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FH2 Campaign #9 "Karelian Wolves" - Battle #1 Silver Fox will begin in:

FH2 Campaign #9 "Karelian Wolves" is now open! Click on "Campaigns" to sign up!

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  1. I have been thinking about something to fill the void in between the main CMP campaigns. By organizing smaller, 2-4 match mini-campaigns featuring random CMP maps with no shared theme. There has been talk about getting the new players more active to the community and in campaigns. Especially the lack of volunteers into officer duties and leading the regiments has been a pain, since the veteran players wish to be engaged in the gameplay aspect more often. There is only a small pool of oldies willing to step in. Since Forgotten Hope 2 is the heart of the community, it is important to k
  2. We have a number of campaigns and events planned for the new year, with more happening in the coming months. Highlights include: Arma III Campaign: "Vlad's Wolves" - Starting 5th January Answer the call and join the rebel group of "Vlad's Wolves" fighting a guerilla style war against the Russian and Pro-Russian occupation of Chernarus. You can sign up for the Arma III campaign at https://cmp-gaming.com/gc/cat/26-arma-iii/ Forgotten Hope 2 Campaign #3 - Coming In March The next campaign will take place in the "Continuation War" between F
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