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  1. Best: - The view from up the hills was nice, all this infantry moving on open fields was perfect for a photo shot, unfortunately i forgot to take it. Worst: - As i expected this map was not balanced for the Entente. Funniest: - @Firecrafter getting sliced by mr @AdmiralBG's saber and pretending a Wound Medal for this
  2. Best: -This map felt like a realistic ww1 battle, with infantry being massacred by arty, rifle and machine-gun fire killing you outtanowhere and other human nonsense including dying from barbed wire. Worst: -Artillery sending you to heaven in a non-spectacular way Funniest: -Going to cap an empty trench, get rekt by 5 soldiers spawning right where i was. Most hated player: -Brazilians from the Entente who haven't shown up in this battle.

    New Map

    This sure is spooky :D
  4. Best: -Had a lot of fun playing this battle, the Entente give us a good fight. Worst: -My game crushed several times. Funniest: -People flying everywhere for dat Fieldcanone blast
  5. Best: having fun playing with the team on both sides. Worst: we lost a lot of players, and started a bit too late because of server problems. Funniest: trying to lead my teammates outside of the bunker, ending up running in circle and feeling trapped inside forever
  6. Best: Even campaign decided at the last battle Worst: Missing my last shot of my Ha-Go on the side of a flaming Stuart and getting destroyed by it. Luckily it was nuked 1 second after that Funniest: Landing boat war at Bay ft. @CptBocquier, in the end we just destroyed each other landing boat ignoring each other. Funniest 2: This was too fun not to post it: i was on Bay shooting with the mg on the landing boat, while trying to get close to the shore. Suddenly a destroyer appeared and opened fire, instead of hitting me, he nuke his own guys that were trying to reach me on foot. Most hated player: @Bzdziuchanson had like a radar for my head. Most loved/liked player: No bitching @Pr0z4c Most loved/liked player 2: @HaLoAL nuking the shit with his Betty bomber.

    FH2 #4 - Irrawaddy stats

    I know it's a bit off topic, but is there any chance to have updated scores and stats of the most recent battles?

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    Avanti Girona!


    You underestimate camaleontic style of play of Zidane's Real Madrid, he does catenaccio better than italians.


    Real Madrid has to make history, for Juventus Champions League is an obsession

    Rising Storm Game Of The Year Edition FREE For Until 27th May

    Awesome game! Go for it people

    War Thunder

    User: GAB8 Level: 20 or 21 don't remember Preferred Nation: Germany for tanks, USA for airplanes. Preferred Mode: Realistic.

    Training FH2 Axis

    Don't miss our weekly training! We meet every Thursday In order to gain the upper hand over our opponents we need to practice maps we are going to play. This is the day we are going to do it, so try to not miss!

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