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  1. Watch the mini series "Normal People" - it´s just great
  2. Am I correct, the Spanish regiment continues to play as a cohesive unit on one side. They don't have any insight into dividing themselves into two sides? Do you continue to feel buoyed by your outstanding win last campaign? Who would you like to fight against, always in majority, like in the last campaigns? Do you think a team would want to constantly play with involuntary replacement players over and again? If the Spaniards are divided, it can once again become an interesting campaign.
  3. Sorry, I have overlooked something

    1. eXHaLe


      God, how embarrassing for me, but I'm used to it :cake:

    2. eXHaLe
  4. Meinen guten Freund @Pepinio Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, immer Gesund bleiben, vertraue auf dein Glück
  5. Happy Buzz Day @Buzz Adams
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