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  1. Best Battle Photo -https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1231-best-battle-photo-medal/ Ghost of Village...
  2. Lol, I remember this moment, Halo sarcastically says in TS - "Oh, someone is riding a BMW" and after a few seconds with a laugh "@Sir_Kowskoskey again" I did not look at the log and asked - "How do you know what he is? You destroyed them?" and he replied - "Yes .... from an anti-tank rifle" )))
  3. 1 - Oh, I am in TV, weeeeeehooo. 2 - Oh, F*ck, I am dead in TV.... not good (((
  4. Отпиши ещё тут (https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/225-призывная-запись-в-отряд-sign-in/)
  5. ЯÖÏÖR

    FH2 Videos

    If someone interested - this my channel on YouTube with Tournament videos, welcome! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyajRqVXh-X2I55PjC6CUqQ
  6. 1 - That was realy fun moment, planes was damaged and I think we not stay alive, but I hearing "Boom" close to me and see message about crash of 2 enemy planes :-) 2 - As says Halo - one shot with 88 was my, when try shotdown Halo's Mc.202. 3 - You and Harmo doing very good job in air and yeah, you also kick our asses many times :-) Thnx for Dogfights my friends!
  7. Yeah, that was cool, thanks @caeno and @Harmonikater for amazing dogfights! That was me on BF-109 in this moment and we with @HaLoAL was very laughed with this situation. There also was me on Stuka, but Stuka's MG bad for attack and I was forced to quit the battle because of the danger of approaching an enemy fighter in air. You lucky my friend!
  8. User: ROIOR (-NM- Squad) Level: 57 Preferred Nation: Now only Germany. Preferred Mode: Only Simulator battles - Luftwaffe und Panzerwaffe.
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