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  1. BIA weekend in Steam. nice discounts for ArmA and others https://store.steampowered.com/sale/BohemiaInteractive
  2. Such a great song. Too bad they made only 2 records.
  3. Best: Very good numbers throughout the campaign, hunting the tanks, almost everything. This was a good campaign. Thank you people! Worst: Not having enough time for strats and practices. Losing is never nice, even to a very good opponent. Funniest: Midsummer party with @Sir_Kowskoskey. Also making the song was quite fun. Even thought about rapping myself, but the TS clips sound better.... Oh, and bagging them tanks and AT guns took the whole hobby to a new level. Other: Thanks to @Ronid and Kowskey for doing most of the HQ duties, our squad leaders and our players. Also thanks the Axis HQ and Axis team for being a worthy opponent. If you were even a little bit less good, we would have won. Well done! One would think this is a sure hit. Well guess what, the train swerved. @Ombustman is practically dead meat. Well, no. He decides to drive forward. When teabagging is your second nature....
  4. turbomursu

    GTA V Online

    Can we get a crew together for GTA V Online? I'll create one if we have even a few people interested in joining. Just having fun and hanging out in TS occasionally. Post your Social Club name below if interested. My name is KingOksamo over there.
  5. Best: -sometimes intense action within the city Worst: -guard duty at hill Funniest: -TS chatter Most hated player: -none Most loved/liked player: -no one in particular. of course i love allied more than the filthy axis. Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2786-best-battle-photo-medal/ -Look boys, I'm diving! Other: -a lot of good things happend but we still lost. but it was a close fight actually, so just that little prod needed to push us over the edge
  6. FUCK!! Thank you Russia for blowing my brains twice today.
  7. Italian dudes making random metal shit. Alestorm is actually quite "normal"
  8. You really should check this out!
  9. Best: - Numbers again. And the first round and that 0-6 round even though we lost it. Worst: -will be posted in AAR Funniest: - fighting with @krakki south of 63 I knew he'd come looking for me after I shot him in the back with MG. Funniest2: - sneaking to camp and killing yehuiel(?) at least 3 times Most hated player: - no one. I love you all Most loved/liked player: - our pilots, tankers and arty Best Battle Photo - I bring my kubel for an oil change and the damn grease monkeys drop my car in the service pit and take a nap. Other: - Almost capped 63 alone, but damn admin killed me while I was bagging @Sir_Kowskoskey
  10. Tutvys: Do we drive straight in to the flagzone or what you want us to do? BaskaBommi: Do whatever you see best. I trust your instincts. Tutvys: CURRAHEE!! Guys in the truck: CURRAHEE!! BaskaBommi: Jesusfuckingchrist, Tutvys!
  11. Best: - full server, team coordination, athmosphere in TS Worst: - The Lithuanian discotheque in TS Funniest: - The 82nd Airborne division choir Most hated player: - none Most loved/liked player: - @caeno and @BaskaBommi. You're doing awesome job as officers. Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2786-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - forgot which key is the parachute key and smashed into ground the first time. Also that patrol mission with @Erwin. The MG in the APC sounds so badass that I just kept shooting and singing "lovely day in the neighbourhood for a drive-by" in my head https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHdWyL4va0E
  12. I'm just loving this song. Awesome band alltogether
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