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Real CMP and FH2 meetings.


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With this topic I want to open something nice about the gaming comunitties like the one we have: after spending hours and hours with some teammates around here, you actually get to love them! 

I've had the chance to meet several teammates already, but this last week I had the opportunitty to meet my friend @AL-SAHAD. I will ask others to post more. Feel free to post your meetings if wanted! 

Of course this will be a post where people must ask the other ones permission. 

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A picture with one of the worst FH2 players i've ever met. And next to him @RayderPSG



Photos were taken in August 2019 at La Rochelle (France), one at the harbor and one with a polaroid on a GFM cloche of one of the bunker around the town (AtlantikWall).

Sacré Marcel !


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43 minutes ago, L.L.HERRAIZ said:


This seems more like Rayder and friends posts hahhaha.  I'm looking for the picture of @RayderPSG, @ermahe and me in Madrid,  but I'm afraid we were too high to have taken pictures....

Yes and no. it's others people fault to not start uploading stuff! hehe 

32 minutes ago, L.L.HERRAIZ said:


this one is too good haahahahaha 


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Come oooooon guys, what's going on with this thread! It needs activity

@L.L.HERRAIZ came to Valencia...and of course, we couldn't miss the oportunitty to share our love for FH2



And then... @Anguita36 joined the party! 


Herraiz was devastated after a hard campaign evening in someone else's house





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