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  1. Im playing 0AD lately, its a nice game and playing multiplayer has showed me how strategic it can be. A good strategy and teamwork makes the round for sure. There are many many different civilizations each with their advantages/disadvantages and unique buildings/units. Graphics are awesome for a game of this kind Pros: it's completely free (thats the most important thing imo), crossplatform (windows, macOS, linux) and its moddable Cons: perfomance is not the best sometimes
  2. SgtAlex

    Anzio - Italy 1943

    I think it would be a good idea to set a tag with the state of the map (unfinised, wip, finished) to easily filter them
  3. SgtAlex

    ¡Feliz Navidad!

    Utiliza el standalone o usa este programa https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/420577622142091264/525811580181544980/CD-Key_fixer.exe
  4. SgtAlex

    Hell Let Loose

    No meme's etc. in the forums please. It's just spam and doesn't contribute to the discussion. Leave that sort of thing of thing for Discord. - Quicksilver.
  5. SgtAlex

    Hell Let Loose

    I hope hardware requirements are not too high so I can play it
  6. Sorry but I have to ask for that dark theme on Windows and save my eyes from dying slowly every night
  7. Finally I solved the problem. While I was removing the PSU #1 to replace it again by the PSU #2 I noticed that the fan of the PSU (which I had changed) was not plugged where it should be. It was directly connected to a MOLEX connector instead to be connected to the motherboard, so it was my fault after all. I still try to understand what I was thinking on when I mounted the PSU the first time to plug it like that. Thank you all for your interest and will to help
  8. Best #1: - finally enjoyed a battle in this campaign. Best #2: - I had some fun with the Winchester in close combat, and with a sniper rifle in long distances. Best #3: - New sight for Springfield. Finally it's usable. Worst: - crashes Funniest #1: - Witness a katana kill of @GABBOTTO to one of my squadmates. Funniest #2: - Participate on a naval pursuit with @wanchekid Most hated player: - no one Most loved/liked player: - @GABBOTTOfor his katana skills and @mcpollo with his little but dangerous Stuart Best Battle Photo - "He's going down"
  9. I'm replacing the PSU #1 by PSU #2 again and I'll join tonight's battle, hopefully I will be able to assure that problem is caused by the PSU
  10. Tacens Radix Eco III 650W. Yesterday I changed the old PSU of 500W (very old and noisy) by the one I thought that was causing trouble at first (the one of 650W), because I thought that problem was caused by the SATA cable. Today I'm getting the same freezes and noises that I experienced months ago, so I don't know what to think now... I have ordered a new PSU and will arrive in few days. I finally think that problem is PSU related, but I have to say that I'm not sure at all. So my hypothesis is: First suspect is HDD HDD passes all tests made by provider's tool and wiping all data (restore to factory) has no positive effect. Discarded HDD as problem's causant PSU #1 is replaced by PSU #2 and problem seems solved. Now, months later, PSU #2 seems to cause same problem, noises by HDD are there again but they're very very uncommon compared with months ago and they don't cause freezes, only some system unstability (Could had been caused by many other things [CPU and GPU are Overclocked] so there is some uncertainty at this point). Discarded PSU as problem's causant. Kept PSU #2 connected. Cables (SATA specifically) are suspect of problem's causant. Checked all cables and changed SATA one. Problem seems solved (but PSU #1 is still installed) PSU #2 is replaced by PSU #1 Problems come back as bad as in months ago. PSU #1 is problem's causant (?) Here is an audio of the noise the HDD makes every time: Audio 2018-11-28 21-25-40 .wav Note: CPU and GPU were not Overclocked months ago
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