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  1. not sure if this counts, but for victory parade i took nice screenshot of @Achtungsnow using is claw-like hands to scratch my head during parade!
  2. Awisko


    it is also has one of the best rated VRM for its price point! youll be able to run the 16c/32t cpus no problem at great voltage/power settings
  3. Awisko


    Ive had problems personally with corsair PSU's so i cant recommend them imo, if youre looking at radeon cards in that price range the 5700xt beasts the 2060 super and gives the 2070s a run for its money too but people (and im not saying you will have this issue, just that its an issue) with BSODS, black screens, blue screens and game crashes due to amds inferior driver/software side of stuff, sometimes the nvidia premium is worth it.
  4. Awisko


    I am with quicksilver on the PSU, definitely look at that seasonic unit instead of the gigabyte one, seasonic tends to be king of the psu realm and evga actually gets seasonic to make their power supplies so you cant go wrong with either or. For the SSD definitely get a 1tb or even just go the nvme route for less clutter in the case: https://www.amazon.es/Western-Digital-WDS100T2B0B-Blue-Internal/dp/B073SB2MXT/ref=sr_1_4?__mk_es_ES=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=nvme&qid=1589149602&refinements=p_89%3AWestern+Digital&rnid=1692911031&s=computers&sr=1-4 As for everything else looks good, the 3xxx series nvidia cards will be dropping later this year so the 2060 is a good placeholder card (i got one too for this reason) if you are just playing 1080p for the time being, and the SUPER version of that card isnt really worth the extra premium right now. That being said if you arent looking to get into the newest gpu line when it drops i would shell out a little more for a 2070 or a 2070 super, especially if you are getting into 144hz territory
  5. Best: - the amount of players! both teams had to continually rotate out players throughout the battle and thats awesome! love seeing high numbers. Worst: - worst is only able to have 100 players on the server at a time Funniest: - being told by division hq our squad is losing our tank, just to watch the guy who took that tank drive over a trench in mainbase and blow up said tank, literally 10 seconds later. Most hated player: - none Most loved/liked player: - all Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2786-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - wish we went with paradrop on axis side, would have been cool/maybe won us a couple extra rounds
  6. Best: - all of the teamplay, never played forgotten hope this organized Worst: - that we didnt get to play longer! Funniest: - playing squad leader tag after our co had to leave in the 5th game Most hated player: - whoever was camping axis base exit D7 on Hill 262 in the firefly  Most loved/liked player: - @Monata, pure class with the tank and @Pyradus with the sweet spots that made my job as a tanker easier Other: - looking forward to the actual battles!
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