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  1. Gratulujemy wszystkiego, co osiągnąłeś. Zdrowa, zorganizowana i zabawna grupa. Sieć wygląda świetnie. Bardzo dziękuję również za wspomnienie Go FH2 POLSKA!
  2. happy birthday @beavis_aka_ostwind @MishaPafos @JingPeng @sebbSWE !
  3. Best: @kirbyris-cafe and able 2. The comeback itself. The guys who played fair Best 2: afterwards rocket league playing @CptBocquier @engelxd2 @DarthTemoc @Anguita36 @Smashmachine Worst: map itself not suiting for campaign mod imho, players exploiting it... Funniest: - Most hated player: everyone who broke rules, the beefing once battle ended Most loved/liked player: all allies for the spirit kept after that defense lost round, our hq, and @CptBocquier Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: please be exemplary and behave as you'd like to be treated
  4. Best: - full server, spaniard numbers Worst: - not feeling the way in this battle, not feeling useful for the team. Sneakies failing Funniest: - at some point I started laughing about fadus kills instead of crying Most hated player: - definitely @FadusTM , what can I say Most loved/liked player: - @Otto and @turbomursu always up and motivating. @CptBocquier. Awesome HQ's both teams have here Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - thanks everyone!
  5. happy birthday @BorderLive !
  6. thanks for sharing this with us dt
  7. happy birthday buddy @OpaHoppenstedt
  8. Best: really even fight, cool stuff! Best 2: numbers once again Best3: the fights agains the Poles and the Russians. It's amazing how the poles are starting to play, russians were really tough on this one congrats to @beavis_aka_ostwind Worst: - again suffering a comeback. Awesome game from axis ! Funniest: spaniards sneakies Most hated player: - no one, but @Sir_Kowskoskey and his lads completed an awesome evening, lost almost all duels against them Most loved/liked player: @CptBocquier always Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ "embrasure man" Other: - keep the good level up !
  9. happy birthday @Ledernacke and @Dagoth !
  10. La última vez que conté, celebrábamos los 200. Ya somos un total de 270 hispano hablantes en la web. Bienvenida a los nuevos @ReDJohn @TudensHope @kropstap, entre ellos el primer residente en Bolivia de toda la web, @VADE ! Somos el 13.95% de CMP. Enhorabuena a todos!
  11. It's not in public rotation, only been played in FH2 tournaments afaik
  12. happy birthday @Mef !!
  13. happy birthday @Indy95cro !
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