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  1. Best: Great battle. Great campaign. Good vibes on TS. Great regiment. Worst: Top scoring on axis on a good round. 11 tickets left of the match, my internet cuts out and I disconnect. Saddest: That I care so much of getting top score Funniest: Tanks tumbling down mountain sides. Funniest: The group photo Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: My regiment Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
  2. Haha I take it as a compliment Best: Sitting down and playing FH2 cooperatively while drinking some beers after being shot down by a girl earlier in the day Best 2: Great map! Best 3: Intense battles. Village 2 felt like that railway station in Stalingrad that changed hands 14 times in six hours. Best 4: Having a great day with the Type 99 Worst: My teamkills. Last round I killed one of ours while we had seven tickets left and allies had 13 or something. Worst 2: Never being able to get to or find @Sir_Kowskoskey's body so I could teabag him Funniest: Trying to keep @WOLFXL alive at Village 2. There was always one with Composition B I did not see, or a Stuart shot his second shot before I could finish my repair. Most hated player: @Ombustman and his BAR. I got cut down many times. Most loved/liked player: @Erwin I like his leading style, tactics and how he's obsessed with trying to destroy tanks. Most loved/liked player 2: @Sir_Kowskoskey Other: The katana needs a massive slashes per minute upgrade. It is paradoxically the worst close quarter weapon you can have because it slashes once every five second.
  3. Best: Throwing a hail mary of a grenade in the enemy's general direction of attack and destroying their RP. Best: Getting a 5 kill grenade on temple. I played fucking great that round. and ended up top scoring Worst: Sucking mega big ass the round after, before the game crashed and I just gave up. Funniest: Close quarter fighting at temple. I think @Spieler4was laying prone inside my squad mate (can't remember who). I shoot, miss Spieler, but TK my mate. Spieler jumps back up on his feet and kill me. FML. Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: -
  4. Best: Fun battle, great fights Worst: My ping combined with the game engine's wonky hit detection Funniest: Killing @Sir_Kowskoskey who had panicked and had pulled his service revolver. I teabag him like a madman on coke until his corpse disappear. Then I continue onwards to the flag, but I stop in the middle of the road to shoot someone. Then I hear a sound of an engine. Next thing I know I am run over by a fucking JEEP that Kowskoskey drove. He then exits and proceeds to teabag me. Most hated player: Only love. The Bren gunners perhaps. Most loved/liked player: - Other: I Wish I came earlier. Although girls don't..
  5. Best: - Finding an unused tank at airfield and parking it by the air control tower. Firing at incoming infantry attacking Red Beach, I got 10+ kills in two minutes. Worst: - Having a bad day Funniest: - Naming the Sherman the "King Tiger". Might as well have been one Most hated player: - Myself. Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - Other: - @Pr0z4c has made a beautiful map. I really love the touch of using a real life google map image as the surrounding sea.
  6. Woops! Best: - Great map. It needs some work on the balancing or a second mirrored layer, but the fights that developed especially around the center flag were great. Worst: - The Winchester got to my head a couple of times. Funniest: - Searching for @Sir_Kowskoskey's rally point just East of Hill 80. finding it and start to panic because they start to spawn even though I was almost standing on the rally. Most hated player: - I love everyone that plays FH2. Although Alex7 sniping with a Springfield was tiresome at times. Most loved/liked player: - Japanese airforce did a great job. I started to continuously spot a Stuart that was harassing us. 30 seconds later it was blown up by a KI-61. Best Battle Photo - Other: -
  7. lol, fun to see my videos still being seen. Raandoom's motivational speech is my favorite
  8. Best: Playing FH2 again Worst: Getting killed by @Sir_Kowskoskey and then teabagged. Funniest: Getting killed by @Sir_Kowskoskey and then teabagged Most hated player: @Sir_Kowskoskey Most loved/liked player: - Other: -
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