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  1. FH2 Campaign #2 - Coming Soon

    One thing I hope for is that the battles start a little later for people in North America, I dont get out of work on Fridays till 3pm EST which the battle already started for an hour already.
  2. Nah that movie was realistic, way better than Fury and almost on par with Saving Private Ryan.
  3. Best: Knifing people several people throughout the course of the battle. Plus eating Fried Chicken and drinking Koolaid! Funniest: Fried Clucking Chicken Jokes Most hated player: @Tutvys
  4. Victory Pic Metz

    The REAL Victory Battle PIC!

    Oh okay so I'm going to go get some Fried Chicken and Kool-Aid for the battle much better than being a healthy person!

    Battle #: 6 Performance of Self: I performed very well in my opinion. Stopped a jeep from attacking Crossings by shooting the driver out of the seat. Found 3 enemy rallies at both Bunker Hill and Abandon Village. Composition-B'd two Pumas. Me and Tutvys then tried to Composition B'd a Panther together. Otherwise I was within the top 10 for 3 rounds of the 4 rounds I played since I went afk during the last one. Divisional Performance: Very good although a lot of the time people weren't in the cap zone such as Bunker Hill for some reason regiments weren't able to hold it despite being a very easy flag to hold. Regimental Performance: Again our regiment performed outstandingly over the other regiments. Officer's Performance: Very good! Medal Recommendations: Al-Sahad should get a Medal of Honor for basically having the most kills this campaign with over 800 kills in the 6 battles. Additional notes: Chicken Wings for all!

    Battle #: 5 Performance of Self: I think I performed very well. Not the top player in the squad but I think I performed very well considering I got 4 knife kills during the battle. Divisional Performance: Much better than last time, I can't say flawless because there's always something to improve upon. We did much better than we did last week and I will say great job Regimental Performance: Great we took a much more laxed and easier approach to the battle than last week. Tensions were non existent. Have to say any attack we performed was basically executed without a problem except our attack on AT Position right before the battle ended. Although that was because the other regiment that was attacking didn't enter the capzone. Officer's Performance: Airshark performance was really good. Medal Recommendations: AL-SAHAD was top of the leader boards the entire time I was in the battle I think he should be commended for his work. Additional notes: I'd like to thank the Watermelon Fried Chicken and Kool-Aid gods for our win!

    Battle #: 3 Performance of Self: Personally my performance was sub-par in the last two rounds The first round was stellar but after playing the third round we played a fourth round. No idea why we would even agree to a fourth round. Divisional* Performance: Again not really much spotting on CC its just people saying directions of where the tank is at the flag not the map grid reference. Once I was told a Panther was in the cap zone so I threw myself into the cap zone to flank him only to find out he was over 200m away from the cap shooting into the zone. Also their spotters were everywhere, they really know how to coordinate attacks and relay intel. Sometimes an attack was announced then half way through moving towards the objective the attack was diverted to another objective which I found somewhat annoying. The fourth round was a disaster in my opinion. It was a slaughter over two flags which for some reason no one could be in the cap to save the life of them. Regimental Performance: I wasn't infantry long enough to actually judge as it was only for 10 minutes I was infantry before the server reset and I was a tanker for the rest of the battle. For a second week in a row my mini-map was garbage SQL numbers weren't appearing and flags weren't showing on the mini-map so I had no idea where they were located. Although the tanker squad we performed to the best of our abilities given that we were once again outgunned. Which seems to always be the case. Their tanks which are much faster and maneuverable then ours especially the panther. Officer's Performance: When playing tankers generally you don't have an officer you should have CC on and listening to people over CC say where the enemy tanks are and where they need tank support and the next attack is going to take place. Although the last round which I had CC on it was extremely quite with only commands to attack the town, which for the life of me I can't pronounce because I'm an idiot, for some reason we kept attacking one flag and lost maybe 200 tickets just trying to take a town when the Depot was right there, or attack Bunker Outpost. Both which are much easier for us to maneuver in. Then it was just people bashing other people for not holding x objective and just sly remarks over CC about incompetence. Medal Recommendations: Inflex did amazing in the P-47 Thunderbolt saved my life twice by tanking out a panther or jagdpanther that would of killed me 10 seconds later if he didn't kill them. Additional notes: When playing in tanks the person in a tank should have CC on instead of one person in the tank squad have CC on.

    I don't mean to bash anyone and I'm not saying its anyone;'s fault as we performed sub par as well. It was weird they had spotters everywhere and it would take 3 tanks to just make it to Mainore to kill a single tiger because they would call arty on us or a jeep would drive up drop off two guys to kill the both of us. Also when the Mainore was under control and I shouldn't f said we were 'doing nothing' just what the majority of the squad was doing was sitting in the buildings that weren't even in the flag zone and no one was leaving the compound. I will say I found it funny the moment I stepped outside of the flagzone to go to an ammo crate the flag instantly went grey despite no one seeing a squad of 4 people walk into the Mainore. Otherwise it was pretty brutal last round I will say.

    Battle #: 3 Performance of Self: I think I did alright, although I was only there for two rounds one in which I did very good in and the last round of the night in which everything was lack luster all around. Divisonal Performance: I mean it just happened this battle that we couldn't even leave our spawn in the North with out tanks unless we held Manoire. Which was only during the rounds in which I played infantry. If we didn't hold Manoire then everything went to shit. They literally had a spotter in every bush for 200 meters and would spot us the nebelwaffer would get us, a tiger/jagdpanther would eliminate us, or infantry would run/drive up tellermine/rocket/satchel charge the tank. Literally a shit show and tanks were mostly useless. There were barely any spots despite a lot of people being in the Scout class or a class with binocs. Regimental Performance: To be honest I would say we unperformed although with reason. In both rounds I was there we were the top squad but we kept being put on a flag and told to do nothing, which I found really frustrating. For about 15 minutes in one battle we sat at Mainore and did nothing. Then finally when we moved it was too late to actually do anything. A lot of the time people wouldn't listen to go to another person in the squad and put down a rally. Officer's Performance: Prozac did a good job and understandable that the battle was hectic. Medal Recommendations: No medals should be given out as it is a loss not a win. Additional notes: For some reason the flags and squad leader icons were not appearing so you couldn't even find your Squad Leader (SQL) even if you highlighted the SQL. All in all this battle was frustrating and made me realize how much I disliked this map because of how much foliage there was and just how outgunned we were.
  11. [121st] MESS HALL

    Today's battle days my dudes. I won't be there till after the first round most likely because I don't get out of work till 3PM EST on Fridays for the Summer. Make sure we make good use of that Crusader AA though.
  12. [121st] LEAVE OF ABSENCE

    DATE: Every Thursday REASON(OPTIONAL): Work from 8am to 430pm EST so I won't be able to attend practice.

    Oh boy time time to two shot panthers and one shot pzIVs

    How I miss "Enemy spotted!" every 5 seconds. I mean spotting is nice if done properly like in PR. It's a huge advantage if we utilize it. Also if I recall most of the spotting was from WaW players ironically. And on the topic of spotting if its just static spotting I would be happy about that, and it would be a great addition to the mini-mod if that was added.