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    Peaky Blinders @RAnDOOm @Airshark79 @Quicksilver @kummitus @Harmonikater @Papillon @Erwin @Wualy _________________________________________________________________________ Bandage and Drape @Pr0z4c @AL-SAHAD @truth_hun @Tutvys @HaLoAL @DanielNL @michaelau999 Substitute 2 _________________________________________________________________________ Los Patos! @RayderPSG @GracefulOutlaw @mcpollo @fabrigrinovero35 @Sparhez @Beyers @elvinu @Marine _________________________________________________________________________ Poner el rally @GGarrido @Smashmachine @GeJota @luacha2000 @Pollenz @STALKER @Blackbeard-19F21 @Maverick _________________________________________________________________________ Sneaky Sneak Sujuk @Sir_Kowskoskey @WOLFXL @Matsku @fighterpil @Druidix @jay919 @Ombustman Substitute 2 _________________________________________________________________________ Old Saltz @GeoPat @Spindrifter49 @Spieler4 @knokworst @Blander @The Jancoegers @The_Spine @Capt.Mike _________________________________________________________________________
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    ¡Buenas chumachos! @Pollenz @Blackbeard-19F21 @SgtAlex @LUCASHAMMER@Pichu1199 @Schuman @mcpollo @fabrigrinovero35 @Fury1 @GracefulOutlaw @elvinu @Defender @Dela @Mane_Goddard @luacha2000 @Guli123 @Patan @Spike @vaje21 @Ramiro23 @xGastonxARG @ViejoKKarma @altsuprgamer @killer98 @Daniel @RauloWW2 @MatM1996@juandi1942 @Rorshack @Anra @Arsemex @DarkTrooper246 @GeJota @DAVID-SOLDIER @Henrique O Horrivel @Laiust @Maverick @Smashmachine @Wualy @Dr_sicario @Miguelrrr @Sire-PanzerHauptmann @Sparhez @Beatnikjude63 @Beyers @TheNoiSe @arbustito @Gabrii172 @STALKER @Santini1973 @JhonKiller111@jozevillano @Duttget Como sabéis, CMP comenzó con las siempre esperadas campañas de FH2. Pero hoy, somos más de 500 users conectados, y como CMP es un proyecto humilde pero ambicioso, no queremos quedarnos atrás y todas las opciones, ideas o campañas sobre otros juegos son bienvenidas. Hoy os traigo una muy buena iniciativa del compañero @Smashmachine. Se trata de FOXHOLE, un juego indie , que combina estrategia y acción ambientado en la guerra, donde los usuarios combaten en línea. Los escenarios se basan en un mundo abierto, en el cual cada jugador "participa en la guerra". No solo combatiendo en sí, también explorando diferentes escenarios, construyendo trincheras o fuertes. Además, con la iniciativa, Smash nos ha traído ya a 2 nuevos compañeros, @jozevillano y @Duttget, quienes juegan activamente Foxhole. También jugadorazos de CMP como Obustman o Watchtower están interesados. Cualquier duda, se la podéis preguntar a Smash, que es conocedor de primera mano del juego, y seguro puede aportar más detalles que yo.
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    Hello, i want to present you my Battlefield 1942 Mod&Maps Download Page. In the next 2 Weeks i start a Public Server with some of these Mods. Later i start an Event Server to come together for funny Events with mods they never played, like western War or Soccer Mod. http://battlefield1942online.de.tl/Battlefield-1942-Mods%26Maps-Download.htm
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    it was a team decision. Our team is not about cats and dogs. Our team is about putting our nutsacks on the enemy.
