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  1. CptBocquier

    Futur proche, événements et campagne suivante.

    Surtout que, ce qui peut être pas mal, si on est assez nombreux et en anglais, il y a moyen qu'on se fasse un régiment 13e DBLE et que je vous ponde des kits de légionnaire ingame !
  2. I'm sad we didn't do as good as we used to be @Sir_Kowskoskey...we clearly lacked the skills from @thunder493 in this final battle!!
  3. CptBocquier

    Régiment français

    Restez chaud les gars, on vous informera assez vite pour la prochaine campagne !
  4. Best: - Playing this campaign with all the Cabbies, especially with kows, la hire, sputnik, ombust, bzd, thunder493 and also rayder. I had so much fun and it was so intense ! Worst: - Loosing is not the worst. I had an hard time this campaign keeping myself from raging out from some attitudes and some injustices. Funniest: - An epic LVT ride making the whole team spawning and capping two flags. Also watching in the feed some knifes kills from kowsky. Most hated player: - Raging guys and suspicious ones. Guys not even taking time to look at the strat. Respect everyone here, some of us are taking too much time for the recon, the training, the strats, and not everyone is respecting it. It's a pure shame. Most loved/liked player: - most of the CABBIES ! Best Battle Photo - it's not for the BBP, but i had fun watching everyone gathering for this picture. It softens the defeat gg to everyone Other: - Even if it's harsh to say, Japanese team deserved to win. You guys showed everytime on training and your numbers were great.
  5. Yeah @caeno i got a sweet revenge, since i managed many times to come sneaky, even saw you taking off sometimes undiscovered, but you always found me on the last rounds !
  6. CptBocquier

    CMP Quotes

    @Sir_Kowskoskey "Less capping more bagging"
  7. Best: - CABBIES were great. This assault on HQ on the 2nd round was glorious. Everyone in the squad did his duty ! Air support with @Tore, Tank support with @RayderPSG and @AdmiralBG were nice. Slaughter fest on mountains with the 25mm. I would also like to thanks all the japanese soldiers for not using the rifle grenade, it was really fair, so a sincere thank you all. Worst: - Loosing the last round, and dying from @caeno Zero, but i took my revenge with the AA gun ! The Japanese tankers were also really good at preventing lcvps to reach back flags Funniest: - Raging against the mighty @Hawk ,then sneaking on airfield and managing to get the upper hand. Teabag felt really good. And then everything went better, even managing to cut you or land a lcvp and double teabag with @thunder493 /// Also wanting to teabag someone i just killed with my thompson and saw a japanese rushing with katana while i was on the reload...it was a close one ! Most hated player: - No one. everyone was lovely Most loved/liked player: - Japanese players and all the cabbies. And of course the great @RayderPSG , @thunder493 & @Sir_Kowskoskey ! Best Battle Photo - "Capping or Teabagging, that is the question." Other: - As @Sir_Kowskoskey says, "Orders are simple. Less capping & more bagging".
  8. Best: - Allied determination to keep it up for 6 loses to get back with one final victory. GG for that. Sportmanship of nearly everyone tonight GG for all. Bravo pour les français qui ont tenu bon ! Worst: - Meat grinder, also was not in my day the first rounds. Got a little stressed being a SL so my aim and my rp were horrible Funniest: - Finding @AL-SAHAD with some lucky random nades, nearly capping mountain alone on last round. Teabagging Prozac , Sturmy & Al-sahad made my night. Also finding my enfield empty on a 1 v 1, japanese soldier draws his katana, i get my SHOVEL and we killed each other in an epic duel. Most hated player: - No one except @Hjaldrgud with his bloody type99 ! You did well ! Most loved/liked player: - @Ombustman doing some crazy stuffs and Kows for coming back and leading us ! Best Battle Photo - Other: - Got some nice shots with that enfield and some good actions with the thompson, managing to capping village 2 multiple times with. I think that trying to balance the us kits - japanese kits is a non-sense.
  9. you're right @RayderPSG, i'm just bored of people complaining and i started doing the same, sorry for that
  10. Best: - CABBIES ! got best squad everyround, so big gg for all of you ! @thunder493 and @Ombustman for great AT play and being on the leaderboard. We did some great assaults and some good defences. Worst: - Knee mortar : i don't have anything against, but what the us got against ? guys we have to check the kits (nades for example) if we want to do symetrical teams. Funniest: - Teabagging @Capt.Mike while killing @OpaHoppenstedt with a BAR. Also on last round made @Pr0z4c bleed out in his jeep with the bunker mg at tenjo, he nearly died at airfield. At start @Sir_Kowskoskey said that the guy killed prozac the most and teabagging him the most would get a medal. so i teabagged you from 200 meters away. but @Ombustman won this one i think. Most hated player: - @AL-SAHAD as usual you kill us too much Most loved/liked player: -@thunder493 & @Sir_Kowskoskey, and all the Cabbies. some good arty to by @knokworst & @Sparhez Best Battle Photo - French AT Team hunting his prey ! Other: - @Ombustman liking trans, secretary of kows fired him soon after that misspell.
  11. CptBocquier

    FH2 #4 - Irrawaddy stats

    Also only allied guy making those mines worth : 5 tanks and 1 vehicle down
  12. CptBocquier

    CMP Quotes

    On Irrawady, mostly french squad with a finnish leader. Last round on temple, we just managed to capture it and stop the bleed. "-Can we make a rally ? -Yeah go on *Druidix throwing an "oopsie" nade* : - Noooooooooooooooooooo !" Results : 3 Tks, we loose the flag & the round : BEST NADE EVER
  13. CptBocquier

    Dunkirk - France 1940

    no, but i think i will try to redo the map, or at least the gameplay and yes proper visual improvements are needed for my version (no modified for 5 years)
  14. CptBocquier

    Dunkirk - France 1940

    Took a look today on the map, been a long time, there is work to do on it to have an FH2 standard. It seems that you rethinked the gameplay for the CMP ? Could you please send me some info @GeoPat
  15. CptBocquier

    Régiment français

    Bonne année, merci @RayderPSG et merci @thunder493 évidemment

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