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  1. Arma III

    I don't know if anyone is interested or it conflicts with your campaign, but: http://www.bfewaw.com/content.php?r=999-Iron-Front-Event-ARMA-3-mod-mission-BeCTI-by-Benny There is an event 11/11
  2. Community Music Channel

  3. Best: good overall numbers and good tough infantry fight. Worst: low allied numbers and too many obstacles in the city Funniest: Emptying my thompson at a guy in a small room and still having to finish him with my knife. Thanks ping difference! Most hated player: anyone with a P' faust. Most loved/liked player: All the players that took a turn on the Allied side. Other: Hopefully we will get the teams sorted out and have good 40 v. 40 battles for the rest of the campaign.
  4. Community Music Channel

  5. The Paradox of Tolerance

    If you think about it, it probably all comes down to personality and psyche. Zealots are zealots. They just find whatever ideology is available to them and exploit it to ultimate level. Follower types just follow whatever egomaniac is around or seems the most extreme. (yeah I know these aren't clinical terms).
  6. Community Music Channel

  7. Best: Great turnout. We had 80+ at some point. Worst: just the crashes. We need to sort that out. Funniest: smoking out the tower at Francesco. Most hated player: All the bank robbers Most loved/liked player: Florianmehne for nearly saving the battle after me and Erwin. Other: If we keep the turnout high, this will be a great campaign. Tell everyone you know!
  8. Community Music Channel

    If you're gonna do Sonic Youth:
  9. Community Music Channel

    might be in a future map:
  10. Community Music Channel

    If you're gonna play Joy Division:
  11. [175th] Medals and Promotions

    Several members have been given medals. I just didn't post it here. I will look into more medals this week. Keep in mind, this was a mini-campaign and the medal system is still WIP.
  12. Medal of Honor

    You are a wise and experienced commander. Thank you for the victory (we did win, right?).
  13. [175th] Leave of Absence

    I will probably miss most of this battle due to bad weather. Good Luck!
  14. There is an AA gun at Panzer HQ that they can re-deploy, if that is working Friday. We need to keep tabs on it.
  15. Yup. You will never find an Allied MG42 equivalent, Hawk. It's best to go with the BAR. BTW, HUD in a sherman is called Q-spotting.