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    Team Name: Poner el rally Team Logo: TeamLeader @GGarrido Members: @Smashmachine - @GeJota @luacha2000 @Pollenz @STALKER @Blackbeard-19F21
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    That was fun yesterday @Pr0z4c @Quicksilver @Johonas. The amount of fails was hilarious. Highlights Johonas getting out of a building, realizing "Where is my level-3 vest???". He rummages around the whole buidling, does not find it. Then he looks at Quick "Hey that's my level-3 vest!". Quick replies idignantly "It was the first thing I found here!" Me and Prozac being roadkill. We drive full throttle from the zone. A guy headshots and knocks me out of the driver seat, Johonas kills the offender. They leave me to die...Then Prozac accidentally exits the Pickup....and dies too ofc..... Jumping into prison with another squad that was actually even less skillless than us. Quick knocks a guy senseless with his fists, Prozac manages to get shot, I teamkill Johonas with a SKS... Eventually the other squad is dead, but Quick and I ritually jump into our deaths from the roof. All four of us hide out in two small houses west of Los Leones. A pickup with three other guys drive up to those houses. Basically we tore them to pieces in like 1.5 seconds
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    Team Name: Los Patos! Team Logo: TeamLeader: @RayderPSG Members:@GracefulOutlaw @mcpollo @fabrigrinovero35 @Sparhez @Beyers
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    Expanding Our Horizons At CMP We are becoming a large community of players, with over 500 members registered so far! However, at present we only have a small number of groups and campaigns in place and we realise that what we play right now may not suit everyone's taste in gaming, or that player's may want to play something different once in a while. So let us start to get an idea of what you, the CMP Gaming community would like to play; either casually, cooperatively or competitively. In the poll is just a basic list of multiplayer genre types and a few examples of the games in those genres to give you an idea, vote on the genres and not the examples given! You can vote on as many genres as you like. We encourage everyone to post the types of multiplayer games they would like to play - BUT if there is a game you would like to play within the group, please consider stepping up to volunteer and help to set up a group playing that game rather than hoping someone else will do it for you. The Committee and other CMP members will try to help where we can: Setting up forums areas, Discord and Teamspeak channels Helping create graphics, icons and logos General help and support and much more So if you post a game you would like to play in the community, please say if you'd be willing to help try and set up a group as well.
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    I think I've played 2 hours. I can no longer tell what is BF2 and what is PR original when I play PR. Someone should tell all those people about FH2 and PR.
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    Basically, this program allows you to put convenient plugins and themes for Discord. Website, where you can download this program *just click me* Link, where you can download plugins and themes. Do you know de way for installation plugin or theme? No? Follow this way: "C:\Users\"your name"\AppData\Roaming\BetterDiscord" After that, you must to restart Discord (Ctrl+R), if it was started. Although it will be easier to look here => FAQ P.S. If there are grammatical mistakes, pls, tell me. I'll correct and try to remember ( ̄ω ̄;)
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    De momento, como los que jugamos de la comunidad somos solo españoles, podemos ir organizándonos por aquí. Más adelante ya iremos viendo. @jozevillano @Duttget @SrVallejo . ¡Opinad y proponed libremente!.
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    Me apunto al juego ^^
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    We should just port all those maps over to FH2 :-)
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    HOLA QUE TAL!!! Dejan la puerta y se mete cualquiera, vine a tirotear al Pollo y a saludar a Wualy y Sea.
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    si, el juego se ve muy bien, ya lo chequé por steam y está en mi lista de juegos a comprar.
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    Hola chicos, perdonad en primera instancia que os cite a todos. @Pollenz @Blackbeard-19F21@MatM1996 @SgtAlex @LUCASHAMMER@Pichu1199 @Schuman @mcpollo @fabrigrinovero35 @Fury1 @GracefulOutlaw @elvinu @Defender @Dela @Mane_Goddard @luacha2000 @Guli123 @Patan @Spike @vaje21 @Ramiro23 @xGastonxARG @ViejoKKarma @altsuprgamer @killer98 @Daniel @RauloWW2 @juandi1942 @Rorshack @Anra @Arsemex @DarkTrooper246 @GeJota @DAVID-SOLDIER @Henrique O Horrivel @Laiust @Maverick @Smashmachine @Wualy @Dr_sicario @Miguelrrr @Sire-PanzerHauptmann @Sparhez @Beatnikjude63 @Beyers @TheNoiSe @arbustito @Gabrii172 @STALKER @Santini1973 @JhonKiller111@jozevillano @Duttget Pero es la forma más efectiva que tengo de llegar a los más "desconectados" de por aquí. Solo informaros de que la campaña de Arma III sigue abierta, por si hay algún interesado.
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    "Fahren Sie mich nach Stalbar, schnell" "Ahhh war so schön in Stalbar!"
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    so @GGarrido and I have an initial agreement of playing in 25 February at 21:00 UTC (22 Spain).
