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  1. Best: - Winning 5 rounds so the DAK is back in the game ! I was complaining on Ts on the beginning of the 1st round since frenchies were late. I bring the flaktruck to A1, wait a bit then after 100 tickets 2 frenchies join. We then made a sneaky assault on Oasis that totally changed the 1st round, it was really epic. The 288 French Taute squad was nearly perfect during the whole battle. Also thanks to @caeno, @Heia Safari! and @RayderPSG for the recon and the strat, it really helped everyone/ Worst: - Nothin' ! Funniest: - The sneaky ride with @Druidix. I told the guys to wait on old bunker, i take a abandoned jeep, he toooooook way too much time to jump in, then we go to Capuzzo....behind an enemy AEC Bofors... As we were in red zone we didn't shoot, we wait a bit until the brit jumps on the Bofors. @Druidix shot him down, then we make a 5th column ride, killing another AA truck then successfully capturing Capuzzo ! Also the round were @Druidix @La-Hire @thunder493 @SputnikFighter and me were doing AA stuff on old bunker. @Druidix headshot a pilot, @SputnikFighter got some hits with the pak on the beaufighter, @thunder493 shot like three planes with the 88 (with AT plastron) without using the fuse shell, @La-Hire doing la-hire stuff and me with the flakveirling. And last but not least, @Sir_Kowskoskey with his turkish midget talk Most hated player: - No one. Most loved/liked player: - The Luftwaffe was great, the air support really helped us ! Of course @Druidix @La-Hire @thunder493 @SputnikFighter and our glorious tank support @Heia Safari! Best Battle Photo - Oh watch out watch out !! Other: - This campaign is really nice
  2. Best: - Intense fighting, winning two rounds, assaulting in a glorious way with the @Sir_Kowskoskey squad and mine the airfield, jumping into the bofors to destroy incoming daimler. We captured the flag on that, so epic ! Worst: - Crash, losing some close rounds and also losing Gatsa on last round. Funniest: - knifing @Pepinio & @ColonelDeepthroat in the C2 tower. I wonder how you didn't hear the smine explode ? Btw allied team did a nice thing holding this area, it made you win on last round for example. Most hated player: - Some guys thought mining spawns or spawncamping was a good thing. shame on you (you'll recognize yourself) Most loved/liked player: - Nearly everyone ! Best Battle Photo - By Jove, this italian got us ! He got some sneaky spaghetti abilities ! Other: - GG allies, you won this one ! Here is @Sir_Kowskoskey @La-Hire and @WOLFXL with me on the ride !
  3. Oh you mean this ? ahah ! i'll tell you how. Never put a smine in a stairs. It tends to activate weirdly, for example you walk calmly around and it detect you even if you're under it in the staircase. Put it only on a flat ground, between two stairs for example. I always experimente that kind of things in public server
  4. Yup @OsinOsinOsin i broke the rules here. To be honest i didn't intend to do so, since we were landing Ju52 all around and i didn't take a combat plane to land. But since the storch is not a transport plane it is a violation of the rule. As soon as i was aware of this problem I presented myself to the admins and i take all the blame since i was the one who choose and piloted the spotting plane. So i apologize to all of you, as i did before to the admins, and i take the punishment without any condition or complain.
  5. Best: - French missions for the win ! Assaults on Harbor, Hill64 and Vigla were epic ! A little pic here after landing the storch behind enemy lines, i stopped everyone just for this picture ahah Worst: - The crashes, but admins really managed them well. People didn't leave, it was a great evening. Funniest: - @Ombustman making the masturbation day a thing and causing crashes by doing so. Stop it Ombust ! Most hated player: - No one  Most loved/liked player: - @Sir_Kowskoskey for his mood and for trying some landings on ships or planes. @SputnikFighter for being my passenger in the storch and trusting me @Druidix firing on planes with mg34 and killing one spitfire ! @La-Hire trying to guide my shots from the ship, making me able to fire directly on the head of our HQ @RayderPSG Best Battle Photo - When you discover that @RayderPSG pilots the Ju52, you become a bit... edgy Other: - GG everyone & thanks
  6. Best: - Leading a great team. German team for putting up a good fight and not being reluctant to send us some players to fill our ranks. Making pistols duels with @TARAN. Using the chauchat to the best. Managing to capture a flag while being the last one twice. Watching @Hawk trying to survive against mgs with his ruby ! Worst: - Numbers on Entente side, also Brasilians watching Eurovision one week late Funniest: - Saying to @Druidix that we were winning 4-1 when he joined. By joining he turned the tide and we won only with the tickets. Coincidence ? I THINK NOT ! ahah Most hated player: - No one this time ! Most loved/liked player: - @RayderPSG, @Druidix, @HochuDeutschmeister, @Incognito, @OpaHoppenstedt, @Dagoth, @Albert.K-101, @Pepinio, @Capivara for showing up and making Entente proud. All the germans soldiers and of course the admins for making this battle possible and really fun Best Battle Photo - Other: - To the guy who took the battle picture, don't forget to post it
