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  1. @AL-SAHAD @RAnDOOm @RayderPSG @Quicksilver @Pepinio Thank you so much guys!! sorry for the late response. This made me very happy...
  2. Best: Being finally back! Best2: The changes, I love what they have done with that, the balanced result despite our loss is still a lot better than what we had with the static layouts. The damage marker going away is a great change that already should have happened in the base game. Worst: Having to join two rounds late Funniest: Burying my Pz3 into the trench at hill in the final round
  3. Op. Clean Sweep could make a nice clean pacific map to play on with some visual touch-ups, probably. Gulf of Oman would be in interesting take on a landing setup in FH2's context, but the distances probably need to be expanded.
  4. Bannerlord events would be a ton of fun. I'm hoping for a late Summer release
  5. Thank you so much guys!
  6. Probably back to world war two.
  7. They killed 2142 straight away with the lack of mod support, and shame, it had some really good improvements over bf2's engine
  8. Best: zExtremely close juicy rounds, love em Worst: -Lots of heights and forests, it was a challenge but it had its highlights. Funniest: -Driving all the way through enemy held wirtzfeld among 6-8 allied infantrymen with the panzer 4 to get a sherman kill. Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Other: -
  9. Bit too touchey for a website full of adult males
  10. Best: Lafette massacre in Manoir Worst: Tiger is a massive target and a pain to drive Funniest: -Running an allied over without noticing him while trying to protect the friendly RP Most hated player: Nobody Most loved/liked player: HaloAL this time Other: Fun battle, 262 is a map with a lot of options.
  11. Cool stuff. Apart from the idiotic presentation the idea of giving tiny bots the ability to profile and kill people is really scary. This is kind of an AI doomsday scenario. Weapons should never be that small and so capable.
  12. Best: Running kowalsky over without even noticing him in frontline Best2: Tank battles, some were extremely tense for low visibility and the allied tanks could really keep up with their 76 mills and the 105 Worst: Crashed once or twice Funniest: Flip tank at river crossing on a trench, get two kills on the kill feed: a teamkill and an enemy kill! Just how packed were those trenches. Funniest2: (Tank starts flipping) "Oh oh ohohohohohoshiioh NOOO" (tank does a 360) "Alright give me some time to catch up" Most hated player: Noone Most loved/liked player: Boogie, gameplayer, wolf and the rest for spending an excellent time together Other: See you next week!
  13. This one is really interesting and could grow into something really big.
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