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  1. "Pidän elefanttipeleistä ja venäläisestä ruletista" - @Ombustman
  2. FUUUU!!! I'm in love! And somebody said "they don't make good music anymore"
  3. Best: - intense close combat at times Worst: - hills Funniest: - nothing in particular. had fun almost all of the time, but still we lost Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - Prozac got me and dropped a nade on my corpse, ran away and came to see what happened. No bagging took place. Seems like the battle procedures are not clear in the allied side... Other: -here's another angle
  4. @Sir_Kowskoskey is this the "tuntsa-tuntsa"-song?
  5. Best: -Winning, of course Worst: -Being quite tired towards the end Funniest: - Quadruple teabag of Kowskey Most hated player: -no one @RayderPSG's brother. He knifed me in Vallevona because I had a Bren in my hand and maybe he thought I was the enemy. Really pissed me off at the time but later he paid this back though by killing and bagging @Sir_Kowskoskey Most loved/liked player: - @CptBocquier for saving our asses Best Battle Photo - Other: -Terrible roads and terrain all together. Nice atmosphere still, but all you could do was walk.
  6. Best: - very close game and excellent numbers Worst: - nothing actually. Maybe getting knifed in the woods by some noob Funniest: - getting teabagged by the same noob and also receiving PM thru Discord Most hated player: - no one. Most loved/liked player: - All Axis Best Battle Photo - Other: - I was at church and saw someone driving the civillian truck like drunk. Started shooting at it but it ran away. Moments later I hear it driving again and stopping south east on the hillside. I shoot the guy and see I got @Sir_Kowskoskey. Of course I have to get there so I run down the hill and look for the corpse in the bushes hoping it does not disappear befor I find it. Luckily he did not get far from the truck and the he was laying on his back. So while admiring his moustache I teabagged him well and ran back to church. I thought I took a screenshot, but could not find it .
  7. Best: -my cunning plan worked and we won. 90 players on server. pretty good for a dying game. Worst: -trowing that smoke in the victory pic. sorry, but I could not understand how long taking one screenshot takes. Funniest: - CC chatter at times. Also those funny things in my pics Most hated player: - Nobody Most loved/liked player: -Pantyfas, Halcor, wasteland_hero come to mind first. Also everyone else on axis, because you did an awesome job! Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2474-best-battle-photo-medal/ Too bad I didn't have anything to blow that tin open. Seems like the tankers on the allied side need some training. After the pic he just hit the gas and drove forward like that, managed to land on his tracks and escaped before I could get into the PAK. Russians guarding the HQ. Those guys were just facing each other and crouching /standing up in rythm one at a time. So I jumped here, they notice me and start jumping also. Had a bit of a laugh Other: -
  8. I get the feeling that @Raandom likes more HC simulation type racing games. It's OK but what I loved about GRID Autosport and Dirt was the fact that you really don't need to be Kimi Hamilton to have fun and that's the way I think we should go for in our tournament. You should be able to spend only a few hours to learn the track, make setups and be ready to race and have fun instead of doing mental training for the track for days and getting automotive engineer's degree for setups and then spend hundreds of credits to simulator equipment and then weeks to learn how to drive a go-kart. Maybe at later stages we could have our own racing team taking part in the online tourneys for the real hard core racers, but for the good of the community concentrate more on having fun and simple races first. And yes, the GRID AS has peculiar physics. Erwin passed me in one race with a car with no doors and only 3 wheels.... It was still fun
  9. Best: -288 squads. We just rock! Worst: -leaving early due to balance the teams Funniest: -Apart from the Jeep episode this one was funny too. I'm setting the RP near frontline bunker. Geballte in my hand and press Y instead of T. My mate sets up the RP and I drop the explosive. I yell "GEBALLTE!!! RUN AWAY!!" I end up blowing the fresh RP and fuck up that assault completely. Most hated player: -No one Most loved/liked player: - @Sir_Kowskoskey. Handsome, adorable hunk of a man. Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2128-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -Killed a plane with 6pdr. That was fun too.
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