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  1. eXHaLe

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday all the youngsters @Gameplayer500 @kutuzovrusss @luacha2000
  2. It is still up to date, do we ever want to see a hitmarker in this fifth campaign or not ? Activate it and see how people react
  3. eXHaLe

    Happy Birthday

    з днем народження DALIDA
  4. eXHaLe

    Happy Birthday

    Felicitaciones por tu cumpleaños mi amigo @RayderPSG
  5. Hey Patrick :beavisbutthead:

  6. https://www.wahl-o-mat.de/europawahl2019/
  7. eXHaLe

    Happy Birthday

    Alpacas 4tw @thunder493
  8. eXHaLe

    Happy Birthday

    Happy holiday to you @FunOxO and @PollitoJrH12945
  9. The killer in me is the killer in you, i send this smile over to you
  10. The "Erhardt" is a fast and well armoured vehicle with 5 seats & 5 MGs ! Entente didn´t have anything like that ! 480 vs 288 tickets at a 2/3 round bleed were bad. You are still happy about your victories ? Big thanks to Gabbotto´s men to compensate. Switching the enemy leader or any other unintentionally to us due to numbers Please switch me next time to them for ....compensate You could always easily bypass the sphere of artillery by speed. Only the attack route took the Erhardt in place. Entente´s fieldguns, not artillery or even heavy artillery because we have none, couldn´t follow you due to terrain and attacking soldiers. Even if this is an Outbreak 1914 campaign, the forces should always be balanced from the start. Next battles are "Vitry", unfortunately not "Vitry classic" and "Montblainville" are infantry only, "Ypres" will be again an "Erhardt" map, then "Langemarck", "Battle of Yser" and "Battle of the Nete" will be inf-only once more. The very last battle: "Bocage 1918" will be a due conclusion. Heavy armoured tank forces 4tw The next BF1918 campaign should be named: 1918 - The fall of the imperial empire
  11. BEST: The tactical hotspots were known. "Church" was heavily defended. The fieldguns were manned and worked out well. WORST: We would have need more men at the first flags. Specially more close armor combat troops. The enemy Erhardt always slipped through to our back flag. Big fail ! Armor close combat troopers at our first flag should have knocked down their armoured assault at all costs. We had trouble at "Church", deduct a lot people for defense there. The "Erhardt" was again responsible to win rounds after rounds for the Germans. The "Erhardt" is fast and well armoured, how many Fieldguns you will put up against it ? They again won the third Battle due to this single vehicle. Placed in the back it worked like a well armoured sniper tank. Inflicting heavy casualities all over. More over the ticket bleed was fucked up. As mentioned in the videos, it seemed the server settings weren´t changeable. 480 : 288 at start with an "Erhardt" respawning every 30 sec..... Oh well, it seems the campaign will start for us now: Find spots for our artillery at their spawnpoints, knock out the vehicle spawns, kill them when they spawn. Their "Erhardt" killed us too, whenever we tried to spawn at our flags ... ADDITIONAL: Next two battles are infantry only - at "Ypres" we will met the "Erhardt" again !
  12. Best: 50 players battle in BF1918 Worst: Entente fought 90% of time in excess and the enemy side won´t to make up for compensation. German Erhardt armoured vehicle was way to superiour compared to our slappy taxis. Only two flags to stop the bleed. Funniest: The enemy did not consider the effect of their trucks at all. Most hated player: Surely the Erhardt drivers Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo Xmas1918 snowball fights work out Other: -
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