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  1. Best: Nice attacks.and.counters Worst/worst/whahappen: After two rounds one player was kicked, 2nd officer ragequit and the army was without a general Worst2 : part 1, so uncool... Funniest2: yehiel and someother fighter placing rp next to manoir. Followed them for a while, rp up kill em and start destroying the rp. Clip from thompson, few rounds from webley, few rounds from g43 and nothing. Lucky that the guys dropped faust. Funniest3: the moment when you have stolen a mg42 from a dead fighter you kill 2 guys both armed with mg42 close to you and to be shot 5seconds later by a mg42 you start to think we might have over done it Mhp: was having sturmflim nightmares Most loved: my conspiracy theorist fighter ensign
  2. Best: Nice evening Worst: Crappy skill level and didint do my job. Really dislike this map Funniest: The bond squad. Funniest2: Sminesh funniest3: final attack east.. odi bagging and hawk dipping. Most hated player: Breddy, please let me live Most loved/liked player: prozac, the fool Other: Would be nice to play a map that both sides wins a round Other2: Finally got vlasov with a knife!
  3. Just happy that our new lad isint fron massaschuheeee
  4. Funniest 4: mr teapags award spreading around. More participants than ever
  5. Best: Nice map, a lot of tactical beauties Best2: new lads joining in. Worst: rainrain go away Funniest1: failed assault on the hill. Alone on the flag and the russian squad trying to serve me tea. Funniest2: prozacs squad came to help first driving over me and later someone else. Funniest3: that lonely german rifleman and me having a duel. Missing all the rifle shots, me taking a knife going after him. The panic arraises untill someone shot me in the back and a kubel drives over me Mhp: Johonas, didint trick me as bad this week but was athe pain!
  6. CMP Quotes

    " Coldplay is music for men who masturbate crying" - Ensign steel, no idea how we got there
  7. Best: Rebel army of the germanites. 100th went through a wall a few times Worst: we still dont have a "Beam me up Scotty" transport Funniest: playing against people with extreme imagination. Couple of defences succeeded only cause of chance. Funniest2: minijim is learning to be trigger happy Funniest3: Halos mobile altar, praying tank. "Noonoo please noooo" Hate an love: Hawky aka Saltybird. Found him many times and should be only allowed to use a radio. Othet: @Johonas i always belived you to be a gentleman but after the trick you pulled on me @stoumont the gloves are off
  8. Best: Close Combat, Ma squad!, Natwill sending me pictures of his pet Worst: Disorientation Funniest: Massachutessntttz Most hated player: Any of the spaniards and Malleus Most loved/liked player: MiniJim and his minimines Other: The people around this game are awesome!
  9. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Team

    Nice to see that these kinds of fumbles happens also on other games
  10. Foxhole - A Persistent Multiplayer Game Where Wars Can Last For Days

    Im at work, maybe possible later
  11. Foxhole - A Persistent Multiplayer Game Where Wars Can Last For Days

    I think ill also buy it
  12. Foxhole - A Persistent Multiplayer Game Where Wars Can Last For Days

    Seems really intresting
  13. Best: Mortar emplacement fights. Heavy assaults from everywhere. Best2: Regrouping after a extremwly poor round Worst: Rotation Funniest: runnin after @GeJota with my knife and him trying to run away Funniest2: @AL-SAHAD trying to win in a jeep race trying to knock my jeep of the bridge. Managed to brake accidentaly knocking his jeep of the bridge. Laughing our way over when @Airshark79 accidentaly destroys our jeep that caused one of my squad accidentaly destroying sharkies tank
  14. Playstation 4 / Sports gaming

    Smash i think i have a pending friend request to you smashmaschine fifaxv something.
  15. Playstation 4 / Sports gaming

    Will do