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Announcing the launch of CMP's Third FH2 Campaign - "Into Darkness". Join the battles in the Winter and Continuation War fought between Finland and the Soviet Union.

Click here to sign up for the campaign and choose your side!


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    Hi guys this is my first post, first of all i'd like to say that is great to see the server full every time i join but me and other people think that it would be an improvement to see the server ranked, i dont know if this has been proposed in the past time but i think it'd be a boost for all. Well let me know what you think. Thanks and see you in the server!
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    ¡Bienvenidos a otra Campaña de CMP sobre el mod FH2! Esta nueva campaña nos llevará al norte de Europa, exactamente al borde que separa Finlandia y la Unión Soviética, donde ambas naciones y también Alemania jugaron su papel en numerosas batallas durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Esta campaña, en vida real, fue llamada Guerra de Invierno (1939-1940) y Guerra de Continuación (1941-1944). Este es un nuevo teatro, nunca jugado en nuestro particular modo de campaña, acompañado además de nuevos mapas CMP. En estos torneos la comunicación y la organización entre compañeros será la llave para aventajarnos al enemigo. Lucharemos entre lagos, que exigirán a los tanquistas mostrar sus habilidades, nos esconderemos en enormes lagos para cazar infantería y blindados enemigos, y subiremos hasta los cielos para hacer nuestra superiodad en el aire una realidad. ¡Experimenta una increíble sensación bélica en nuevos mapas como Nietjärvi, Strongpoint Joki, Ilomantsi, Sinimaed, Invasion of Tornio, Silver Fox y otros, que te llevarán a tierras finesas y a sentir la verdadera atmósfera de la Guerra de Invierno y de Continuación. ¡Elige un equipo, defiende tu tierra, lucha conjuntamente con otros jugadores experimentados y vence al enemigo con trabajo en equipo en esta nueva campaña! Preparáos para la batalla Unión Soviética vs Finlandia Clica en la imagen de abajo para unirte a la campaña
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    Welcome to another Forgotten Hope 2 CMP Gaming Campaign This new campaign will move us to northern Europe, more exactly to the Finnish border with the Soviet Union, where both nations and Germany took part in numerous battles during the Second World War. This set of battles was named the Winter and Continuation War. This is a new theater that has never been played before in a tournament, accompanied with brand new maps. In this campaign communication and organization between allies will be the key to take advantage over your enemy. Fight around countryside lakes that will test your skills, hide in immense forests to hunt down incoming tanks, rise to the skies and gain air superiority. Experience an incredible war-like sensation on new maps such as Nietjärvi, Strongpoint Joki, Ilomantsi, Sinimaed, Invasion of Tornio, Silver Fox and others, that will bring you to the Finnish land and feel the Winter and Continuation War atmosphere. Choose your side, defend your land, fight together with other experienced players and take advantage of superior teamwork on our new maps. Get ready for the fight. Soviet Union vs Finland Click on the image below to join the Campaign
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    Staying at last round, cost me a pair of boobies 😁 you owe me.
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    Buddydog, that is PUREST bullshit. Give me examples, show your research. You can say about ANYTHING in Germany (except denying the Holocaust, but the rightwingers are busy dismantling this). Our rightwing parties are really saying the most disgusting stuff all the time, and noone imprisons anyone for it. This is the usual routing of rightwingers, to play the poor victim by saying outrageous things and then being miffed when they are told that what they say is BS. It disgusts me that the likes of Bannon and Grenell are trying to further advance this stupid shit. Land of the free, where you are being branded as a traitor if you do not do as your president likes you to do?
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    Best: intense fights and suomi KP Worst: the tech problems people where having Funniest1: @HaLoAL got new hair cut whilst i shot 1cm too high with my panzer. He didint 😁 Funniest2: hearing french curses from a trench i emptied my stg clip Funniest3: The teabag cup is open and @AL-SAHAD repeat of the final seconds dip Funniest4: unforseen problem of... well everybody trying to pronounce finnish names map points and the total collapse of me laughing at em. How does my massachusets sound now boys Funniest5: The latin charge through an open field desperetly trying to get over. Hq squad arrives un harrassed and gain glory for their hard work Funniest6: everytime someone commented about me and rallypoints i get killed. I might go through tanks, mgs and enemy squads. Then @Erwin or @Druidix arrives and says how about a rallypoint and a random bullet arrives and kills me funniest7 : the random shell and the random mine incidents @RayderPSG @Quicksilver
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    Hi LUCASMARTELO, if you are having difficulty installing the cmp mod you can contact me by private message that I try to help you in brazilian portuguese of course
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    You would not recognize irony if it rode on a blazing meteorite above you eh? Germany, neo-Marxist? 🤣🤣 So to your research: https://www.thelocal.de/20170406/german-parents-go-to-eu-court-after-police-seized-kids-in-homeschool-raid Well, other than in the US it is the law in Germany to send your kid to a school, homeschooling is not a legitimate alternative. You break the law, you get punished. They are using the tools our system gives them, and we will see what the EUGH decides. --> No persecution. It's this the law, and it's going it's way. Now where is the connection between compulsory schooling and nudism being an accepted freetime activity? Is nudism something children learn in school? I did not. Please explain. Until thenl. --> Trolling. Trying to make up connections where there are none. Hitler Youth was a quasi compulsory organization. There is nothing like this now. --> Trolling. Making hilarious comparisons for the sake of a poor argument. You should have mentioned that Alfie Evans was a 2 year old with a terminal, non reversible neurodegenerative disorder that had destroyed his brain, and his parents were desperate to try other therapies, while the NHS considered keeping him artificially alive was inhumane and cruel. Life support was terminated on Apr. 23rd. Lifesitenews is a conservative, pro-life outlet with a radical Catholic reactionary stance, so naturally it is biased. Sources please. The number of crimes in Germany has been reduced by 10 % from last year, which is the highest reduction since 1993: https://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article175679108/Polizei-Statistik-Kriminalitaet-geht-in-Deutschland-so-stark-zurueck-wie-seit-1993-nicht.html 300.680 suspects were migrants or refugees, which is -40 %. --> Again, trolling As funny as this is for a time, let me say that I am a fan of the tolerance paradox.
