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  1. Best: - the map was cool with lots of hills and trees, also there was enough space and covers to move around flags Worst: - mass disconnection is a bitch Funniest: - hide and seek inside a house on Bizory with Wanchekid and Aquintus were hilarious
  2. Best: -Me and @WOLFXL in the Stug IIIG running around Bunkers flag to escape satchels, I went berserk with scoped MG to save his ass Worst: / Funniest: -@Papillon and @RAnDOOm finding always me on their way to Hotels flag Most hated player: / Most loved/liked player: /
  3. Kwajalein seems like a banana Is there a start time?
  4. Best: - The view from up the hills was nice, all this infantry moving on open fields was perfect for a photo shot, unfortunately i forgot to take it. Worst: - As i expected this map was not balanced for the Entente. Funniest: - @Firecrafter getting sliced by mr @AdmiralBG's saber and pretending a Wound Medal for this
  5. Best: -This map felt like a realistic ww1 battle, with infantry being massacred by arty, rifle and machine-gun fire killing you outtanowhere and other human nonsense including dying from barbed wire. Worst: -Artillery sending you to heaven in a non-spectacular way Funniest: -Going to cap an empty trench, get rekt by 5 soldiers spawning right where i was. Most hated player: -Brazilians from the Entente who haven't shown up in this battle.
  6. This sure is spooky :D
  7. Best: -Had a lot of fun playing this battle, the Entente give us a good fight. Worst: -My game crushed several times. Funniest: -People flying everywhere for dat Fieldcanone blast
  8. Best: having fun playing with the team on both sides. Worst: we lost a lot of players, and started a bit too late because of server problems. Funniest: trying to lead my teammates outside of the bunker, ending up running in circle and feeling trapped inside forever
  9. Best: Even campaign decided at the last battle Worst: Missing my last shot of my Ha-Go on the side of a flaming Stuart and getting destroyed by it. Luckily it was nuked 1 second after that Funniest: Landing boat war at Bay ft. @CptBocquier, in the end we just destroyed each other landing boat ignoring each other. Funniest 2: This was too fun not to post it: i was on Bay shooting with the mg on the landing boat, while trying to get close to the shore. Suddenly a destroyer appeared and opened fire, instead of hitting me, he nuke his own guys that were trying to reach me on foot. Most hated player: @Bzdziuchanson had like a radar for my head. Most loved/liked player: No bitching @Pr0z4c Most loved/liked player 2: @HaLoAL nuking the shit with his Betty bomber.
  10. I know it's a bit off topic, but is there any chance to have updated scores and stats of the most recent battles?
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