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  1. I always liked this one but maybe I'm a softy
  2. Best: - Being in a unit of no-nonsense vets who shut up and got the job done. Worst: - Missing a round to help my mother reset her login credentials and security questions. We'll probably be talking friendly to eachother tomorrow. maybe Funniest: - Being the ghost sniper in that round village north of Stoumont. Took out some HQs and SLs with the crap Springer. They never looked up. The funniest was when an enemy held halftrack was below me and I took out the driver then won a duel with Erwin who was on the .50 by playing peekaboo. All with that crap Springfield. Most hated player: - The guys I put half a Thompson clip into but the killed me and brushed it off anyway. Ping difference I guess. Most loved/liked player: - everyone in Easy 1 Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - It was a close fought battle. I hope both teams keep it up and keep improving.
  3. If we are going to have lengthy breaks between campaigns then this is a good. idea. We have had a team cup competition in the past between campaigns. However, not everyone likes that format and it involves eliminating teams so you cant play every Friday if your team loses early.
  4. Is there anyway to merge the stats for the guys who changed tags halfway through the campaign? My squad was both SH and RC.
  5. I was trying to lob it over the crates onto the Puma. Instead it stuck on the crates, so I just ran for life.
  6. Look, I drive with the minimap open because I'm the freakin HQ. I did not intentionally kamikaze my jeeps today like I may have in the past. That's my story.
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