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  1. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Team

    @Pr0z4c said yes and i already got permission from the wife. Battletime okay?
  2. BF42/1918/FH0.7

    So @Buddydog meet up on friday battletime and lets see what we can do with this. Do you have time?
  3. Register Your Team Here | 6 Players + Substitutes

    Oye, @Blander are you trying to steal my team? We are already formed, you can join geopats group. They need more man power
  4. BF42/1918/FH0.7

    Okay, been watching this from the sidelines and time to step in. Buddy do you mean those two chats we had about this? The chats where you said the same thing about this " i expect some one to contact me?" Would I be the " inside source" you mean? Im curious cause i have a different memory about the topic. I told you to open up the discussion yourself on the forums or contact for example pap directly by pm. I also told you to stop this fht against cmp cause nobody is talking about it here (why cause there is no it) and all honesty this is exactly one of the things we are trying to leave behind. So buddydog if you want to look into starting something up with fh1, i think there is no one against it. So you can start doing it. But really time to stop this extra bs. If you cannot drop it, then maybe we all ( you included) will be happier not to do anything regarding fh1. In that case Cmp will continue playing other games as a group. Your choise. Edit: just to make clear there are no branch managers nor branches here. Just a group of people having fun together. The comitee is the only " governing body" who oversee stuff. Starting new things is just cause of individual activity and personal interest
  5. Recruit Pool - I Want To Join A Team

    Will need a fourth team to make it happen. Dont worry. Youll get a player soon
  6. Recruit Pool - I Want To Join A Team

    okay, forming up a team from players on the list. @Ombustman @WOLFXL @Druidix @Matsku @fighterpil @jay919 ill lead the group. due the newly appointed dictator of the unit ill name us "Massachusetts Mayhem" (logo and name might change) @RAnDOOm i noticed dannyboy needs to join a team. add him to prozacs team in my place
  7. Recruit Pool - I Want To Join A Team

    stand by, looking into this
  8. Football!

    Well you have 2matches to see atleast Liiiiiiiverpoooolliiiiiverpooool.
  9. Football!

    foking everton spoilling my weekend...
  10. Best: like this map Worst: unnecessery bs from 2 individuals left a bad taste in the mouth Funniest: open fields close tanks. damn those can be hidden well Most hated player: Most loved/liked player: everybody, really like spending my fridays with you lot! Other: too bad it went this way, will do the best to make the next one even
  11. Best: those single moments Worst: axis learning how to place mgs and tanks so we good that we couldnt move. This demoralized the army so that performance turned bad Funniest: Busting Minijims balls about tk mines and what does he do in the first assault Funniest2: Managed to go around the whole map to.sneak up and place ahim rally only to blow up. Funniest3 : redneck rampage and stopping 3 germans in the long corridor to church. Germans 4 and 5 managed to stop me after a while drying to stab them (Oh @johonas was that you ?) funniest 4: German saboteurs blew up my beutiful jeep Funniest5 : " your village is looking for its idiot" Most hated player: onduty, causing.nightmares Most loved/liked player: hmmmhmmmhmmm i liked caenos optimism! Other: I reeeaaallly hate quitting.
  12. Community Music Channel

  13. Favorite WW2 Pistol

  14. Star Citizen needs you

    Firsr test... im seeing a lot of promise in this