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  1. Best: - Winning Battle 7 - it got a bit heated but boy that was a good victory Worst: - Battle 10 - We fought well and lost in Battles 9&11 and 12 was about trying new officers, but 10 really was a clusterf**k for the allies Funniest: - @Tore screaming over CC like he'd actually been shot in the last battle Most hated player: - People killing me while I was looking at the map - very unsporting Most loved/liked player: All the allied officers & SLs but particularly @turbomursu and @RayderPSG for their HQ advice, @BaskaBommi for his positive attitude, @Tutvys for his passion to win and @CptBocquier for being a superb opponent and making the battles fun and exciting (except for Battle 10 obviously)
  2. Which is the international infantry on the allied side?
  3. Otto

    Strategy Games anyone?

    Company of Heroes 2 is still a great game with enough people playing to get a decent multiplayer match. Plus games last about 40 mins.
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