  7. Best: - After 4 difficult rounds, the axis team woke up and showed everyone that we're not here to cook sausages. Worst: - French guys not showing up after last week. I was really sad we weren't able to carry on the french squad, and that makes me upset. Shame. Next time, fill up the LOA and don't say you'll come. Funniest: - Some pistols duels, like with @Fumaca // Got my squad pinned down by a Cruiser, @Sir_Kowskoskey asking for at support, was already throwing my satchel. Was so proud of this sneaky move i started firing on the tank with my pistol like in soldat ryan. Forgot to move a bit further. We both went boom. // Asking @Sir_Kowskoskey for a picture in the tower during the defence of Finikas. He was so proud of being in a picture that he tried to body slam something below. Maybe he hit John Cena because it wasn't in the killfeed. Most hated player: - Guys not respecting the mining rule. that's the only dark side of yesterday battle. Most loved/liked player: - Everyone, and of course all the 288. @HaLoAL did some cool moves. HQ squad for defending well, and carry on after 4 rounds lost so we managed to won two rounds and lose one with something like 34-0 Best Battle Photo - "Because he's the hero Finikas needs, but not the one it deserves right now. But he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a teabagging guardian. A watchful protector. A Perkelé Knight... Kowsman ! *pinpinpin pin piiiiiin*" Other: - A big gg to the tank guys, the last rounds were great thanks to them (defence of the flags with each regiment, heavy and successfull assaults on Comm station)
  8. Best: - French squad for the win ! 3rd round was nice ! Also a full squad of frenchies ! keep it up Worst: - Loosing =( Funniest: - Trying to find one brit' with two regiment on hot springs ! (picture below) Most loved/liked player: - @thunder493 for blowing up two heavy tanks with only one gebalt. @La-Hire and @Druidix for being valuable assets ! Best Battle Photo - "Il est où l'anglais il est oùùùùùùùùù ?!" // "Where the hell is this damn brit !" Other: - A big thanks to the guys who do the recon and the strats each week ! Et vive la république !
  9. Best: - First victory for Entente !! big hourra for everyone ! Also a round of applause for Pepinio and Druidix for switching for the numbers Worst: - Crashes Funniest: - I hope Eurovision was entertaining Most hated player: - No one ! Most loved/liked player: - @Pepinio and @Druidix, also @RayderPSG who defended really well Best Battle Photo - Other: - Officer best kit ever !
  10. Best: - One of the best battle ! Entente guys were great, germans too ! Worst: - We could have played more and more rounds ! Funniest: - Taxi driving to the front line, also being the only one to understand the chauchat Most hated player: - The guy i saw who passed by a german who then capped our backflag on the last round. He was nearly 10 meters away of a flag going white and didn't turned back. Please guys, watch your map... Most loved/liked player: - @RayderPSG & @eXHaLe for taking some tasks to make us win some rounds, as using the 75mm or the mg bunker. Thanks too to @SputnikFighter for the lead Other: - Had so much fun, can't wait until next battle
  11. Best: - Being able to win a round on a difficult map. I was proud to demonstrate that breakthrough was possible ! Also dealing with 3 armored car in one street and destroying all of them just before being blown up by a nade. I had so much fun this evening, and i want to thank every entente soldier and of course every german soldier for that. Worst: - ABC line for the Entente was not well designed. Funniest: - Of course, the flying trucks in the loading screen ! Most hated player: - The (entente) guy i left in the rolls roys which i drove to the 5th flag who nearly tk my erhardt i managed to capture... he then didn't see the enemy armored car coming and blew up, and i didn't have enough hp to survive a fight. We lose the flag and a round on that action imo !  Most loved/liked player: - Guys who kept fighting and trying to find tactics to breakthrough, and also all the soldier who took for example the repair truck to help the progression of the armored car ! Best Battle Photo - Other: -
  12. No, some of us were disappointed when we kept repeating orders and we got no answers or actions in accordance. I hope we will be more coordinated next battle
  13. Best: - playing with the lads, managing to lead the 94 with exhale. Some decent madsen shots, and we did some quick captures of the 2nd line which were really fun to do Worst: - Bunnies and deaf SH Funniest: - SH guys keeping rounds after rounds to go on a flag (even when we said to change the focus 3 rounds before). On round 7 we thought that they managed to cap it. Checked who captured station and it was Hawk Ahah Most hated player: - Bunnies Most loved/liked player: - all the 94, in particular Rayder ! Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1928-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - It was a really fun game, with close rounds sometimes. Can't wait for next battle
  14. Surtout que, ce qui peut être pas mal, si on est assez nombreux et en anglais, il y a moyen qu'on se fasse un régiment 13e DBLE et que je vous ponde des kits de légionnaire ingame !
