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  1. Thanks Quicksilver, everything works now. Greetings Granate
  2. Removed details - Quicksilver Greetings Granate
  3. Hello, since there is currently a battlefield1918 campaign running a person wants to sign up on this website, but it is said "You are not allowed to register a user account on this site." He lives in Ukraine, i have added a photo here. He also cannot sign in via facebook-account. Greetings Granate
  4. Best: player numbers, intensive infantry battles Funniest: waiting for Sputnik at the south flag
  5. But Erhardt can be destroyed by 2 cannon shots or 1 cannon shot + 1 grenade and it did not always pass the bridges. We also practiced a lot with that vehicle. Greetings Granate
  6. @Hawk can you move a post of AdmiralBG to this, he put it in "best of vosges", but it is photo of "mons"? Best: player numbers and agressive machine gun fire from the church tower, real atmosphere of the early world war 1, before it changed to the trench war. Greetings Granate
  7. Best : Great map, there was a hell of artillery fire, tanks, trenches and infantry fights. I felt as if i were thrown in a world war 1 movie in several moments! : ) It was a close fight, 5:3 Group photo at the end with Born-42 and another one of the Entente:
  8. Best: server run stable Worst: Funniest: getting lost in russian gun fire
  9. Группа в "вконтакте" https://vk.com/bf1918
  10. Salut! Je m'inscrivais sur ce forum, parce que j'ai entendu que vous voulez organiser un tournoi de Bf1918. Bien cordialement Granate
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