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Hello dear community, I miss as a normal user, player or user of the forum a subforum for the current campaign where all faction can post across.There are the Announcements And Important InformationYou can not write anything there. FH2 Campaign # 5 - On Rommel's Trail each has a faction sub-forum, announcements, information. The only thing in question would be Campaign, best worst funniest.Personally, I think it would be good if there was something like a mess hall for all participants, regardless of which faction or even more than that. So that you can make each other hot already.If necessary, I have overlooked it, then forgive. is still early in the morning and the coffee is not quite working.

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ok, the danger would be that some do not communicate nicely, but in my opinion, that's what you have everywhere.It's your decision, after all. But you exclude so many users, not everyone has discord or even if this uses regularly. Too bad that you decide so, or have decided. There is nothing against technical supplementation about other tools that address a certain target group. But to run a forum and to connect to another platform for me is a disagreement and splits so much more than it would connect the users. The people who are only active during the campaigns do not use all discord.

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