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  1. Best: - Good map - thought city would be a grind but was fun Worst: - Getting killed instantly every time I tried to sneak into a backflag on my own Funniest: - Playing chicken with jeeps with @Ombustman and both dieing Most hated player: - Admins at Ruins - we just could not find your RP
  2. Best: - Campaign time Worst: - CTD at crucial point Funniest: - Killing @GeoPat while he was looking at the map in the last round - been there myself too many times Most hated player: - Admins being annoying at Western Harbour Most loved/liked player: - @johnnymzq for mega arty
  3. Best: - playing as a simple soldier with no CC with an axis squad that was great fun Worst: - being forced at gunpoint by @RayderPSG to cap a back flag
  4. You don't need experience to lead here - I had zero. I was a bit nervous at the start but the scrims help settle you down into the role quickly.
  5. I can't lead again but I'd be happy to be a Major in allied HQ to support someone new or experienced.
  6. Best: - The few close rounds that we won Worst: - The many close rounds that we lost Funniest: - Killing a jeep full of Polish at roundstart in a truck Most hated player: - Axis jeeps crashing our back flags Most loved/liked player: - Allied tankers for dominating on some maps. All the allied HQ and officers for attending almost every battle and giving it their all (barring a storm or two).
  7. Best: - 3-0 score Worst: - axis arty killing my RP multiple times Funniest: - Was hiding in the coalmine looking at the map, minding my own business. I close the map to find an axis player holding a knife to my face, quickly managed to press the trigger and save the flag! Most hated player: Most loved/liked player:
  8. Best: - Winning Battle 7 - it got a bit heated but boy that was a good victory Worst: - Battle 10 - We fought well and lost in Battles 9&11 and 12 was about trying new officers, but 10 really was a clusterf**k for the allies Funniest: - @Tore screaming over CC like he'd actually been shot in the last battle Most hated player: - People killing me while I was looking at the map - very unsporting Most loved/liked player: All the allied officers & SLs but particularly @turbomursu and @RayderPSG for their HQ advice, @BaskaBommi for his positive attitude, @Tutvys for his passion to win and @CptBocquier for being a superb opponent and making the battles fun and exciting (except for Battle 10 obviously)
  9. Which is the international infantry on the allied side?
  10. Company of Heroes 2 is still a great game with enough people playing to get a decent multiplayer match. Plus games last about 40 mins.
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