grey zone is just utterly ridiculois. This battle ended in four punishments for next week and trutfully there could have been a lot more for both sides! This made this battle one of my least favourite in the whole cmp era. come on people lets get a grip and play fair and fun like it was ment to be played Funniest: @Erwin not knowing what number comes after 1 Funniest2: the large ass *sigh* coming from my jeep when i informed them of my plan to jump the river Most hated player: - all of them who do intentional stupid shit in a battle Most loved/liked player: @Smashmachine stop moving with you mg! Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: Joder !
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    Best: @kirbyris-cafe and able 2. The comeback itself. The guys who played fair Best 2: afterwards rocket league playing @CptBocquier @engelxd2 @DarthTemoc @Anguita36 @Smashmachine Worst: map itself not suiting for campaign mod imho, players exploiting it... Funniest: - Most hated player: everyone who broke rules, the beefing once battle ended Most loved/liked player: all allies for the spirit kept after that defense lost round, our hq, and @CptBocquier Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: please be exemplary and behave as you'd like to be treated
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    Best: -Action all the time! Worst: -Flags without spawns, changing the whole idea of Battlefield - we don't go for the flag, we go for the enemy rally first! It was quite difficult for me to adapt to this new situation... Funniest: -My throw by 3 points with satchel over Panzer IV - standing behind Panzer IV, I threw it and it landed in front of it somehow... - this rolled over running Heinkel on the street was quite WTF moment Most hated player: -well enemy arty, bomber bombs generally avoided me, maybe because I usually dont stick to flagpole on defence? Most loved/liked player: -Yeah, I liked you all... Best Battle Photo - Other: -Time for revenge in the next week!!!
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    Must have been Baska, don´t remember saying that. Though I still can´t get rid of thought that these games are just cover up for people to get drunk at their own houses
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    Best: -I've always liked this map and the battle was intense the whole evening! Afterwards I kinda wished I would have played on the ground the whole evening. Such a nice cityfighting map -Only 3 suicides with plane! Worst: -3 stupid suicides with plane! Funniest: -*Running to flagzone and almost greying* Suprise friendly nade next to me!! (Nice timing @turbomursu ) Spawning in again: *Running to flagzone and almost greying* Suprise friendly bullet!! (Thanks @AdmiralBG ) - @ShadowNick and his "drill bit" -Some hilarious chatting in Easy I for the whole evening. -Only time I got a gunner in the bomber: I go for crossroads and hear Pap asking "You're not gonna bomb this flag are you?" (The east side of the flagzone was full of friendlies). I proceed with the bombing and kill a rally by chance on the west side of flagzone ( and ZERO teamkills ) . Then getting hit by AA and I do a panic move and crash to the ground..... Thanks for flying the suicidal airlines @Papillon - @Tutvys getting annoyed by the amount of MG's we kept spawning with
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    Best Battle Photo - Fell asleep)https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/
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    Best: With the help of @alorbe I attacked a Stug III and 2 Panthers. I was able to take out the StuG and one Panther, but @Boogiewoogiebugleboy did not allow me to take out the 2nd Panther as well. Worst: loosing. But the fact that the difference was so small makes defeat only half as bad. Funniest: - Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -Sorry @gerul, maybe next Time. sry Gerul, not this time.m4v
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    Best: - Tank hunting round with Composition B when i got 4 enemy tanks, rush with angry farmer kit, some killstreaks, and sneaky revenge on mg42 campers Worst: - losing in such awful style, hit registration mess which mess my scores and gameplay badly, glitches and bugs on map Funniest: - rush with angry famer kit on jerries and getting widly kill as well as rush for camper with bayonet and killing him after few seconds of the most weird duel of turning around in circles Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - @BaskaBommi aka Baśka for proper squad leading and even more proper set of religious swerings and not so religious as well making playing more enjoyable Best Battle Photo - GET OFF MY LAND! Other: - No more teamkilling for jeep in main!
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    Incredibly great contemporary document. It's really impressive. It makes you think when you see this video. I think this video is great. The lightness, for example the rocking girls. No cars. Great landscapes. Chickens and carriages on the streets. One wonders at random what kind of life these people had. How did they fare a few years later in World War I? I especially find the comments from all over the world interesting. If you have other great pictures or videos, please share them here.
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    Best: - Nice looking map, tank duels, tank hunting zooka runs, good allied performance most of the time, voice chat working really well in squad, hunting spotters Worst: - hit registration mess, not able to get my top performance this battle, spawning on kt camping our rp Funniest: - hiding rp behind trees (or ents) inside houses, clearing the church tower with screaming to @Tore to not blow me up with his tank, crazy drifting in kubel Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - @ShadowNick and @Heyna for proper use of zooka and voice chat funny moments Best Battle Photo - The hunt begins! Other: - The best map so far!
