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    Dankeschön Es war mir eine grosse Freude mit euch auf dem Schlachtfeld der "None But the Brave" Kampagne zu stehen und gemeinsam zu Siegen und zu sterben. Hoffe das sich alle noch bei den vermeintlich letzten Kampagnen von FH2 einfinden werden All zu viele werden es wohl nicht mehr werden.. Würde mich sehr freuen euch alle wieder auf dem Schlachtfeld zu treffen. Freue mich das eine Fortsetzung ansteht und das historische Setting klingt auch sehr vielversprechend. Man schießt sich.
  5. Best: - That it was so close in advance. And it was touched, that all give everything Worst: - In the last round with my squad in the focus of @kummitus Squad to stand. Violent fight at the rocks. Personally a mistake on my part to help lay an important rally point. Sry @Johonas Funniest: - The malicious joy of seeing others fall down the hills. Most hated player: - This time I loved you all. Even if you've shot my head off. Most loved/liked player: - I will keep you all well remembered. Best Battle Photo -Running over me with a Jeep ends up deadly for the driver. There was a deadly ass kick for that. Take that. https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - Thank you on both sides was so intense fighting until the end. I was very happy to play with you. Thanks for the 13 great battles.
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    Alles Gute @HochuDeutschmeister und vor allem Gesundheit.
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    Community Music Channel

    Music from the Battlefield era Peleliu 1944
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    @RaandomWith this song, your rum tastes even better on our next battle
  11. Best: - You have challenged us well. Great I found your big attack on the western beach. Your tanks gave me gray hair. We won. Worst: - Tanks, It was annoying when the opponent was close to the edge of the hill and you shot him countless times and the enemy did not take any damage. Funniest: - To kill @Matsku for example. It was always a great pleasure for me to kill him. My cry in Teamspeak for the comrades maybe not ... Most hated player: - The usual guys, see my statistics Victims of … Most loved/liked player: - This time, all Soldiers on the Ground. Best Battle Photo - Backstroke instruction for Beginners (This photo comes from the training and not from the battle ) https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - Thanks to all who organize the evenings for us.
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    FH2 #4 - Irrawaddy stats

    This comes out when playing around with the graphics settings. Fair play probably not all know here!
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