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FH2 Campaign #9 "Karelian Wolves" - Battle #1 Silver Fox will begin in:

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  1. I see my one kill with AT was on you. I see this campaign will be no different from the last. Best: - Definitely getting a 15k with the MG34 at the supply depot. Worst: - So many MG34s! Kill one another pops up! But it wasn't unbearable.
  2. Pene alla Vodka - I'm too lazy to move the photos from imgur taking too long on the forum. https://imgur.com/a/nyUaaUL All the ingredients you would need: - Olive oil - 1 Onion - 3 cloves of garlic - 140ml tube of tomato paste - 60ml of vodka (I use tito's because its simply the best) - Red pepper flakes ( I use a lot including cayenne pepper - this is a personal choice for how spicy you want it) - 175ml heavy cream - Parmesan cheese (no in the image) - .5kg of penne (subbed for orecchiette) - one box
  3. Best: - The numerous Bazooka multi-kills and knife kills Worst: - People arguing about stuff, not gonna let it leach out. Funniest: - Either @kummitus getting road killed while in a gunfight with my squad or @Enrik saying begone thot. Best Battle Photo - "Roadkill!" Other: - Honestly this campaign is really close only by a 1 point lead by the Axis. Keep it up Axis, its a lot of fun! Definitely the closest campaign I have experienced in 10 years of playing.
  4. Best/Funniest: - - @caeno and @knokworst making fun of me for my frustration trying to get a drill bit to work with my drill. - Some hilarious chatting in Easy I for the whole evening, seriously wasn't even annoyed with the outcome of the battle.. - @Tutvys getting annoyed by the amount of MG's people kept spawning with. I thought everyone hated the 1919A6 Most hated player: - @FadusTM and @Outlaw seriously. I'm pretty sure I died to Outlaw the most in this entire campaign, just the amount of times I'll get on an emplacement shoot one bullet and then BOOM I get shelled and die. I only
  5. Oh you definitely go down as my worst enemy to play against. Literally always die to your arty shots.
  6. Best: - Driving the jeep with Basaka up to the Ridge and him going "well hopefully we don't flip over and die." As we slide down the entire slope towards a stack of trees. Worst: - Getting Tked over a jeep because a misunderstanding on my part spawning at the wrong point with multiple jeeps being available. But it happens Funniest: - Definitely rushing crossroads on the Jackson's with Tore, while using the .50 cal on the back of it Most hated player: - Idk there wasn't any nemesis' just the Panther flicking his HE rounds at me randomly. Most loved/liked player: - Wo
  7. Best: - Getting a triple kill during the start of the round at Village. Then getting my camp on the with the K98 ZF. BONK Worst: - Hit registration, I always feel like my shots dance around someone or they just don't happen. I can't tell if its my high ping (from North America) or if I have terrible aim. Funniest: - Its also in the video above but, Spawning and trading a killing shot with another player just makes me laugh because I know the spawn kill isnt intentional and it definitely makes you jolt. Most hated player: - Hawk, every time I went to lurk at a l
  8. Best: - Definitely calling out tanks before they can even be seen from the Axis' forest. Worst: - I always feel like the Thompson is just so clunky and my shots sometimes don't register but I'd have to say my Funniest is also the worst. Funniest: - Definitely trying to knife a machine gunner and epically failing as it always does. Most hated player: - @Ronid just kept dying to him in gunfights >:| Most loved/liked player: - Easily @BaskaBommi really likeable kudos to him for squad leading. Best Battle Photo - The eyes of a serial killer. Other: - E
  9. One thing I hope for is that the battles start a little later for people in North America, I dont get out of work on Fridays till 3pm EST which the battle already started for an hour already.
  10. Nah that movie was realistic, way better than Fury and almost on par with Saving Private Ryan.
  11. Best: Knifing people several people throughout the course of the battle. Plus eating Fried Chicken and drinking Koolaid! Funniest: Fried Clucking Chicken Jokes Most hated player: @Tutvys
  12. The "best song" close this thread up bois
  13. Have the original disc at home but when it came out on Steam which was years ago, for some reason it carried over to my library.
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