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  1. Best: Śląska Czary Worst: update in the middle of the map and stability problems Funniest: -Śląskie Czary Most hated player: -404 Most loved/liked player: - I'm not good shooter, therefore @johnnymzq great artillery support is one of most motivating things to join battles, thank You Best Battle Photo - @RayderPSG "There is Rayder, Rayder is there Comming through fog and smoky air" Other: -
  2. Best: -Good fellas, good map, good time Worst: -bofors I suppose Funniest: -Riding on the storm hills Most hated player: -404 Most loved/liked player: - @johnnymzq for arty, @Th3rioN for NCO Best Battle Photo - "Tank in sight, sir!", "Release @qtaCHRIs, let 'em taste hell." Other: - GG!
  3. Best: Love this map Worst: -last round was too late and I had to drop Funniest: -While sneaking enemy jeep tried to ram me, but sth like 1m before me our plane (@FadusTM) take care of him so cinematic Most hated player: -404 Most loved/liked player: 04 @Fellafi for always being where he was needed Best Battle Photo -Ambient Flyby Spotted! @DarthTemoc Other: -
  4. Best: Nice to be back in campaign drill! Worst: - Funniest: Most hated player: NA Most loved/liked player: Cammels, @RayderPSG @johnnymzq @Th3rioN (...) Best Battle Photo - Other: -
  5. Best: Playing with You! Worst: -404. Funniest: -Fighting with admins over Railway Most hated player: -404. Most loved/liked player: -Too many to mention! Other: -Thank You for campaign! I've already thanked Folgore Division, so I wanted also to thank all Allies HQ @Pozzo @GeoPat @Otto as well as whole Allies Division. Thank You CMP Stuff (admins, mappers...) for really good campaign that was exciting to the last round!
  6. Best: -Hiding in bush and getting almost run by enemy armored car that did not noticed me (i dont have pic, when he was closer ) Worst: -my personal shooting skills Funniest: - Just an ordinary FH2 scene... Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Other: -
  7. Best: -Hiding from tanks in plain terrain Worst: - Funniest: -Recon plane and Camels. Most hated player: That one sniper on the tower...  Most loved/liked player: - @gtgt40 for artying Other: -I am f*ckinf John Cena!
  8. Best: - GG! Worst: - Funniest: - Ramming toegether with @Pozzo in south. Great minds think alike Most hated player: - 404 Most loved/liked player: - @Sandre for his Trick Best Battle Photo - Other: -
  9. Best: - Atmosphere, it was great Worst: - my current physical state Funniest: - Most hated player: - 404 Most loved/liked player: - @Th3rioN for his enemy-over-riding skills Best Battle Photo - Ammo is like Mercy. Is No More. Other: - ZA RODINU!
  10. Best: - great atmosphere and tough fights. Worst: - 404 Funniest: - being cannonfolder is fun, change my mind Most hated player: - 404 Most loved/liked player: - it was fun to play with you all / 404 Best Battle Photo - Za RONIDU!
  11. Best: - Playing with you is somethig that will stay in my heart for every and two years more Worst: - taking break in the middle, but it was needed Funniest: - one round as SL defending not attacked back flag and not shoting single round - I consider myself as a pacifist. Most hated player: - 404 Most loved/liked player: - ah there are many of you... but special thanks to: @TheBlackReaper @Ronid @Akikyo @matyszg @TomTom39 @Th3rioN @Sanskrit_Bandit @gerul @futher and of course @CptBocquier! Best Battle Last Battle Photo - Polish and Russian afterparty Other: -
  12. Best: - Playing again with You All after a break Worst: - 404 Funniest: - 2nd sneaky RP @Ronid @Th3rioN doing barrel row in a hanmag Most hated player: - serial killer @Tutvys Most loved/liked player: - Whole Polish kompanie and Spanish players for best photo! Best Battle Photo - 404
  13. Best: -Great battle with friends on CMP! Worst: -Damn FOG on Residance Evil Funniest: -Random granade which destroyed enemy RP Most hated player: -me for my aim, feel the same @RAnDOOm Most loved/liked player: -whole Polish Regiment! #Kompanie 1 Best Battle Photo - RUN FOREST! Other: - Very good battle! It was harder than it might look, GG for everyone!
  14. Best: - first round and Allied Blitzkrieg Funniest: - @Erwin going down with tank with frontflip from Camp to Forest on Allied training Most hated player: - error 404 Most loved/liked player: - @TomTom39 for his work on CC Best Battle Photo - "The Tamer of The Tiger (a.k.a. Tiger after killing its owner)" Other: - Wolololo and flag captured
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