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    Best: -Ohman... I laughed a lot this battle. So many hilarious things happened, but sadly I forgot a lot of them in the heat of the battle. -Great numbers and a nice map with lots of action. Stoumont (the flag) was fun and horrible at the same time -Some great teamplay in Easy 1! Worst: -Lost my mojo during the battle. It all went well at some point, but then I just started missing every shot and died all the time and.... Funniest: - @Mr.ThunderMan has the screenshot of this I think, but someone ( @AdmiralBG ? ) in our squad said "watch and learn" when he tried to cross the river with a truck and then drove the truck into the river.... And what's more funny is that second Easy squad apparently had a similar incident happen with a kubel! We have the best drivers really -The general banter in Easy 1 was hilarious... Thanks all for the laughs - @kummitus tk'ing a LOT of our squad in one round. It was hilarious
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    Best: @Sir_Kowskoskeytried to spy our teabagging tactics and techniques on Thursday's training and I allowed him to kill and teabag me. It was all a trap for the battle, of course. I met him only once during the battle and then I killed him and teabagged him really hard until his team mate rescued him (see screenshot) Worst: This campaign I really often have situations where I have the enemy in my iron sights, shoot at him, but nothing happens (apparently not even damage). Also this battle. Wondering what that is. Feels really weird, didn't feel like this last campaign. Funniest: Count every teabag! Don't steal our teabags! Most hated player: Damn MG42s and Artillery. Most loved/liked player: Everyone Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Why so serious? It's only tea, I made it myself. Other: Good fights generally!
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    Czołem Żołnierz! Myślałeś kiedyś o czymś więcej niż tylko beznamiętnym "pykaniu" na serwerze publicznym? Masz zadatki na dowodzenie drużyną piechoty? A może marzysz o prawdziwie taktycznej i towarzyskiej rozgrywce? Skończ z marazmem w grach multiplayer, zaciągnij mocno powietrze, a potem zaciągnij się w szeregi największej społeczności Polaków w Forgotten Hope 2 jaka kiedykolwiek istniała. FH2 Polska to my. W celu kontaktu i informacji wejdź na naszą stronę: http://fh2.xaa.pl/ Możesz także napisać do mnie wiadomość prywatną. Posiadamy własny serwer Polish FH2 (jest widoczny w wyszukiwarce): Podejmij wyzwanie współtworzenia tego wyjątkowego środowiska, znajdź swoją niszę i ją wypełnij. TUTAJ JEST TWOJE MIEJSCE W SZEREGU. Aktualnie gramy po stronie Axis w 21 Dywizji Pancernej w 1|Kompanie. 1|Kompanie wzywa poborowych do stawienia się w punkcie werbunkowym w środowe lub czwartkowe wieczory.
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    Where am I??? Orders were clear. To deffend Bridge by any means.
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    Best: My squad doing some great action. First attack round we captured Forest while people were having a hard time over Liege flags. We took a jeep&apc - first captured Crossroads then I filled the jeep, let the Hanomag made sure bridge isn't mined and then went for Forest. That turned the round around. 2nd attack round we made a cunning plan, full jeep to crossroads and 3 people sneaked into Forest to pop an RP. Then we went to the flag with extreme caution and reached flagzone without trouble. Enemy saw a grey flag decided to kill its single greyer and encountered 7 guys in the flagzone. Btw at some point we tied up 2 squads and 2 tanks there while we were capturing other flags. I think we fought over that flag for 20 minutes straight and it changed hands so many times it was epic. GG to both sides.( @RayderPSG & @Tutvys ) Best: Epic Forest defence during the defence rounds. All the guys were such in harmony I actually enjoyed it very much to fight over it. Worst: 7th round with my terrible headache and tiredness, I lost my temper a few times and basically sucked. Funniest: @Sir_Kowskoskey and me betting on who goes to Forest first without being killed. We both made it there and captured it. Funniest: @Pr0z4c getting drunk and saying some funny shit. Funniest: Kowskoskey having a hard time with rotations, basically he forgets players in his channels, sends the wrong people to wrong channel and cannot distuingish who is in the server and who is in the Teamspeak. I had to fix it for like 5 times. Funniest: Our final bet was the put an RP on the West side in the final round. @CptBocquier ordered people to do that, I said "Okay, put a camera on me." Me @kummitus involved in a movie style driving while enemies were everywhere, even passed a tank and made it there. It was so much fun and in the end I made an RP to get my guys spawn there even if it's destroyed in 30 seconds. It was a nice action and I enjoyed it so much. Most hated player: Allied BAR. Allied players sniping with Bazooka. Such a lame tactic and doesn't help anyone. Most loved/liked player: @Beyers as I've promised to him. But all the people on my squad throughout the night. It was a pleasure to fight with them and really enjoyed it. Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: Maybe if you stop doing some stupid things to piss off people we can continue having a friendly atmosphere.
