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  1. Pepinio

    Community Music Channel

    the best are the headbanging Oberalb boyz from 1.51: D ohohohohooohohoh
  2. Best: - the Campaign Worst: - K/D Funniest: - The evening itself was fun, but unfortunately ended too early again Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - I love all Best Battle Photo: - Other: - @Pr0z4c thx for this map.
  3. Pepinio

    Teamspeak Overlay

    http://tsnotifier.eu/. Machs nach der Anleitung dann geht dat
  4. Pepinio

    Teamspeak Overlay

    alles gut. Rommel und Hochu sind nu auch glücklich
  5. Pepinio

    Teamspeak Overlay

    Super funktioniert, It works . THX
  6. Pepinio

    Teamspeak Overlay

    Hello Soldiers, is there an extension / add on which works with FH2. Would like to see in the game tonight who speaks!
  7. Pepinio

    Happy Birthday

    happy birthday @Papillon and @_kek$ik_
  8. Pepinio

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday @Heia Safari!
  9. Pepinio

    Community Music Channel

    my favorite comment of the Video > Showing the shitty progression from 90s to now ….agree 100%
  10. Pepinio

    Fh2 Campaign None but the Brave

    Moin, gerade gelesen das @Humledrik schreibt [ I still think this campaign is FUBAR.] , diese Campaign sei schrecklich. Ist das so ? habe ja kein vergleich. Also klar gibt's technisch und spielerisch das ein oder andere Problem , doch ist es wirklich so schlimm ?
  11. Best: - the end of the evenning 😁I was so frustrated and very happy when the horrible came to an end Worst: -Crashes of the game Funniest: - there was not much fun. High frustration about personal performance hated player: - All Invisible Kermit's of the Allies in Jungle. Most loved/liked player: - Although you had some advantages. Have you shown good individual performance and made good tactical decisions. Congratulation. Best Battle Photo - Geo Pat was hot on my boots the pants and cut them off Other: - Congratulations for the enemy achievement. Have you earned yourself. You also get used to annoying things. Good that we want to try it next time without extra weapons because of the stability.Regarding the balance. The clothes of the Allies should be adjusted a bit to make them not completely invisible. Also anti tank options for the Japanese by means of grenades or the like should be added.The shotguns should be limited in the Allied team.
  12. Best: - This was a visually very nice card with a great battle Worst: - Nothing. Crashes are somehow already part of it Funniest: - killing 4|3MD knokworst und call him" Kackwurst /shit sausage " Most frustrating player: - 😜 @Ombustman running around the green from Blue Beach, without trying to capture the flag. Favorit Victim of him 18|2IG Pepinio 20 times 😝😜 Most loved/liked player: - Capt. Mike saved me with his Bandage Best Battle Photo - Death of the Coneheads Other: - It was a great evening. Can not understand the criticism regarding a too fast flag loss. We always defended our flags and when we lost them, the opponent was temporarily outnumbered. Have we always retrieved them and frustrated the opponent so that you had chosen a different target. @GeoPat@RAnDOOm forget your rules for the battle photo. This time, @Spieler4 must have the opportunity to win for his creativity
  13. Best: - It was a good battle. This time it was a challenge and a better balance Worst: - To defend lonely in a tunnel Funniest: - the whole battle was just a big fun Most hated player: - I love you all Most loved/liked player: - It is a satisfaction if you sometimes catch @Achtungsnow to get your revenge. Just because he catches and kills you so many times. Best Battle Photo - A steel will and also a consistent unorthodox possibility to take the Airfield with the Fletcher. https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - The map, I personally liked. What others criticize, I found good. The spaciousness. Lack of coverage increased the challenge.
  14. Best: - the 2nd Round was so Funny... gorgeous…. so close and so exciting the last part of the round ...Worst: - killed by Ombutsman Funniest: - the final of the second Round Most hated player: - 4 round OMBUTSMAN 🤬😉 Most loved/liked player: - all of 18th 2|IG Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
  15. Pepinio

    Battlefield V + Poll

    Hello, I would be interested in the mood in the CMP community for the upcoming Battlefield 5. Will you buy it and play it, or ignore it. I plan to buy, but I'm skeptical. Disappointed what has become of the game and the community. But at least I'll take a look at it. It's a different game for me than the old parts and has very little in common with the old parts. My personal break was then part 3 and 4 I just tested it. Let's leave the play for free stories like BF2 and Heroes outside. Appearance and the Frostbite engine are great. But that will be enough. Battlefield 1 also had no long-term motivation.For ww2 lovers are currently many other interesting games on the market.

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