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  1. Merci @RayderPSG Pour info, prochaine campagne il y aura une escouade fr dans un régiment international, n'hésitez pas à me contacter lors des inscriptions qui arriveront en Mars.
  2. Best: - the Farmer Kit ! Worst: - Was so close to pitchfork @Sir_Kowskoskey but @krakki decided otherwise. Funniest: - Encountering a wild @Sir_Kowskoskey trying to sneak while i was trying to sneak. Epic 1v1. Epic end. Most hated player: - @AL-SAHAD you made our lives a nightmare on monastery ! Well done ! Most loved/liked player: - @thunder493 back from hell's babyroom ! Best Battle Photo: - One hell of a last round with the 71st ! Other: - Had so much fun to play with you ! Pictures of the french squad and the spanish regiment !
  3. And remember there are crazy guys who type the code in the console to hide their hud to take a ingame screen battle ! (or am i the only one to do that ?)
  4. Best: - The 71 knows (not talking of Kowsky this time) : Worst: - Sliding to death and not having the possibility to have fun with grappling hook Funniest: - On the last round, i managed to nearly capture Italiano, killing 6 or 7 guys alone while waiting for my guys who captured Majo... just to be killed by @B4R0N ahah Most hated player: - People not showing up for the numbers ! Most loved/liked player: - @RayderPSG @SputnikFighter and @Druidix ! Also all the 71 who kept a really nice fighting spirit, and the Allied who joined us to even the numbers Best Battle Photo - Los Los Los ! Other: - Some battle pictures : You really thought i forgot you @Sir_Kowskoskey ? It was the best moment of my evening ! Losing Picture ! Spaniards picture !
  5. Best: - AA trucks and Rockin' the ChurchBell on last minute of the last round Worst: - @Chakroun flouding the voice channel and not listening, we gonna talk about that in the AARs of the regiment Funniest: - That Private Ryan scene at the beginning of the 1st round on the Azienda, with @Sir_Kowskoskey Sherman ! Started firing on it with the AA truck to distract him, and then @Erwin geballted him and teabagged the burning tank ahah (the little dot on the sherman is actually @Erwin) Most hated player: - Let me say no one. Even if that's not what i've on my mind Most loved/liked player: - @turbomursu, the frenchies, @RayderPSG, the 71st ! Best Battle Photo - Not this time ! Other: - "Rock the ChurchBell, Rock the ChurchBell....Kkkkkoooowsky don't liiiike it"
  6. Best: - Epic fighting, with the assaults on Hill 235 during the 2nd round, and my squad on the 4 and 5th rounds was really nice ! As @svakidan, for me the whole battle was lost at the end of the 2nd round. But i ended leading the winning sneak on Roadblock at the end of round 5, with a beautiful coordinate attack of all the soldiers. This Monte Rotondo was like Mont Suribachi, epic ! Worst: - Squad not really reactive at the beginning of the first round, we lost rotondo due to that (you can see it on the video from @OsinOsinOsin, called people to regroup on the flagzone and nothing happened during 4 minutes, letting @RayderPSG's squad taking all the casualties) Funniest: - Finfing @Sir_Kowskoskey with the squad from time to time ! Most hated player: - People not listening to orders as usual, round 1 was really hard for me due to that. Most loved/liked player: - All the 71 soldiers of course ! But @RayderPSG took the burden of leading for 3 rounds even if he didn't wanted to, but it was needed and it really helped. Gracias amigoooooooo Best Battle Photo - When @WOLFXL sujuks @Sir_Kowskoskey Other: - Allies are putting a hell of a fight, hope everyone enjoyed this battle even if it was not the easiest one (and by far)
  7. Best: - Drunk @thunder493, Epic @SputnikFighter, Raging @La-Hire and @RayderPSG doing @La-Hire driving stuff. Worst: - people not listening. Funniest: - @Sir_Kowskoskey encounters, the first one i saw a wild jeep thinking it may be the finnish lad. Ended up being ran over and him dead on the driving wheel. The second and last one we did a 1v1 with smgs and he got me, i deserved that teebag ! Most hated player: - People putting s-mines in front of their own RP. Most loved/liked player: - @svakidan it was nice to have you in the squad, fially got the opportunity after 2 campaigns to hear you and play with you, you did really well and really helped the squad Best Battle Photo - "Do you know the way @RayderPSG ?" Other: - Keep the fighting spirit Allies, the fights were intense !
  8. On a une bonne petite base, mais quand est il des autres ? On arrive à être 4-5 par bataille en ce moment, ça serait cool d'être un peu plus
  9. CMP stands for Community Marcel P.
  10. A picture with one of the worst FH2 players i've ever met. And next to him @RayderPSG Photos were taken in August 2019 at La Rochelle (France), one at the harbor and one with a polaroid on a GFM cloche of one of the bunker around the town (AtlantikWall). Sacré Marcel !
  11. Best: - Full squad teabagging @Sir_Kowskoskey on the first round and making the winning sneak on last round ! Worst: - Being killed and teabagged by @Sir_Kowskoskey too many times ! Ahah we love you Funniest: - Killing @Sir_Kowskoskey at Vallebona with a k98, then teabagging him while killing two other guys with the k98 and the walter ! Most hated player: - @HaLoAL did really good with that Stuart on the 5th round ! Most loved/liked player: - @thunder493 and @WOLFXL being epic antitankers, and @RayderPSG @Druidix & @La-Hire epic teammates Best Battle Photo - Achtung Bicyclette & Pompe à vélo ! Other: - It was an epic game guys, gg everyone ! Oh Axis. Can you behave ? WE CAN'T MAKE A PICTURE what the hell ?!!?!?
  12. You forgot the great "Aheuhaaah" @Sir_Kowskoskey & @turbomursu
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