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  1. Best: -We lost the 2 first rounds but we managed to make an incredible comeback afterwards ! Worst: - Being cannonfodded by MGs especially Tutvys who definitely wanted my skin (but no hate there ). This Huge TK by @Outlaw too. Funniest: -Arty TK by our now famous artilleryman @Outlaw. Most hated player: -@Tutvys  Most loved/liked player: - I dont remember his nickname (sorry) but the guy in the little tank that kept protecting our flag was doing a good job.
  2. I was listening to this masterpiece recently. It is now one of my favorites of Dire Straits, the final solo is simply fantastic. To be listened to until the end !
  3. Hello, this topic dont seems very much alive but my personal favorite(s) are definitly the entire Sam Raimi's Spider Man Trilogy, especially the second a. Some special effects might looks a bit old but i find the majority of them aged quite well. Maybe I might be a bit biased too because its a part of my childhood, but for me they still looks pretty cool !
  4. Stupéflip vite ! Both Chill and Alien The Carpentry
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