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  1. Best: - Allied determination to keep it up for 6 loses to get back with one final victory. GG for that. Sportmanship of nearly everyone tonight GG for all. Bravo pour les français qui ont tenu bon ! Worst: - Meat grinder, also was not in my day the first rounds. Got a little stressed being a SL so my aim and my rp were horrible Funniest: - Finding @AL-SAHAD with some lucky random nades, nearly capping mountain alone on last round. Teabagging Prozac , Sturmy & Al-sahad made my night. Also finding my enfield empty on a 1 v 1, japanese soldier draws his katana, i get my SHOVEL and we killed each other in an epic duel. Most hated player: - No one except @Hjaldrgud with his bloody type99 ! You did well ! Most loved/liked player: - @Ombustman doing some crazy stuffs and Kows for coming back and leading us ! Best Battle Photo - Other: - Got some nice shots with that enfield and some good actions with the thompson, managing to capping village 2 multiple times with. I think that trying to balance the us kits - japanese kits is a non-sense.
  2. you're right @RayderPSG, i'm just bored of people complaining and i started doing the same, sorry for that
  3. Best: - CABBIES ! got best squad everyround, so big gg for all of you ! @thunder493 and @Ombustman for great AT play and being on the leaderboard. We did some great assaults and some good defences. Worst: - Knee mortar : i don't have anything against, but what the us got against ? guys we have to check the kits (nades for example) if we want to do symetrical teams. Funniest: - Teabagging @Capt.Mike while killing @OpaHoppenstedt with a BAR. Also on last round made @Pr0z4c bleed out in his jeep with the bunker mg at tenjo, he nearly died at airfield. At start @Sir_Kowskoskey said that the guy killed prozac the most and teabagging him the most would get a medal. so i teabagged you from 200 meters away. but @Ombustman won this one i think. Most hated player: - @AL-SAHAD as usual you kill us too much Most loved/liked player: -@thunder493 & @Sir_Kowskoskey, and all the Cabbies. some good arty to by @knokworst & @Sparhez Best Battle Photo - French AT Team hunting his prey ! Other: - @Ombustman liking trans, secretary of kows fired him soon after that misspell.
  4. CptBocquier

    FH2 #4 - Irrawaddy stats

    Also only allied guy making those mines worth : 5 tanks and 1 vehicle down
  5. CptBocquier

    CMP Quotes

    On Irrawady, mostly french squad with a finnish leader. Last round on temple, we just managed to capture it and stop the bleed. "-Can we make a rally ? -Yeah go on *Druidix throwing an "oopsie" nade* : - Noooooooooooooooooooo !" Results : 3 Tks, we loose the flag & the round : BEST NADE EVER ❤️
  6. CptBocquier

    Dunkirk - France 1940

    no, but i think i will try to redo the map, or at least the gameplay and yes proper visual improvements are needed for my version (no modified for 5 years)
  7. CptBocquier

    Dunkirk - France 1940

    Took a look today on the map, been a long time, there is work to do on it to have an FH2 standard. It seems that you rethinked the gameplay for the CMP ? Could you please send me some info @GeoPat
  8. CptBocquier

    Régiment français

    Bonne année, merci @RayderPSG et merci @thunder493 évidemment
  9. CptBocquier

    Régiment français

    "Ouais jsuis là"
  10. @Hjaldrgud i was one of the bren gunners, and i hated you for some rounds too ❤️ you did really well !

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