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CMP FH2 Campaign 10: "Devil In The Dawn" Battle 6 - Faid Pass Starts In:

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  1. Quicksilver's post in teamspeak uid was marked as the answer   
    Hi @happydays
    So you've opened up Teamspeak and found your Unique ID and copied that.
    Then you've gone to https://cmp-gaming.com/teamspeak/ on our forums and added in the UUID there? That should be all you need to do.
    Make sure you are copying the whole of the UID from Teamspeak in case you have missed a character?
  2. Quicksilver's post in Forum across the Faction was marked as the answer   
    Honestly @Pepinio it would just become a place where people would trade insult,s, accuse people of cheating etc. and we would end up have to edit or remove posts etc.
    We have the FH2 Public channel on Discord which should work for this purpose.
  3. Quicksilver's post in Account Deletion was marked as the answer   
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