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  1. FH2 Campaign #2 - Coming Soon

    One thing I hope for is that the battles start a little later for people in North America, I dont get out of work on Fridays till 3pm EST which the battle already started for an hour already.
  2. Nah that movie was realistic, way better than Fury and almost on par with Saving Private Ryan.
  3. Best: Knifing people several people throughout the course of the battle. Plus eating Fried Chicken and drinking Koolaid! Funniest: Fried Clucking Chicken Jokes Most hated player: @Tutvys
  4. Community Music Channel

  5. Community Music Channel

    The "best song" close this thread up bois
  6. What BF2 installation is Your FH2 running ON ?

    Have the original disc at home but when it came out on Steam which was years ago, for some reason it carried over to my library.