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    Best: -Intense action all the time, doesn't matter which flag! - Finally BAR for the win!!! Worst: -Sorry for the hanomag kill inside the mainbase perimeter... I lost my orientation and this Sdkfz looked so tasty... Couldn't resist... On the other hand, main base perimeters were too big on such small map, there should be simply no-go area blocking infantry effectively and that's all! -wanted to make a screenshot with Hanomag bazooka kill for Best Battle Photo, but before I could manage to that I was kicked... meh, meh... -Meh, this battle evenings run so fast, let's play 8 rounds for each battle next campaign maybe? :D Funniest: -Some nice Bazooka kills, pity that I don't have screenshot... Most hated player: -not specific person, maybe Axis arty and MG42s were really painful... Most loved/liked player: -Whole allied team for their spirit and fighting till the end! Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
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    Best: - Lovely time in Chaffee during only one decent round from our team, killing lots of infantry and tanks, especially pair of pnz 4 one after another without being hit just before round ends, some tommy action in church Worst: - being alone in tank driving like mad man trying to kill inf and tanks, not being blowned up from tank, enemy inf or damn plane ; spawnraping the us main during last round Funniest: - during cleaning of enemy squad around the church i somehow tk twice @The_Gentle_Uncle in like 1 min (sorry), getting killed by own jeep Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - @Heyna for good spots Best Battle Photo - Don't make your jeep angry Other: According to @BaskaBommi or @Enrik (i think, can't remember now who said it) i'm apparently the only one from easy company who is not drinking any kind of alcohol before battle
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    Thanks for sharing. Believe it or not, this can inspire others. This is place where nobody is going to be judged. Sometimes you only want to be listened("read" :D). That's all. My girlfriend's family say "compartir és estimar" (it's catalan). It means, "Sharing is caring". This not only implies caring for ohters, but self-caring too.
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    Best: really even fight, cool stuff! Best 2: numbers once again Best3: the fights agains the Poles and the Russians. It's amazing how the poles are starting to play, russians were really tough on this one congrats to @beavis_aka_ostwind Worst: - again suffering a comeback. Awesome game from axis ! Funniest: spaniards sneakies Most hated player: - no one, but @Sir_Kowskoskey and his lads completed an awesome evening, lost almost all duels against them Most loved/liked player: @CptBocquier always Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ "embrasure man" Other: - keep the good level up !
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    Best: one of the best fights in the campaigns in the recent years. Beauty Worst: - Funniest: @CptBocquier driving a jeep over @beavis_aka_ostwind(?) Getting shot by his mates as an accidental revenge leaving me under the hail of boogies tank Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
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    Worst: Horrible i was that first round with arty. That map for me was very unfriendly at times due to the high terrain.
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    Best: - Got Jeep and Heat Garand from main, traveled entire map to get this Stug @WOLFXL, put 4 grenades in his back in revenge for ambush 5 minutes earlier. Worst: - Was waiting for entire 1st round ~40 minutes on the edge of the map with M36 killing only 2 kubells @Pr0z4c and @bombarik. it was so boring Funniest: -Sweet Revenge on @Papillon after he Panzershrecked me behind our lines in city. I Spawned as INF and found him and killed him, tbagged in vendetta and stole his Shreck which i later used to Repel enemy attack on city destroying @Diegothic Panther - 2x shots in back. Most hated player: -@FadusTM as good performance in KT Most loved/liked player: - @caeno for care in 5th round @Lajtus for whisper jokes. Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -I dont really belive in purpose of the 6th round during this battle.
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    Best: -My very first life in first round, Tipped over the tank but stayed around to kill a p4 with c4, two rally points and almost killed the KT with an gebalte. Best2: -So many Gebalte evasions! The very Last minute of the last battle I saved @mcpollo tank by hijacking it while he was reparing and killed the guy throwing a gebalte, then drove te tank away from the gebalte. Worst: -SO MANY KILLS LOST BECAUSE I WAS A NANO SECOND AWAY FROM THE TRIGGER! Funniest: - I killed KT the south of Wirt with 3 shots at point blank range with the 90mm! Last shot I basically ran around circles to give him a last look of his enema in progress. Most hated player: - @Hetzenhauer DON'T TELL ME TO CHARGE A KT I'M LOOKING FOR WIHTOUT BOTHERING TO SPOT IT FOR ME! Also railway lines...fuck those...could have had the KT if it wasnt for that.  Most loved/liked player: - @Spindrifter49 For looking out for poor widdle tanks! Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ This man saved the stug from humiliation by being killed by one guy in an axis infested Wirt. Other: -
  41. 3 points
  42. 3 points
    Best: As @caeno says, the map wasn't as traumatic as on the Scrim. I performed really well with the Sherman. Worst: Trying to do some damage to a Tiger when we found each other face to face. I shot but I knew I was lost Funniest: When I killed @-Bombarik- who was spotting me hiding in the forest. And @-Bombarik- appeared a couple of times more in a short period of time between the bushes. I was like: "How many Bombarik(s) are there?!?!, Wtf? xD". Then I realised there was an enemy RP near there... Most hated player: No hated player this time. Urge to kill gooooneee... Most loved/liked player: Everyone. Nice battle. Best Battle Photo - "Johnny, la gente está muy loca!" (loca picture) @johnnymzq taking care of us... the prisoner @Kalashnekov wanted to blow all us up while we wanted to take a picture.
