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  1. CMP feiert sein Einjähriges

    Hallo werte deutschsprachige CMP-Gemeinde, namentlich: @kunderico @ColonelDeepthroat @Marihutz @SturmFlim @0rnstein @Haraldt @DerSohnGottes @Breddy @estate8143 @Dirty.Sanchez @Rommel_Walhall @Shogun @eXHaLe @HochuDeutschmeister @seng711 @Oberst Klink @Oberst_S. @ImunKron @KarlGeorg @Johonas @atElmo @Capt.Mike @dewarni @Thief02 @Odin_Walhall @xFJx @Gunhead @dugenjaz @florianmehne @jay919 @Resecuter @SantaOrc @Yehiel @Ephiriel @Xant @Belzebuth (sollte ich jemanden vergessen haben, dann war das aus Versehen oder aus Rücksicht ) Am 8. April hat die Community ihren ersten Jahrestag begangen und feiert das nun dieses Wochenende (20-22 April) ausgiebigst mit mehreren Events: In diesem Thread könnt ihr eure Stimme für 3 Karten abgeben, die bei einem FH2 Event am Freitagabend ab Battlezeit (20 Uhr) gespielt werden sollen. Ich werde auch am Freitag Abend anwesend sein und ein deutschsprachiges Squad leiten! Solltet ihr also Lust haben, dann schaut doch einfach mal vorbei und wir lassen die alten Zeiten wieder aufleben! Mit der nächsten FH2 Kampagne wird es schließlich noch mindestens 3 Wochen dauern. Liebe Grüße Hawk
  2. Happy Birthday

    DAS 20, jaaaaaaa! Happy Birthday, @HaLoAL !
  3. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday, @truth_hun !
  4. Hello and welcome to another Arma III Coop Campaign hosted by CMP-Gaming and the 517th PRCT Arma III Group! Broken Arrow This time, our experienced and battle-proof group of 517th PRCT veterans get thrown back into time and deep into the humid jungle of south-east asia: That's right! The year is 1968, welcome to fucking 'Nam! Expect some dense fighting in the thick massive jungle and dont fall into one of the nasty punji traps. Spray, and pray that the Vietcong doesnt get you first - but be aware, your M16 only got 20 rounds! Better be safe than sorry and call in one air strike too much than risking your platoon's lives. Follow us like we will follow Charlie on the Ho Chi Minh Trail and join us on our very folksy and funny friday evenings that have become a very precious and dearly held event of the week for all of us veterans. Join here and read in the group forum on how to get hooked with the necessary files! The first Mission (Practice Mission) will take place on: March 16th, 19:00 UTC We meet up 10 minutes before in Teamspeak. For our Group members: @Tutvys @Shadow Knight @Hawk @atElmo @The_Spine @Yehiel @Reeveli @Ensign_Steel @Humledrik @Abel_Ex @HaLoAL @2FPS_Warrior @Loggieman @Smashmachine @Ronid @MoonFire @truth_hun @King FronXos @Artileristas @TerranceG @Xeption @Flash @Johonas Here is the newest repository: http://arma.cmp-gaming.com/nam/.a3s/autoconfig Like always, add it to your ArmaSync. Among a list of mods you already possess from former campaigns, you should just need to download the 12 gb Unsung mod.
  5. I can not install the CMP PROBLEM

    folder structure is the same as in your c:\Program Files(x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods . thats where the fh2 folder is, and thats where the fh2 folder of the zip files need to be put to.
  6. Game Deals / Sales / Freebies - Post Here

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs for free at Steam (for a limited time?!)
  7. Community Music Channel

  8. Altered Carbon

    if you dont have to stick to TV regulations and have your own platform i guess you can do more than the usual. I'm not sure if there is going to be a second season. The ~15 years-old trend to have a continuing storyline instead of self-contained episodes makes it possible to just release these basically looooong movies as "mini series". This seems to be exactly this kind of series. Of course, the temptation to melk a franchise and release further seasons is high, but often develops a story to ridicolous heights and water it down. The story is based on a book by Richard Morgan from 2002. I wouldnt wonder if the story ends with the last episode. The case is closed, the story is finished, there is no further need to prolong it. Only unsatisfying part for me personally is that it lefts open if he "finds what he is searching for." But well, that is a probate stylistic i guess. Anyway, it's not impossible that they are able come up with something new in this universe. While the premise is the same as in the book, the characters, especially the antagonists differ. They can further spin it, i am sure.
  9. Altered Carbon

    also binge-watched it last weekend The series came out of nowhere and totally went under my radar until it got released. good story! Kind of an expected prima facie perpetrator, but certainly not the whole plot behind it. Nudity and brutality is a thing - Netflix is covering those primitive demands quite good.
  10. Am Sonntag geh´ ich wählen

    ja, läuft. Keiner hat mehr Bock.
  11. Happy Birthday

    happy belated (yesterday) birthday @HochuDeutschmeister !
  12. Game Deals / Sales / Freebies - Post Here

    The Red Solstice currently for free at Humble Bundle (steam key). Seems to be an Alien Swarm clone https://www.humblebundle.com/store/the-red-solstice?hmb_source=theredsolstice_freegame&hmb_medium=banner
  13. Star Citizen needs you

    i guess the game is not idiot-proof. did you request a landing pad at Port Olisar?
  14. CMP Arma 3 Coop Campaign #2: Mission #1