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  1. Best: - Challenging battle, no bamboo everywhere, map overall Worst: - Unfortunate crashes, 5 min waiting before round start Funniest: - Stole a kill from someone who damaged enemy plane in flames, I did the killing strike with my rifle 😛 Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - That dude who saved me from certain death at the airfield, I cannot remember who it was anymore in our squad. Perhaps crapinabox or fiesel. Other: - They had the garand, but they also had the crappy springfield (its sight is trash) 💩
  2. Best: - Numbers Worst: - Map, crashes, bamboo everywhere Funniest: - 1 - 0 round Most hated player: - No one Other: - Yeah, don't really like jungle maps.
  3. Best Battle Photo - "Doomsday rain of Katjusha"
  4. Best: - Victory in this map Worst: - Tanks and arty in this map Funniest: - Mmm nothing particularly funny happened to me Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1231-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - I have troubles deciding from 3 pictures which one to use in best battle photo
  5. Best: - Having time to play in the campaign Best 2: Bf109 close if not equal to La-5 in air to air Worst: - Don't think I was upset at all during the battle Funniest: - Classic crash between the planes during a dogfight with Halo (rarely happens in Fh2, but boy was that common in Bf2 1v1 ^^) Most hated player: - If I need to name someone let's just say Berkolok for shooting me with t84 from stuka. A quick revenge as I had bombed you from IS-2 just a few minutes earlier ^^ Most loved/liked player: - Theanh, you were gutsy with the bomber despite dying a lot to me. Halo for giving good 1v1s, though often it is that whom sees the opponent first gets the kill. Other: - Recorded the rounds, might upload them to youtube.
  6. Useless? I don't think anyone on the Axis infantry feel same way. It was way more effective against infantry than our arty. Church flag was a really bad place to be most of the time when allied infantry wasn't there.
  7. Mr.ThunderMan

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    @HaLoAL yes it was me and matsku in that T20, i'd say our death was kind of a allahu akbar moment 😁
  8. Best: - The event itself and Finnish communication Worst: - Lag/Hitbox Funniest: - That Su-152 killing a me and Matsku at Mäntymäki, but also about 5 of their own guys with the same shot 😉 Most hated player: - @HaLoAL Yes you made my air-to-air seem awful 😄Anyway it was a waste to fly since la-5 > Fw, much more help to occasionally fly Stuka or stay infantry 🙂 Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - "Sir? Sir, could you slow down a little!" Other: -
  9. Best: - Good squad gameplay, nice people. Worst: - Small lags, nothing game breaking. Funniest: - monkyman whispering dirty things in teamspeak, it seemed he was just thinking aloud without noticing 😁  Most hated player: - GeoPat sneaking through defenses to cap flags, luckily often alone 😉  Most loved/liked player: - 5th squad, I think our chemistry worked very well. Other: - Enjoyed the whole battle, thanks everyone! Best Battle Photo - Pesky little sniper about to go boom!
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