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Announcing the launch of CMP's Third FH2 Campaign - "Into Darkness". Join the battles in the Winter and Continuation War fought between Finland and the Soviet Union.

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  1. RayderPSG

    Game Deals / Sales / Freebies - Post Here

    Insurgeny free at steam
  2. RayderPSG

    Dirt Rally Racing League

    Hum, will have a look!
  3. RayderPSG

    Lista de hispanos.

    Hola, Me congratula informaros de que con las últimas incorporaciones, somos más de 120 hispanos registrados. ¡Gracias a todos!
  4. RayderPSG

    Happy Birthday

    @DerSohnGottes @Haraldt happy birthday!!
  5. Best: -Another FH2 night. Rounds won by both teams. Best 2: Sneaky sneaky rayder. Worst: -No headphones, not in my proper PC...strange feeling Worst2: No fabri no party Worst3: idk what happenned to my screenshots. One of them was teabagging @Sir_Kowskoskey my own hq. Worst4: general numbers Funniest: -Those kills by @Pichu1199 Funniest 2: playing for ruskies in @SturmFlim s squad. Destroyed the mighty sujuk @WOLFXL panther s ass, killed my own HQ and my own 2nd Co @SgtAlex. Not bad, sorry guys. Most hated player: -@OpaHoppenstedt for not letting me knife him. Took a pic, then laptop freezed...and obiously he killed me. Most loved/liked player: -@Pichu1199 and @Darkpotato Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1231-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -guys, come back from holidays.
  6. Hi Sturmie, In name of hispanic teammates our apologizes, Anguita is one of the newest guys I have and he still does some idiot things. I ve already warned him about this. I will myself tell to admins if he does anything like this again. Thanks for the report. Btw, each battle, whoever wins, there is always someone trying to destroy vic pics . Axis report also as this has happened to you also
  7. Guys @Sir_Kowskoskey @Mr.ThunderMan @HaLoAL remember that this isn't the place to discuss anything about map balancing, GPO, etc...We have a proper feedback threats where you can friendly propose or discuss anything. Just a reminder, i know that there is love between you both 😁
  8. RayderPSG

    FH2 - Into Darkness - Battle #8 Ogeldow

    Hi mate, as there are still only some maps about finnish front some east front maps were included I guess. Otherwise campaign would have been too short
  9. RayderPSG

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday @Handzar @TerranceG and @SgtAlex!!
  10. RayderPSG

    WaW Postscriptum Campaign Open!

    nice. Will try to join you guys as soon as possible
  11. Lol hahahahaah sorry mate didn't realize it was you
  12. Best: FH2 night at its best. Great map, loved it. Serious candidate to end in public server inch allah Best2: Finally good hispanic numbers again Best 3: Hard fights against @SturmFlim and @GeoPat. I'm getting used to fight against the last one 😁. Always funny mates. Best 4: Not facing @HaLoAL Worst: General numbers...this is not growing, Im afraid . Worst2: fuck @GeoPat is made of steel!! Or it s his USA ping? Well, I tried to knife him...he knows better the result At least he brought home a good cut, he should still be bleeding... Worst 3: Me being too upset sometimes. Sorry guys! Funniest: stopping attacks and giving spots to Pichu in earlier rounds. Getting in the Teabagging club. Most hated player: probably no one, even if @crapinabox127 gave me too much sauce. Most loved/liked player: @Sir_Kowskoskey for staying when we needed him and leaving when round was over. Always in my team. @fabrigrinovero35 and @Darkpotato my true bodyguards. If at some point I have to protect myself from a Zombie threat I ll call them. @WOLFXL for sujuk spirit. @Thesalamanderman for his sick comments. Other: Let's continue! Best Battle Photo "Sleep @kunderico, take a rest, Rayder said...then he teabagged him"
  13. RayderPSG

    Community Music Channel

    this one is for @AL-SAHAD . I don't really know how did I end there
  14. That was fast! Thanks pap!

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