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  1. Hi guys

    I supposed it was you but wasn t sure cause your nick wasn t the current one! Welcome back Buddy !!
  2. Best 1: Playing FH2 Best 2: numbers weren't bad Worst: some strange lag moments Funniest: kniffffffiiiiiiing everybody, everywhere! Most hated player: @TAFKAP leave us aliiive. Most loved/liked player: Everybody who joined. Special words for @Pichu1199 and @fabrigrinovero35. Other: Let s continue next friday!
  3. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday @BorderLive!!
  4. Community Music Channel

    100 years now. .. Best hymne so far
  5. Never try to play as japanese if we do another pacific campaign
  6. Best: finally seeming a team. Comm and helps worked. Win was a must even for moral reasons! Best2: Playing FH2. Me seeming an officer Best3: his-Panic mates Worst: Numbers. After 4 battles holding 40 vs 40 we didn t arrive to it. Even if we still had enough to have fun Funniest: Those Rp... Funniest2: Killing @SturmFlim on the laffette. Funniest3: challenges vs @WOLFXL as infantry. Also those combats against russians and those 1 vs 1 against mate @Malleus Funniest4: bieng stucked on the capzone at rocca for like 25 minutes. @Sir_Kowskoskey Knows what I m talking about. Most hated player: strange to feel that the answer is not "me" Most loved/liked player: @GeJota what a player he's become. Congrats mate. Also @JoenM. Loved your spirit and work Most Love 2: All who joined
  7. Happy Birthday

    A bit late but... Happy birthday @Ledernacke!!
  8. I forgot one funny thing: @RAnDOOm just crashing against @Wualy s calliope. Randoom just blowed uo and Wualy remained in flames
  9. Best: playing fh2 Worst: those heavy losses...but never give up! Funniest: teabagging a couple of times @Sir_Kowskoskey. And being teabagged for him. Funniest 2: bazooking my mate @WOLFXL Most hated player: mememe Most loved/liked player: @Malleus and all the russians. @GeoPat mantaining calm and staying positive Other: had too lag on 3 last rounds. never happened before
  10. Video Recordings

    @Pollenz te puede interesar para subir los tuyos
  11. Nuevo juego y campaña: ARMA III

    NUEVA RAMA: ARMA III Muchachos, hoy se abre oficialmente una nueva rama "gamer" en CMP, esta vez sobre ARMA III. Como sabéis es un juego semi-real, con gran cantidad de trabajo en equipo necesario, tácticas, etc. El primer evento se llevará a cabo el sábado 28 de octubre, pero en los 2 sábados anteriores se harán entrenamientos, se enseñará a los usuarios los elementos básicos del juego ( es un juego nuevo para muchos jugadores) y se estará abierto a ideas, sugerencias, etc. Para más información y unirse a la campaña, visitad el siguiente link.
  12. Best: Back to action Best 2: 40 vs 40. Next time will be 50 vs 50. Great work in this sense,everyone. Worst: Not to compete the first rounds. Worst 2: Those crashes everytime...annoying. Funniest: Rally with the jeeeeps. Funniest: that RP @fabrigrinovero35 Most hated player: My self Most loved/liked player: Everyone who showed up yesterday. Really good numbers. @Smashmachine and @Dr_sicario for their discipline. Other: Well played axis!
  13. Regimiento hispano

    Bueno chicos... @SgtAlex @Pichu1199 @Schuman @mcpollo @fabrigrinovero35 @Fury1 @GracefulOutlaw @elvinu @Defender @Dela @Mane_Goddard @luacha2000 @Guli123 @Patan @Spike @vaje21 @Ramiro23 @xGastonxARG @ViejoKKarma @altsuprgamer @killer98 @Daniel @RauloWW2 @juandi1942 @Rorshack @Anra @Arsemex @DarkTrooper246 @GeJota @DAVID-SOLDIER @Henrique O Horrivel @Laiust @Maverick @Smashmachine @Wualy @Dr_sicario @Miguelrrr @Gabrii172 @xGastonxARG MAÑANA EMPEZAMOOOOOOOOOS! La 41 hispana va a patearle bien el culo a todo lo que se ponga en su camino...os esperamos!
  14. Happy Birthday

    Muchas felicidades @Smashmachine!!
  15. Football!

    Lol https://www.google.es/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/4556233/rb-leipzig-timo-werner-besiktas-dizziness/amp/