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  1. I gladly take on any role, but i can only understand and give very simple commands, for example: 1. attack 2. PUSH/RUSH 3. duck off
  2. We want a Hungarian Depth Reconnaissance Regiment! seriously, how many player numbers need should we have in a separate regiment? it would greatly help the usefulness of Hungarian players and eliminate the tensions in the international regiment that occur with players from other Central European nations.
  3. why should you delete my sexy comment? "Make sure to backup your cmp_minimod folder before running the test updater if you want to play public" i haven't found a folder like this, but they'll get rid of me on the public server for at least a while. will i have to reinstall the game anyway?
  4. thanks for all the admin, moderator, modder and mapper work. happy new year ducks guys!
  5. my fh launcher(edit: not launcher -.-....cmp updater) will download! Thank you guys!
  6. OMG! Sorry Bociquer! I did't know! I thought you were just made for the fulfillment of your love and I was shot out of jealousy Sir kows!
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