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  1. Arma III

    Sadly we have events every saturday, including 11/11
  2. Best: The fight axis gave. It was a real honor to play against them. Best 2 : 200+ kills, enemies felt like they were running into my bullets. Worst: Nothing, maybe ammount of stupid trees around main Funniest: Us trying to leave main and bumping into every damn tree in a way. Most hated player: All Russian and German regiment players who fought at Caminno Most loved/liked player: All Russian and German regiment players who fought at Caminno Other: God damn guys, this was a good map.
  3. Arma III

    By downtimes you mean?
  4. Best: By far one of the most fun map I have ever played in FH2. Lots of action, allied put a really decent fight. Worst: Axis had an upperhand it felt, but not only map balance issues caused loss for allied. Funniest: Banter with 4[25]. Most hated player: Randoom , for dishonoring my knife battle suggestion, but still dying. ☺ Most loved/liked player: All 4th regiment. Other: Suggestion for this map- make 2 western flags gray and increase tickets by at least 100.
  5. New Dawn, New Frontier - Arma III

    Or you can wait a bit until winter sale on steam and get it for 10 euros
  6. Arma III

    Arma III Campaign is open, join up! https://cmp-gaming.com/gc/
  7. New Dawn, New Frontier - Arma III

    You can alway check that by trying download mods, preparing yourself for saturdays. But we will use more mods - a modpack.
  8. Arma III

    I hope we can get similiar nights when our campaign starts, just as fun and as many people
  9. Not a TV Show, nor a movie but who haven't seen yet should go watch these TV series: Band Of Brothers, War and Peace (BBC), Generation Kills, Generation War, Czas Honoru, Game Of Thrones. All of these - 10/10
  10. CMP Quotes

    Kows: Duck Duck Duck! Tutvys: Chicken!
  11. FH2 Campaign #2 - Coming Soon

    That would make me suffer till 2am, not even talking about people further east.
  12. Community Music Channel

  13. FH2 Campaign #2 - Coming Soon

    Not whole campaign
  14. Strategy Games anyone?

    Hello, I was wondering do we have anyone who like and plays games such as Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV, Hearts Of Irons IV? Please share