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  1. agree More Special Events would be great. a whole Campaign would be difficult to realize with enough members.
  2. I will be there. BF2 would be great. My imagination goes through. You could build a story line from ~ 1942-242so maybe 1918 - 1942> Addons - Mods Rrrrr - Battlefield Vietnam - Battlefield 2 and final then 2142You see, I would be everywhere
  3. Great looking forward to it today.Midway but should be reduced as possible, the ticket number.This is a card that tends to leave people the server.The card is valid, but should not run too long. My opinion.Unfortunately, it is hardly possible or very difficult to take notice of the Mappack event on the website. It just is not presented visibly.That's a pity, because there's so much work and passion in there and in the trailer as well.To our web designers, think about the header or the top pages for current better use in the sense of a future vivid community.Will there be plans to merge with the 762 community to merge the mappacks? You are all grown up, give yourself a jerk.
  4. Alles Gute Digga, ich weiß´ doch auf was du stehst 🤗

  5. https://s3.cmp-gaming.com/files/fh2-community-updater.zip
  6. Pepinio

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    Herzlichen Glückwunsch @DerSohnGottes und @Haraldt
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    Happy Birthday @CABEZO [Goz-[Mauri94]-[ and @GGarrido!
  8. Best: - I had fun this eveninng and above the whole campaign. The number of players. Nothing was given. It was a great match. Worst: - crash at the first round. Funniest: - the whole evening was fun at the battlefield Most hated player: - nobody Most loved/liked player: - Everybody this time. I was full of harmony Best Battle Photo - None for the pitcure Voting only a memory for our @Incognito Other: - Thank you all for your participation. Hope to see you back in the fall / winter on the battlefield. Invite your brothers and sisters, friends and tell thema about our great battles.
  9. Last campaign ... You will play with me WoW Classic. Good idea. Its start on 27.08. I think hitmakers will be great for the next campaign at autum. The Vote is very close. So i guess its fair to deal with both opinions and turn them nextime on.
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    Herzlichen Glückwunsch
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    Herzlichen Glückwunsch @eXHaLe Alles Gute zum xx.
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    HerzlichenGlückwunsch @kunderico
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