  15. I'm sad we didn't do as good as we used to be @Sir_Kowskoskey...we clearly lacked the skills from @thunder493 in this final battle!!
  16. Restez chaud les gars, on vous informera assez vite pour la prochaine campagne !
  17. Best: - Playing this campaign with all the Cabbies, especially with kows, la hire, sputnik, ombust, bzd, thunder493 and also rayder. I had so much fun and it was so intense ! Worst: - Loosing is not the worst. I had an hard time this campaign keeping myself from raging out from some attitudes and some injustices. Funniest: - An epic LVT ride making the whole team spawning and capping two flags. Also watching in the feed some knifes kills from kowsky. Most hated player: - Raging guys and suspicious ones. Guys not even taking time to look at the strat. Respect everyone here, some of us are taking too much time for the recon, the training, the strats, and not everyone is respecting it. It's a pure shame. Most loved/liked player: - most of the CABBIES ! Best Battle Photo - it's not for the BBP, but i had fun watching everyone gathering for this picture. It softens the defeat gg to everyone Other: - Even if it's harsh to say, Japanese team deserved to win. You guys showed everytime on training and your numbers were great.
  18. Yeah @caeno i got a sweet revenge, since i managed many times to come sneaky, even saw you taking off sometimes undiscovered, but you always found me on the last rounds !
  19. @Sir_Kowskoskey "Less capping more bagging"
  20. Best: - CABBIES were great. This assault on HQ on the 2nd round was glorious. Everyone in the squad did his duty ! Air support with @Tore, Tank support with @RayderPSG and @AdmiralBG were nice. Slaughter fest on mountains with the 25mm. I would also like to thanks all the japanese soldiers for not using the rifle grenade, it was really fair, so a sincere thank you all. Worst: - Loosing the last round, and dying from @caeno Zero, but i took my revenge with the AA gun ! The Japanese tankers were also really good at preventing lcvps to reach back flags Funniest: - Raging against the mighty @Hawk ,then sneaking on airfield and managing to get the upper hand. Teabag felt really good. And then everything went better, even managing to cut you or land a lcvp and double teabag with @thunder493 /// Also wanting to teabag someone i just killed with my thompson and saw a japanese rushing with katana while i was on the reload...it was a close one ! Most hated player: - No one. everyone was lovely Most loved/liked player: - Japanese players and all the cabbies. And of course the great @RayderPSG , @thunder493 & @Sir_Kowskoskey ! Best Battle Photo - "Capping or Teabagging, that is the question." Other: - As @Sir_Kowskoskey says, "Orders are simple. Less capping & more bagging".
  21. Best: - Allied determination to keep it up for 6 loses to get back with one final victory. GG for that. Sportmanship of nearly everyone tonight GG for all. Bravo pour les français qui ont tenu bon ! Worst: - Meat grinder, also was not in my day the first rounds. Got a little stressed being a SL so my aim and my rp were horrible Funniest: - Finding @AL-SAHAD with some lucky random nades, nearly capping mountain alone on last round. Teabagging Prozac , Sturmy & Al-sahad made my night. Also finding my enfield empty on a 1 v 1, japanese soldier draws his katana, i get my SHOVEL and we killed each other in an epic duel. Most hated player: - No one except @Hjaldrgud with his bloody type99 ! You did well ! Most loved/liked player: - @Ombustman doing some crazy stuffs and Kows for coming back and leading us ! Best Battle Photo - Other: - Got some nice shots with that enfield and some good actions with the thompson, managing to capping village 2 multiple times with. I think that trying to balance the us kits - japanese kits is a non-sense.
  22. you're right @RayderPSG, i'm just bored of people complaining and i started doing the same, sorry for that
  23. Best: - CABBIES ! got best squad everyround, so big gg for all of you ! @thunder493 and @Ombustman for great AT play and being on the leaderboard. We did some great assaults and some good defences. Worst: - Knee mortar : i don't have anything against, but what the us got against ? guys we have to check the kits (nades for example) if we want to do symetrical teams. Funniest: - Teabagging @Capt.Mike while killing @OpaHoppenstedt with a BAR. Also on last round made @Pr0z4c bleed out in his jeep with the bunker mg at tenjo, he nearly died at airfield. At start @Sir_Kowskoskey said that the guy killed prozac the most and teabagging him the most would get a medal. so i teabagged you from 200 meters away. but @Ombustman won this one i think. Most hated player: - @AL-SAHAD as usual you kill us too much Most loved/liked player: -@thunder493 & @Sir_Kowskoskey, and all the Cabbies. some good arty to by @knokworst & @Sparhez Best Battle Photo - French AT Team hunting his prey ! Other: - @Ombustman liking trans, secretary of kows fired him soon after that misspell.
  24. Also only allied guy making those mines worth : 5 tanks and 1 vehicle down
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