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  1. Ah you too you saw this vid x)
  2. Best: -I made a nice Killstreak defending the Lumbermill flag with my DP-28, it's really rewarding when you go from less than 10 to +20 kills in a few minutes. Plus i shot down an enemy plane with the same weapon ! Worst: -The finns sneaking in our flag out of nowhere. Theses guys are definitly good at hide and seek. Not much of action in our sector but atleast it hold the bleed. Funniest: -I TKed Awisko and say sorry in the chat, here his answer: Most hated player: -None Most loved/liked player: - Everyone fought well ! Best Battle Photo - Other: -
  3. By the way, if someone wants to listen to the full album here it is
  4. Best: -We lost the 2 first rounds but we managed to make an incredible comeback afterwards ! Worst: - Being cannonfodded by MGs especially Tutvys who definitely wanted my skin (but no hate there ). This Huge TK by @Outlaw too. Funniest: -Arty TK by our now famous artilleryman @Outlaw. Most hated player: -@Tutvys  Most loved/liked player: - I dont remember his nickname (sorry) but the guy in the little tank that kept protecting our flag was doing a good job.
  5. I was listening to this masterpiece recently. It is now one of my favorites of Dire Straits, the final solo is simply fantastic. To be listened to until the end !
  6. Hello, this topic dont seems very much alive but my personal favorite(s) are definitly the entire Sam Raimi's Spider Man Trilogy, especially the second a. Some special effects might looks a bit old but i find the majority of them aged quite well. Maybe I might be a bit biased too because its a part of my childhood, but for me they still looks pretty cool !
  7. Stupéflip vite ! Both Chill and Alien The Carpentry
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