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  1. Im sure when I planted the mortar there was no building - I think Quick made it appear suddenly as a joke - not funny
  2. Best Battle Photo - "Don't worry @knokworst , you're going to heaven soon" I actually feel quite touched. Most of the time people say "see you in the opposite"
  3. Congratulations CMP!! - 3 years of supporting my favorite games, providing enjoyment, and a great community to be a part of. Cheers
  4. Gosh Buzz - haven't seen you for a while. Ill respond - Merry Xmas everyone - thx Randoom
  5. Im not sure this is the appropriate forum to report an accident that occurred during our final battle - please start recording: Leaving main with my brand new Willie (after a successful mission, handing over the artillery to someone else). I speed down the road only to "accidentally" and unfortunately collect Sir Kows on my front fender/bumper. He had stepped out from behind a parked Sherman right into my path. I had no time to brake (300+ms latency). I exited my vehicle to render assistance - but alas - it was too late for Kows. There was a witness, who I am sure is still getting over th
  6. Dealt with knokworst. Let's keep this from becoming an argument Edited by Quicksilver.
  7. Pavel - that is one hell of a BWF !! Please upgrade from your 486 - your pics are hurting my eyes
  8. Best: - Good performance from our team considering the close loss We had many of our best soldiers away on sick leave (dodgy curry in the mess hall Wednesday night I suspect). Luckily we had a group of heartless blood thirsty mercenaries (AKA admin squad) to help out and cause general chaos on the battlefield. If my men had not been sitting on the dunny for the last three days, we may have broken the servers 100 player limit Worst: - I keep on getting knifed, bayoneted and hit on the head with shovels when Im on the ground as infantry Funniest: - I keep on getting knifed, bayon
  9. Hey is jus joke - I deserved it trying to hide in the long grass (I may have been looking for the latrine)
  10. its quite rude to sneak up on people I have an arty shell with your name on it
  11. Best: - None Worst: - Low ping ninjas - empty a whole PPSH clip (zoomed in) at some MG sitting on a rock 20 meters away - no hits at all - he turns around and pops me Worst 2: was looking forward to seeing some soviet rockets raining down on the axis (like the massive explosive sausage launcher from two battles ago did to us) but no Funniest: - put my binoculars away and used a shitty old DP - pointless Most hated player: - Edited - @knokworst no accusations or flaming. If you have issues, speak to your CO or an admin. Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Pho
  12. Umm was probably me - my favored close combat tactic is to RUNN AWWWAYYY
  13. actually Randoom - when you talk on TS, I hear a slight Canadian accent
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