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  1. Best: - Really close battle that just barely got in favour for the axis. Probably most balanced battle I've played so far. Worst: - Bloody 2 points.. Funniest: - Baska's shouts time to time. Bren carrier patrolling. Most hated player: - Pantyfas' artillery was scary, every incoming shell caused a small heart attack. Best Battle Photo - Not exactly a battle photo, but this one sat on my lap through whole battle - a mascot so to say (It's just sterilized thus the clothing on it).
  2. Best: - Playing campaign again Worst: - Dunno why but the battle server seems so "jerky", having fps lag when aiming down sights etc, horrible hitboxes. In general it doesn't feel smooth to me for some reason. For example didn't notice those in the FHGN server yesterday Funniest: - @Sir_Kowskoskey always manages to knife me once a battle nowadays, then moves to teabagging the corpse. Other: - Bren mk.2 seems to show as null in the stats.
  3. Best: - Having the time to play, victory streak not lost due to team swap Worst: - Being pretty tired, so time to time got slightly frustrated about useless things Funniest: - Baska's yelling sometimes
  4. Cheers @Pepinio and @Quicksilver
  5. Best: - In general about whole campaign - close campaign, great comeback for the allied side. Finally able to play almost on every battle in the campaign. Worst: - Hitreg, but it's probably the same to everyone. Springfield Funniest: - Teamkilled Matsku with a smoke grenade with a direct hit - so it is possible even without British smoke Most hated player: - No one Most loved/liked player: - Allied HQ squad + with the help of Kummitus, we got the top squad of the team twice in the last battle. Other: - Despite losing it was a great campaign. Axis deserved to win the last battle, your defense was top notch.
  6. Best: - Balanced battle, very tough couple rounds. Worst: - Jungle and Japanese tanks Funniest: - @ColonelDeepthroat's mini tank at Sahmaw. Twice we made an AT mine row on that hill north of the flag and both times Axis tanks were able to go either through the belt or from the side of the road with luck. Also Twice we mined around those tanks but they just wouldn't move after that, damn it Most hated player: - No one particular. Axis tanks were a pain in the ass time to time. Most loved/liked player: - Just like @Matsku said, our small squad is really good with @Achtungsnow and lately also @kummitus. That one round we were the best from Allied and just 6 points from being the best of the whole round. Other: - Will there be Christmas break after next week battle?
  7. Best: - Challenging battle, no bamboo everywhere, map overall Worst: - Unfortunate crashes, 5 min waiting before round start Funniest: - Stole a kill from someone who damaged enemy plane in flames, I did the killing strike with my rifle Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - That dude who saved me from certain death at the airfield, I cannot remember who it was anymore in our squad. Perhaps crapinabox or fiesel. Other: - They had the garand, but they also had the crappy springfield (its sight is trash)
  8. Best: - Numbers Worst: - Map, crashes, bamboo everywhere Funniest: - 1 - 0 round Most hated player: - No one Other: - Yeah, don't really like jungle maps.
  9. Best: - Victory in this map Worst: - Tanks and arty in this map Funniest: - Mmm nothing particularly funny happened to me Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1231-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - I have troubles deciding from 3 pictures which one to use in best battle photo
  10. Best: - Having time to play in the campaign Best 2: Bf109 close if not equal to La-5 in air to air Worst: - Don't think I was upset at all during the battle Funniest: - Classic crash between the planes during a dogfight with Halo (rarely happens in Fh2, but boy was that common in Bf2 1v1 ^^) Most hated player: - If I need to name someone let's just say Berkolok for shooting me with t84 from stuka. A quick revenge as I had bombed you from IS-2 just a few minutes earlier ^^ Most loved/liked player: - Theanh, you were gutsy with the bomber despite dying a lot to me. Halo for giving good 1v1s, though often it is that whom sees the opponent first gets the kill. Other: - Recorded the rounds, might upload them to youtube.
  11. Useless? I don't think anyone on the Axis infantry feel same way. It was way more effective against infantry than our arty. Church flag was a really bad place to be most of the time when allied infantry wasn't there.
  12. @HaLoAL yes it was me and matsku in that T20, i'd say our death was kind of a allahu akbar moment
  13. Best: - The event itself and Finnish communication Worst: - Lag/Hitbox Funniest: - That Su-152 killing a me and Matsku at Mäntymäki, but also about 5 of their own guys with the same shot Most hated player: - @HaLoAL Yes you made my air-to-air seem awful Anyway it was a waste to fly since la-5 > Fw, much more help to occasionally fly Stuka or stay infantry Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - "Sir? Sir, could you slow down a little!" Other: -
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