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FH2 Campaign #9 "Karelian Wolves" - Battle #1 Silver Fox will begin in:

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  1. Talking about National Socialism and then changing the topic to Scandinavia has caused some interesting moments
  2. Best: - A lovely and sadly the last evening with some of my favorite people. I will miss you guys, but I hope to see you next campaign! Worst: - The complaining from the select few as usual and after campaign (!) talks... Funniest: - Caeno and Turbo pissed drunk in the last round and during the aftermath Most hated player: - No one! Tis the season of jolly fun! Most loved/liked player: - Easy - my boys and everyone else on Allied Team who have pulled themselves together for the last final push of the campaign. Cheers! Best Battle Last Battle Photo - Photo's not min
  3. @atElmo stinks! Happy Birthday love
  4. I would surely support an idea of having more activity in-between campaigns. A Team Cup could do. But maybe this time people sign-up and admins set up the teams.
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, indeed! P.S @RAnDOOm I think Quicksilver is missing from that list ^^
  6. I would be up for some EUIV or CKII action, COH2. EUIV could be fun if many people play, alliances, backstabing and so on. But we'd need a guy with DLC's for that.
  7. Happy Birthday my Latvian друг! @Malleus
  8. Hi guys, this year I am having a lot of questions, currently I am about to embark on Politics train in Vilnius University, however I am not sure about it so I really need your help and that you write something about your speciality. Thanks!
  9. I have GTX 960 2gb i5-4460 Have to say, not the best performance. ~30 FPS but quality sucks and many graphic bugs.
  10. Free game - http://store.steampowered.com/app/203770/Crusader_Kings_II/
  11. Hey guys, if you want to join us, keep an eye on discord every evening at 17GMT, we usually start playing at that time
  12. Good day everyone! We've got a Quick update for you guys. Tomorrow we're starting yet another Arma 3 MSO and this Time we're going to Vietnam. If you' re looking forwards to joining us, feel free to join us tomorrow, 19UTC.
  13. I wouldn't be as hyped for Polish forces as you're Imo, it will most likely be tank reskins, russian soldiers and polish voices.
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