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  1. Round 1 - Old Saltz vs Peaky Blinders

    OK everyone, we will try for tomorrow, Sat 24th at 19hUTC. Show up on TS.
  2. Back to Battlefield 2

    I think I've played 2 hours. I can no longer tell what is BF2 and what is PR original when I play PR. Someone should tell all those people about FH2 and PR.
  3. Round 1 - Old Saltz vs Peaky Blinders

    It's going to take me longer to contact everyone. I may still need to recruit more substitutes so that we can have 6 players. Any suggestions for dates?
  4. Recruit Pool - I Want To Join A Team

    Anybody not on a team can join Old Saltz Just PM me or post below.
  5. Recruit Pool - I Want To Join A Team

    @The Jancoegers You can be on our team, Old Saltz.
  6. Yeah, we can even adopt your logo.
  7. Team Name: Old Saltz Team Logo: TeamLeader: @GeoPat Members: @Spindrifter49 @Spieler4 @knokworst @Blander @The Jancoegersmore to come
  8. Recruit Pool - I Want To Join A Team

    Looks like we got a team forming.
  9. Recruit Pool - I Want To Join A Team

    I can try to form a team out of some old salts. Maybe that will be our name. Looking at you @Spindrifter49, @Spieler4, @Gunghoo, @knokworst, @$talkker, @The_Spine, @SPATmaster and anybody else from the 66th and 67th. Also, you should advertise at bfewaw.com. They fielded a team the last time we had a team cup.
  10. I think the victory/division pic round was included. That's when I made a kill with P47. Papillon should get rid of the last round and do it again, if he has time. It would also be nice if some of the Nulls got clarified, M2Carbine, M3A4 calliope, etc.
  11. What does Battlefield became

    I played BF42 and most of it's mods(pirates!), and BFVietnam. I bought BF2 just to get FH2. I doubt I played more than a couple of hours of vanilla BF2. I haven't bothered with any of the others. I got a copy of Bad Company 2 sitting here, I never got past setting up an account. The point is Battlefield started sucking immediately after BFVietnam. Since it stopped being mod-able after BF2, there is really no point IMO.
  12. Is that a working TS overlay? @WOLFXL Please share.