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  1. Best: -Sahariana Grande with the frenchies // One of the best assault on Flak Battery, crawling through bushes and tommies all around then on the go capturing as fast as a lightning the flag ! Worst: - Burps and crashes Funniest: - That "witness me" moment with @Sir_Kowskoskey, @La-Hire, @Druidix, i had to call it ! Most hated player: - Le prochain qui rote je lui fais avaler ma moustache ! Most loved/liked player: - @La-Hire for being the comic relief of the squad even if he tries not to do so ! Best Battle Photo - How to ruin an epic picture with @Heia Safari! Other: - GG everyone
  2. Best: - @Sir_Kowskoskey transport skills recognized Worst: - @Sir_Kowskoskey leading skills compromized Funniest: - Staying inside the ju52 cupola at airfield on first round making spots // Attacking and defending El Ouid with the 288 // having a bet that @GeoPat will attack alone El Ouid at the end of the last round, i was right but he managed to bring two squads with him and to come 600 tickets before the end of the round ! Hopefully @RayderPSG was quick to respond and help us defend with his squad Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - 288, and the french squad coming back ! GG everyone, let's have fun on last battle ! Other: - (not a battle photo) @RayderPSG making a victory speech at Grich el ouid
  3. Best: - Some nasty moves with the 288 Worst: - Getting teamkilled twice while putting a rp for a sneak attack on two different flags ! Shit happens ! Funniest: - When you think things are getting worst, don't look around. You may find a Churchill coming to you. // Making a quick spot, arty @kirbyris-cafe manage to blow up a full squad and a RP ! Most hated player: - No one Most loved/liked player: - @Druidix makes my moustache go wild Best Battle Photo - A picture you can hear https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2128-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - GG allies
  4. Yes but even in 762 i don't get them
  5. I've played FH2 for more than 8 years without hitmarkers and it's really fine. Btw i never knew how to activate them, so...
  6. Best: - Having so much fun on the 4th round (7-0), so intense ! Doing mp40 and bayonet charges on Center and capping it ! Worst: - Lagged on 5th round, but only went for 10 minutes. Also when i lead my scores are awfull, but i still manage to be the best officer. Is anyone using this kit or what ? Funniest: - Driving a kubel with @WOLFXL and @Ombustman from South to village, we encounter a wild sherman and then i manage to overturn his turret with a nice maneuver, avoid his bullets and then we capped South. Epicness ! - @thunder493 is raging out from your m1 Garand skills @Achtungsnow, but everything went better when he managed to kill you with a pak38 from more than 100 meters with only one shell ahah (from North to Center) Most hated player: - @Pepinio finding me in the rocks at Center, already waited 1 minute out of 3 to put a new rp lol. Most loved/liked player: - 288's and tankers guys with us, it was really enjoyable yesterday, thanks for letting me do the lead @Sir_Kowskoskey Best Battle Photo - Overly Dramatic @Sir_Kowskoskey Other: - I hope all of you had fun as much as i had ! Btw hourra for the mighty 288 ! (5 times zebestsquad !)
  7. thanks @GeoPat for your kind words. Allied team showed great skills yesterday, they truly deserve this one
  8. Best: - 288 best squad on each round, winning a nice round Worst: - Loosing pissed me off, since most of our misplays are due a chaotic CC or people not listening to orders Funniest: - Hum my "oopsie" with the mortar on our RP in Lonely Mountain, or maybe defending with so much energy Mountain that i found myself with no ammo in the trench, trying to cut yankees to pick their kit up ! Most hated player: - Was bailing from tanks and planes a moto ? When i manage to get down a plane with a mg34, i would be pleased to have the kill on the killfeed, not see the pilot bailing and being killed by the explosion so he doesn't even appear as a suicide or smthg in the killfeed. Shame on you who did this. Most loved/liked player: - People keeping focus and concentration despite everything Best Battle Photo - NOT THIS TIME Other: - @HaLoAL your catapult bf109 was damn fun ! (not a battle photo)
  9. Best: - 288 guys were impressive, such a pleasure to lead them. Nice rps, nice assaults, nice defences and more important a really good mood in TS. @kirbyris-cafe and @caeno for their support, you really helped us. Worst: - The last round was an hard one for us, the defence of El Agheila was really strong ! Funniest: - On the first round we drove a jeep north of El Agheila and put a RP. I just checked the rock behind it and there was a bren guy watching if any jeep was coming but didn't saw us. LOL. Also doing a 1vs3 with 3 british on a jeep north of frontline and being able to get them all. Doing some nice MP40/Luger/knife duels too, that was really good. Most hated player: - No one ! Most loved/liked player: - Everyone who joined ! Best Battle Photo - You ain't allowed to park there, Sir ! Other: - Zeeeeeeeebestsquad ! Tauting all the way ! Impossible but not French 288 !
