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CMP FH2 Campaign 10: "Devil In The Dawn" Battle 6 - Faid Pass Starts In:

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  1. No, that requires some extensive work and they are not adapted yet
  2. Best: - I enjoyed the battle a lot, nice foggy environment Worst: - being spotted on a sneaky attack to Petite. I walked almost all the way from the south main. WASTED Funniest: roadkilling 6-7 guys on a row around Petite, one of them afrom my squad hehe. Collateral damage
  3. Not mandatory to use CMP maps. I'm up for the idea of making these events if official maps are used. All the mapping needed would be to add rally point's mechanic, which is 1 line of code and can be automated. That was excatly the mistake made in the past, CTF, TeamCup, etc. New gamemodes which need lots of work and mapping preparation, usually in CMP maps which also need work... This can be an opportunity to play push maps the right way. I personally love that kind of gameplay style but it isn't played as it should in public servers. Usually only 1-2 squads per team focus on teamplay. Also this can be used as a test platform for new mechanics that could be later introduced to campaigns.
  4. I had a lot of fun in BF2 for many years. It would be great to go back to it from time to time
  5. Im playing 0AD lately, its a nice game and playing multiplayer has showed me how strategic it can be. A good strategy and teamwork makes the round for sure. There are many many different civilizations each with their advantages/disadvantages and unique buildings/units. Graphics are awesome for a game of this kind Pros: it's completely free (thats the most important thing imo), crossplatform (windows, macOS, linux) and its moddable Cons: perfomance is not the best sometimes
  6. I think it would be a good idea to set a tag with the state of the map (unfinised, wip, finished) to easily filter them
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