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  1. Best: - Winning a difficult battle, lots of toys on the map, good infantry combat, I had a great time! Worst: - having problems with the joystick and failing at flying the 109. Funniest: - the elephant graveyard Most hated player: - nobody Most loved/liked player: - everyone Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2474-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
  2. Midway's objectives are a work in progress and will be fixed, it has not been decided yet how to end the map.
  3. Best: Very challenging battle, we had to fight really hard to win Worst: I got 20 FPS the whole battle. I tried lowering every graphic setting, I think it was due to the rain effect. I had a completely horrible gaming experience this battle, I mostly stared at the minimap. Funniest: I grabbed a tank that wasn't being used at main, drove out of mainbase perimeter while looking at the minimap and somehow my tank got trapped between 4 trees. I struggled 2 minutes to get it out but failed. I bailed out, pulled out my Geballte Ladung to blow it up and I said to my self... lets try one more time. I did get it out in the end. Most hated player: the trolls we had Most loved/liked player: everyone who joined Best Battle Photo - You are useless Other: -
  4. Best: great numbers, even teams, both teams having equally good attendance, what else can I ask for? Worst: not being able to get a shotgun kill Funniest: the round I noticed the Tiger driver had 0 deaths and first in the scoreboard Most hated player: nobody Most loved/liked player: everyone who played today Best Battle Photo - Setting up defensive positions Other: -
  5. Best: - fun battle, having 7 flags made it quite more challenging to keep everything under control. - Historical full campaign server in a long time! - Fun map after last moment efforts to have it completed! Worst: nothing Funniest: general ranting on TS about stekasteka being invincible once the battle started. Who is my first blood this battle? stekasteka. Most hated player: nobody Most loved/liked player: everybody who played and everybody behind the scenes making all this possible. Best Battle Photo - Panzerschreck vs Pitchfork duel... guess who wins. Will never see such an odd matchup again. Other: -
  6. Best: Great numbers, great players, I had a lot of fun! The map was challenging strategically and the allies were tough opponents. Worst: nothing really Funniest: the failed victory pic sequence Most hated player: I can't hate anyone in particular... I did a lot of back flag defense Most loved/liked player: everyone who joined and specially the new players! Best Battle Photo - Other: this is one of my favourite CMP maps, I really enjoyed it
  7. Best: fun battle, great numbers, lots of toys to play with on the map, what else can I ask for? Worst: nothing Funniest: @Pantyfas shooting down an anemy airplane with artillery Most hated player: nobody Most loved/liked player: everyone, so many players, such an intense battle! Best Battle Photo - Other: balance seems to be right between the teams, both in numbers and in skill, it turned out to be a really close battle. Congrats Allies for your victory!
  8. En el frente italiano los italianos practicamente no pelearon, del lado del eje esta Alemania.
  9. Best: - Cool battle, cool map, good numbers! Worst: - probably this was my last campaign battle Funniest: - @GeoPat ramming my vierling truck with a jeep and exploding seconds after I was shot out of it, I saw it on death cam. WTF was that haha 109 crashing and exploding on take-off when round started because a tank drove into its way on the airstrip. Most hated player: no one Most loved/liked player: had a nice time with the Spaniards
  10. Best: - Really fun battle, I liked the dynamics of the map and the vegetation was nice for a change after many desert maps. - Nice teamwork in the spaniards regiment. - Tough battle, both sides played well. Worst: - Connection problems and even a disconnection on the first round but the rest of the rounds were great. - @Nightwing constantly complaining on TS about his lag. Funniest: - A couple times when I was in the Tiger and an attack went wrong and all my infantry mates died I felt I was being shot by at least 3 different cannons/tanks, artillery plus a bunch of infantry trying to lay mines and explosives around me. I felt I was trying to escape from zombies and the terrain, trees and tank traps really didn't allow me to scape so I just fought back to death. Most hated player: - Allied artillery guy Most loved/liked player: - Spaniards regiment! Best Battle Photo - Other: -
  11. kutuzov your FPS are very good, why don't you set your graphic settings higher?
  12. @RayderPSG I think your grenade could kill through the wall because actually that wall is floating a bit so the blast of the grenade went beneath the wall.
  13. Note that link only contains the MAP, not the minimod. If you don´t have the updated minimod, you cannot play the map.
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