  10. Best: - Winning 5 rounds so the DAK is back in the game ! I was complaining on Ts on the beginning of the 1st round since frenchies were late. I bring the flaktruck to A1, wait a bit then after 100 tickets 2 frenchies join. We then made a sneaky assault on Oasis that totally changed the 1st round, it was really epic. The 288 French Taute squad was nearly perfect during the whole battle. Also thanks to @caeno, @Heia Safari! and @RayderPSG for the recon and the strat, it really helped everyone/ Worst: - Nothin' ! Funniest: - The sneaky ride with @Druidix. I told the guys to wait on old bunker, i take a abandoned jeep, he toooooook way too much time to jump in, then we go to Capuzzo....behind an enemy AEC Bofors... As we were in red zone we didn't shoot, we wait a bit until the brit jumps on the Bofors. @Druidix shot him down, then we make a 5th column ride, killing another AA truck then successfully capturing Capuzzo ! Also the round were @Druidix @La-Hire @thunder493 @SputnikFighter and me were doing AA stuff on old bunker. @Druidix headshot a pilot, @SputnikFighter got some hits with the pak on the beaufighter, @thunder493 shot like three planes with the 88 (with AT plastron) without using the fuse shell, @La-Hire doing la-hire stuff and me with the flakveirling. And last but not least, @Sir_Kowskoskey with his turkish midget talk Most hated player: - No one. Most loved/liked player: - The Luftwaffe was great, the air support really helped us ! Of course @Druidix @La-Hire @thunder493 @SputnikFighter and our glorious tank support @Heia Safari! Best Battle Photo - Oh watch out watch out !! Other: - This campaign is really nice
  11. Best: - Intense fighting, winning two rounds, assaulting in a glorious way with the @Sir_Kowskoskey squad and mine the airfield, jumping into the bofors to destroy incoming daimler. We captured the flag on that, so epic ! Worst: - Crash, losing some close rounds and also losing Gatsa on last round. Funniest: - knifing @Pepinio & @ColonelDeepthroat in the C2 tower. I wonder how you didn't hear the smine explode ? Btw allied team did a nice thing holding this area, it made you win on last round for example. Most hated player: - Some guys thought mining spawns or spawncamping was a good thing. shame on you (you'll recognize yourself) Most loved/liked player: - Nearly everyone ! Best Battle Photo - By Jove, this italian got us ! He got some sneaky spaghetti abilities ! Other: - GG allies, you won this one ! Here is @Sir_Kowskoskey @La-Hire and @WOLFXL with me on the ride !
  12. Oh you mean this ? ahah ! i'll tell you how. Never put a smine in a stairs. It tends to activate weirdly, for example you walk calmly around and it detect you even if you're under it in the staircase. Put it only on a flat ground, between two stairs for example. I always experimente that kind of things in public server
  13. Yup @OsinOsinOsin i broke the rules here. To be honest i didn't intend to do so, since we were landing Ju52 all around and i didn't take a combat plane to land. But since the storch is not a transport plane it is a violation of the rule. As soon as i was aware of this problem I presented myself to the admins and i take all the blame since i was the one who choose and piloted the spotting plane. So i apologize to all of you, as i did before to the admins, and i take the punishment without any condition or complain.
  14. Best: - French missions for the win ! Assaults on Harbor, Hill64 and Vigla were epic ! A little pic here after landing the storch behind enemy lines, i stopped everyone just for this picture ahah Worst: - The crashes, but admins really managed them well. People didn't leave, it was a great evening. Funniest: - @Ombustman making the masturbation day a thing and causing crashes by doing so. Stop it Ombust ! Most hated player: - No one  Most loved/liked player: - @Sir_Kowskoskey for his mood and for trying some landings on ships or planes. @SputnikFighter for being my passenger in the storch and trusting me @Druidix firing on planes with mg34 and killing one spitfire ! @La-Hire trying to guide my shots from the ship, making me able to fire directly on the head of our HQ @RayderPSG Best Battle Photo - When you discover that @RayderPSG pilots the Ju52, you become a bit... edgy Other: - GG everyone & thanks
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