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  1. Best: - Atmosphere, it was great Worst: - my current physical state Funniest: - Most hated player: - 404 Most loved/liked player: - @Th3rioN for his enemy-over-riding skills Best Battle Photo - Ammo is like Mercy. Is No More. Other: - ZA RODINU!
  2. Best: - great atmosphere and tough fights. Worst: - 404 Funniest: - being cannonfolder is fun, change my mind Most hated player: - 404 Most loved/liked player: - it was fun to play with you all / 404 Best Battle Photo - Za RONIDU!
  3. Best: - Playing with you is somethig that will stay in my heart for every and two years more Worst: - taking break in the middle, but it was needed Funniest: - one round as SL defending not attacked back flag and not shoting single round - I consider myself as a pacifist. Most hated player: - 404 Most loved/liked player: - ah there are many of you... but special thanks to: @TheBlackReaper @Ronid @Akikyo @matyszg @TomTom39 @Th3rioN @Sanskrit_Bandit @gerul @futher and of course @CptBocquier! Best Battle Last Battle Photo - Polish and Russian afterparty Other: -
  4. Best: - Playing again with You All after a break Worst: - 404 Funniest: - 2nd sneaky RP @Ronid @Th3rioN doing barrel row in a hanmag Most hated player: - serial killer @Tutvys Most loved/liked player: - Whole Polish kompanie and Spanish players for best photo! Best Battle Photo - 404
  5. Best: -Great battle with friends on CMP! Worst: -Damn FOG on Residance Evil Funniest: -Random granade which destroyed enemy RP Most hated player: -me for my aim, feel the same @RAnDOOm Most loved/liked player: -whole Polish Regiment! #Kompanie 1 Best Battle Photo - RUN FOREST! Other: - Very good battle! It was harder than it might look, GG for everyone!
  6. Best: - first round and Allied Blitzkrieg Funniest: - @Erwin going down with tank with frontflip from Camp to Forest on Allied training Most hated player: - error 404 Most loved/liked player: - @TomTom39 for his work on CC Best Battle Photo - "The Tamer of The Tiger (a.k.a. Tiger after killing its owner)" Other: - Wolololo and flag captured
  7. gen.p


    Cześć @Nickie! Miło widzieć, zapraszamy na Polski Discord - na nim dzieje się obecnie najwięcej http://bit.ly/FH2Polska
  8. Thanks @Belzebuth You made my day! Unfortunately I haven't recorder jeep part. It looks like you should have killed me as you aimed well (i've checked again and I see you missed somehow) also I clearly see my blood - sorry don't remember if I had "red screen", but I think I had
  9. Best: - paradrop was great, also I had great action with raming into kubelwagen with jeep and killing driver and his friend who came in other kubel to help him Worst: - bit of chaos with waiting rooms Funniest: - "matrix ride" with matyszg when we were under fire grom MG, Puma and pak. Great action https://youtu.be/K1SiEhoGENE Most loved/liked player: - @matyszg as a driver in "matrix ride"
  10. Best: - So much players - old and new ones, great! also map with parashooters Worst: - in half my game crashed so i was only able to stay at TS Funniest: - Tractorfahrer charged again I got You @svakidan! Most hated player: - Error 404! Player not found! Most loved/liked player: - I would say @TomTom39 for his organization skill when my FH2 crashed, but I think everyone was great and was playing fair and well! Other: -
  11. slow and relaxing, I thing You know artist personally
  12. Best: - That we met on battlefield Worst: - being tired when it was ending Funniest: - When I unfortunately fliped Halftrack dwo seconds after @Doktor told me that is "good that you have this halftrack"... Most loved/liked player: - as @RayderPSG mentioned, especially new players, but old dudes too! And of course Polish Team Other: Artificial fog.
  13. This is great idea. We also could be playing with just teams in public servers (we were practising it with polish team) and it is great way of getting know each other and practising. Good idea Baśka. //Baska sorry, my keyboard autocorrelation gone wild
  14. gen.p


    @CLavish zapraszamy!
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