  43. 2 points
    A funny and sweet Youtub Link Lego at War Stop motion Films WW I and WW II : Enjoy them Guys
  44. 2 points
  45. 2 points
  46. 2 points
    @Sir_Kowskoskey You'd be surprised but that was me as well, I just pressed space and jumped to suicide also I don't know what kind of mumbo jumbo black magic you did on the stairs to avoid my (your ex stg) bullets.
  47. 2 points
    Bonjour, Je m'appel Vince, 32ans, j'habite dans la région Rhône alpes. Je suis le mod forgotten hope 2 depuis son début, jusqu'à présent je suis toujours resté dans l'ombre dans les parties en ligne, souvent en solo sur les serveurs. J'ai entendu qu'il y avait un petit groupe de personne qui parle la même langue que moi (l'anglais à l'oral pour moi c'est compliqué et surtout à l'entendre suivant les accents de chacun ). Je serais bien partant de quelques fois rejoindre une partie et partager un moment de rigolade et de stratégie de jeu. Bon il faut la vérité aussi, je ne suis pas un très bon joueur, je me fais plus tuer que l'inverse (Punaise des fois les mecs te shoot alors que tu sais même pas ou ils étaient). Voila
  48. 2 points
    Oh you definitely go down as my worst enemy to play against. Literally always die to your arty shots.
  49. 2 points
    Best: My squad. We did some excellent defensive plays and made the enemy pay for every one of their attacks. Best: Kick ass action and close rounds all night long, was really stressfull towards the end. Best: I had good rounds and nice kills. Decimated 4-5 infantry in a short amount of time like 3 times. Best: Lumbermill defence on round 4. We actually fight over for quite some time and annoyed Spainards there. They even sent another squad to clear it out. Worst: Missed my shots while guys were running and shooting with high accuracy against me. Funniest: @0utlaw made some point blank shots on me on the first round and I couldn't stop laughing. I actually headbutted his arty shells twice. It was so accurate I cannot even get mad at him. Funniest: @Hasan09 shouting "I need help" and then kills the guy attacking him by himself. This happened 5-6 times. Funniest: I tried to do a @Sir_Kowskoskey style attack with a full APC. I actually suspected we were about to get Kowskd. I said "lets go for a few more meters" then KABOOM. I could've shouted "OUT!!" and everyone would be fine but that was destined to happen. I mocked Kowsky so much Karma finally found me. Funniest: Kowsky tried to destroy our jeep at the start by driving into us.(It was probably his bad driving but anyway.) Most hated player: People who spawncamps flag spawns. Get a life. Most loved/liked player: New players in our company who played like seasoned veterans. I didn't have to reply my orders twice, everybody was well aware of what they were doing.
  50. 2 points
    Best: -Map turned out to be possible for us to win in the end - what a nice surprise! - The round with 6-0 or 9-0 in the last round! Worst: -My performance - apart 1st round I was below my average and didn't make big input into the win, fortunately others did! - Our task was to defend crossing. I thought - "easy peasy, I will mine the round - have some time until they reach us!" It took me a while to come to my mining location from the furthest spawn, I lied down on the road and before I started minig, I noticed charging Kubel on the horizon - "holy shit! I don't have much time, quickly let's set this mine!" Well, that 1 second was decisive... However, even if I had successfully set this mine, Kubel would have probably survived, as quickly moving vehicles survive driving over mines in this game.... Funniest: -Situation on the bunkers flag - we were attacking it, I passed near Panzer IV which was near the flagpole, and got inside one of the bunkers, inside was one guy manning MG42, so I got our beloved @Achtungsnow and hid in the corner. Then another German came and without noticing me manned MG42, this time I was more silent and used my knife ^^ I thought: "hmm... let's see what weapon had our beloved Achtung? He always carries nice weapons! Oh, STG44 - how nice! Oh and it has Geballte Lagung - it's even nicer! Oh, is this Panzer IV still standing there? Yes, it is! Let's make some suicide action!" Don't remember which Geballte was successful, but although plenty of flying bullets into me, I managed to destroyed that Panzer IV Most hated player: -Only myself Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - "Stopping one of Kowsky kubel charges on Bunkers flag - there should be award for this!" Other: -Speaking about awards - what award was for correct answer in the last round? I haven't still got it!


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