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  1. En el frente italiano los italianos practicamente no pelearon, del lado del eje esta Alemania.
  2. Best: - Cool battle, cool map, good numbers! Worst: - probably this was my last campaign battle Funniest: - @GeoPat ramming my vierling truck with a jeep and exploding seconds after I was shot out of it, I saw it on death cam. WTF was that haha 109 crashing and exploding on take-off when round started because a tank drove into its way on the airstrip. Most hated player: no one Most loved/liked player: had a nice time with the Spaniards
  3. Best: - Really fun battle, I liked the dynamics of the map and the vegetation was nice for a change after many desert maps. - Nice teamwork in the spaniards regiment. - Tough battle, both sides played well. Worst: - Connection problems and even a disconnection on the first round but the rest of the rounds were great. - @Nightwing constantly complaining on TS about his lag. Funniest: - A couple times when I was in the Tiger and an attack went wrong and all my infantry mates died I felt I was being shot by at least 3 different cannons/tanks, artillery plus a bunch of infantry trying to lay mines and explosives around me. I felt I was trying to escape from zombies and the terrain, trees and tank traps really didn't allow me to scape so I just fought back to death. Most hated player: - Allied artillery guy Most loved/liked player: - Spaniards regiment! Best Battle Photo - Other: -
  4. kutuzov your FPS are very good, why don't you set your graphic settings higher?
  5. @RayderPSG I think your grenade could kill through the wall because actually that wall is floating a bit so the blast of the grenade went beneath the wall.
  6. Note that link only contains the MAP, not the minimod. If you don´t have the updated minimod, you cannot play the map.
  7. Does this link work for you? https://git.cmp-gaming.com/fh2/levels/berlin/-/jobs/artifacts/master/download?job=build_stage
  8. Podria agregar un kit de minas, si. No me gusto la idea originalmente porque el mapa esta pavimentado, no seria posible enterrar minas de manera tactica en la realidad. Los volksturm ya estan en el mapa, talvez no estan tan faciles de encontrar, podria hacerlos mas visibles. Originalmente habia un kit lanzallamas para los rusos pero al final lo saqué. Tambien habia un Panzer IV y un ISU-122. Pero los termine reemplazando por otra cosa para no tener tantos vehiculos diferentes. Me dijeron que eso puede producir mucho lag, lo cual estoy tratando de combatir. El cambio mas importante va a ser quitar varios tanques rusos, en especial para el ultimo sector.
  9. Will battles occur on fridays at the same time as last campaign? Too bad if so, I could only play if it were on saturdays.
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