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    I have decided to give my blessing to whatever you guys decide to do. I am entering a phase of my life where free time will be ever more decreasing. It is not healthy for my future to continue to commit to online gaming tournaments. It would be more preferable for me to stop these tournament things now rather than at a future juncture, such as law school. Good luck guys, best wishes.
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    First of all thank you all that attended the meeting. We had very good input after our test session. The tournament format will be changed and also the competitive mod we have create for the TeamCup. An updated will be posted tomorrow.
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    There's maybe some chance for a custom battle in War Thunder?
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    Hey everyone, I've opened up the voting to allow you to see who voted for each category of game. Why do this? It's so that if you want to see which members of the CMP community are interested in the same sorts of games as you! Look for the tally total on the right of the poll (with the little person icon) and click on it. It will show you who voted for that category. If you want to see what types of games those people like, why not send them a PM and see if you can get a game going? Let's get some games going. We have Discord for real-time chat, we have Teamspeak to organise and talk on, if you need a channel creating on TS or think you might need a dedicated forum area then PM me or another Committee member, or a Moderator (@RAnDOOm and @RayderPSG) to discuss creating one.
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    a new fh2 pacific campaign!!!! cheers, id like that!
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    Understanding the players in PUBG
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    Surprised I haven't gotten a PM about this... I can move the branch over, now that Forgotten Honor has disbanded and I have no obligations to them anymore. Also, as I was the last Director of Forgotten Honor, I would need to have some say over use of fht mod So many plans were made for BF1918, would be a shame to go to waste.
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    BazBattles - https://goo.gl/UtstPB Animated battles from medieval era. Kings and Generals -https://goo.gl/7xdJdV Animated battles about Hundred Years' War, Napoleonic Wars, Ottoman Conquests and the Restoration of Justinian and some sci-fi. Historia Civilis - https://goo.gl/hdBNZH Rome freak. EmperorTigerStar - https://goo.gl/7jYXw4 Historical maps with timelapse. Reply History - https://goo.gl/GWWEP5 Historical events explained with simple diagrams. Historyden - https://goo.gl/AhrZQw Another rome freak. History With Hilbert - https://goo.gl/JAicoh Long documentaries from all eras. Jabzy - https://goo.gl/MhLSm7 Short documentaries, mostly military conflicts. The Great War - https://goo.gl/Cirm5t WWI documentaries. IT'S HISTORY - https://goo.gl/CMZrHV Same guy as above, short documentaries from all eras. Military History Visualized - https://goo.gl/HxeEst This channel features Military History ranging from Classical Times up to contemporary conflicts. AlternateHistoryHub - https://goo.gl/k8GWRi An entire channel dedicated to the 'What If?".
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    Vlad's wolves will be back in action this evening. Join us.
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    Hello there Due to having only a few teams signed up yet, we decided to have 1 more week available so more teams register. So if all goes well, we should start on the 2nd February. We will be having a test session this weekend, Friday and Saturday, to test out all the maps. Maps Download Link Use the FH2 Community Updater https://fh2.cmp-gaming.com/teamcup/fh2_teamcup_2018_maps.zip If you encounter any map bug please report in the here
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    okay, forming up a team from players on the list. @Ombustman @WOLFXL @Druidix @Matsku @fighterpil @jay919 ill lead the group. due the newly appointed dictator of the unit ill name us "Massachusetts Mayhem" (logo and name might change) @RAnDOOm i noticed dannyboy needs to join a team. add him to prozacs team in my place
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    Confession d'Histoire - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzj9-ZfpJ74vYv1RZzAWTVg/videos This one is hilarious, and I recommand it if you do understand french (english subs are available).
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    Bienvenido @Santini1973, prepárate para saber poner el rally point
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    Why don't we all, the people without a team, stop waiting for someone else to pick us and create a team of our own?
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    Mi team cup para el torneo sería: Yo @GGarrido @Pollenz @Smashmachine @GeJota @STALKER @luacha2000 me quedaría por confirmar @Pollenz
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    Looks very low budget and kind of funny :-)
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    Big tx to @RayderPSG and @truth_hun, you made our February :-)
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    Saludos @Santini1973, bienvenido!
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    saludos...recien llegado... me hablaron de este lugar.. y me apunto para unos tiritos de vez en cuando.
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