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    Yeah, we heard you 🙂 We were not like prepared to host a serious public server, thus we did not think about this in earnest. We are evaluating possiblities, so stay tuned. In the meantime I hope 762 does recover at some point.
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    We will play some rounds one some of the maps for the upcoming battles. You can find the mappack here: https://fh2.cmp-gaming.com/cmp_file_share/cmp_into_darkness_rc2.zip Instructions to install: Download the zip Extract it to the bf2/mods folder Overwrite if asked Then you are done
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    Dolphin Diving es cuando vas corriendo y te acostás, corrés y te acostás y así (todo al instante) para tratar de que el oponente no te pegue. Bunny Hopping es como dijiste, es saltar constantemente para tratar de que el oponente no te pegue.
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    https://store.steampowered.com/app/823130/Totally_Accurate_Battlegrounds/ "Free forever if you get the game in the first 100 hours!"
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    @ALBREIN @Alecont @ARG_Matayo @arielzurdo @BanzaimeN @CABEZO [Goz-[Mauri94]-[ @coco @colores @elcheeky2 @elchristo326 @fabrigrinovero35 @Fatigatti_AR @Fury1 @Guli123 @[KKCK]Fedetech [Arg] @[KKCK]Fedetech[Arg] @Lobo solitario @luacha2000 @Mane_Goddard @Mati.Mattman @MatM1996 @mcpollo @Patan @Pichu1199 @Pollenz @Diepla @Ramiro23 @Roul @Sagwyn @Solid @Spike @STALKER @vaje21 @vicius2012 @ViejoKKarma @xGastonxARG @altsuprgamer @Daniel @killer98 @Neutral_true @q(-_-)p @Snow @TKRShadowBlack @Andres_Gomez @jaaruizhe @JhonKiller111 @AlCapone345 @RauloWW2 @Renko @Anra @arbustito @Arsemex @Astalor @Beyers(*) @Chus @DarkTrooper246 @DAVID-SOLDIER @Defender @Duttget @elvinu @Gabrii172 @GeJota @GGarrido@Henrique O Horrivel @JARHStarkiller @jozevillano @Kelevra @Laiust @L.L.HERRAIZ @Malakra @Maverick @onebullet95 @PKdor @RayderPSG @rubimalo @Santini1973 @Schuman @SgtAlex @Smashmachine @Spanish_Tercio @Sparhez @SrVallejo @Super @Verticorda @vitorio9898 @wanchekid @Wualy @Xavhia @Erik Fernando Tanyag @Rorshack @Beatnikjude63 @Blackbeard-19F21 @Charmzz @Darkpotato @Dela @juandi1942 @Berlin @Ubersoldaten @Dr_sicario @GracefulOutlaw @Miguelrrr @N3LK @TheNoiSe Os dejo además un vídeo a modo de ejemplo sobre como unirnos a una campaña. Solo cambian los nombres de regimientos y demás, pero este es el procedimiento a seguir. Gracias a Luacha por el vídeo. Os recuerdo que, si queréis uniros al regimiento hispano, estamos en el lado finlandés, en el 2ndo Batallón de pioneros.
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    Please make the "FH2 Campaign "Into Darkness" Is Now Open" text in the top of the page take you to the sign-up page.
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    Post Scriptum has now been launched for public testing and we will be running a CMP server for this period! There will be a Post Scriptum event tonight (26th May) at 18:00UTC on the CMP server, please come and join us on Teamspeak if you have pre-ordered the game and now have public test access! You can still pre-order the game and get access to public testing. You only need the basic package of the game for this - https://store.steampowered.com/app/736220/Post_Scriptum/ Useful Information
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    i agree tbh it would be a nice addition to the server 😬
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    CMP Forgotten Hope 2.53 Launch Party Get some Eastern Front action! Get ready for the campaign! Join us on Teamspeak at 17hUTC and play the new update with other CMP members!
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    Con esfuerzo y horas dedicadas en el ranked únicamente a reclutar, y convenciendoos a vosotros uno a uno! 🤗😮😎😎. También @Smashmachine esta haciendo un trabajo enorme desde Foxhole. Gracias a todos!
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