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  1. I certainly hope the measures were sufficient, given the damage done:
  2. CMP believes in "What if?" scenarios while staying relevant in our changing times. To show our new direction we proudly present a brand new map: Hard Brexit by @GeoPat In a post Brexit UK, some dead-ender refusenik weirdos have robbed the Bovington Tank Museum and have dug-in in the ancient refuge of bandits, Sherwood Forest. The local lads have donned their fighting shorts and dusted off Gran's Lee-Enfield to defeat the last outpost of the European Union on their shores. Manually download the map here: Server: CMP Map Test Event | CMP EU #2 Server IP: fh2.cmp-gaming.com:16572  Teamspeak: CMP - Teamspeak Server: ts.cmp-gaming.co
  3. It was first introduced on our public server. We called it the "immersive" server. I agree with 3rd cam for vehicles. Hit markers make it too easy to shoot through fog, IMO.
  4. Come on guys! B W F !!! Stop making this the bitch and show your ignorance thread! Make us laugh or something.
  5. GeoPat

    Dunkirk - France 1940

    @CptBocquier Here is the latest from the SVN: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ccj6vezemd9aut1/cmp_dunkirk2.7z/file
  6. GeoPat

    Dunkirk - France 1940

    We did some visual improvements on the map. Fixed floaters, re-lightmapped, etc. I don't remember what changes we did to the gameplay, if any. Do you have access to the latest version called cmp_dunkirk on our SVN? @CptBocquier If we use the map for a campaign battle, we will definitely have to redo the gameplay. Probably get rid of some flags, etc.
  7. Made from Operation Avalanche
  8. Made from Meuse River. Russia vs. Japan
  9. Best: - Despite the defender's scores, it was a tough fight for everyone Worst: - Crashapalooza Funniest: - Trying to provide "overwatch" with a bugged sniper rifle. Most hated player: - Chi Ha drivers at Green Beach Most loved/liked player: - Guys standing still so I can get a cheap knife kill Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - Allies successful assault on Red Beach was predicted 2 years ago.
  10. Best: - Victory! with the same infantry loadout as Tulagi. Worst: - Bunny-hopping !!! For Fucks Sake!!! When will people stop jumping to evade fire? Press crouch, go prone, do the Achtung shimmy shake, but don't fucking jump! Why? because no soldier in the history of humanity ever jumped up in the air to avoid a shot or blow. It's stupid video game, hit-box manipulation, bullshit. Most of all, it just looks stupid. We don't play organized battles to look stupid. Even one hop to evade fire is bullshit. One guy bounced around in a hut so much it took 3 of us forever to kill him. He didn't kill anyone. Just a stupid episode in an otherwise great battle. Don't do it !!! Funniest: - Shot at Hawk 3 times with dreaded Winchester at close range and he still killed me. At least his feet stayed on the ground. Most hated player: - See above Most loved/liked player: - borrowed Axis Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
  11. Which part of the 35 mins are you referring too Rayder?
  12. Best: - winning Worst: - Only 4 actual members of my company showed up. The rest were borrowed from Axis or admins. Funniest: - Anytime we had to drive across the island Most hated player: - Type 99 men Most loved/liked player: - BAR guys Best Battle Photo - First Victory pic https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - We proved that with the right men(borrowed Axis), the right equipment(garands), and the right terrain(no bushes), we could finally win.
  13. If markers are missing from some AT mine kits, that's a bug and should be reported. Currently there is only a rifle smoke grenade for Japanese. I suppose we could give them a German or something. Anyway, it has nothing to do with this topic.
  14. Best: - Good numbers again despite all the updating. You never know when it's just a fluke. Worst: - Crashes obviously but also not being as uber prepared as the other guys. Funniest: - Sanpan duels Most hated player: - Anyone who dances and bleeds while I try to kill them but gets me instead. Most loved/liked player: - Other: - Let's keep up the participation.
  15. Best: - Good numbers for a scrim. Return of Pacific. Worst: - technical issues Funniest: - Losing a full LCT to a def gun. Most hated player: - Hawk's guys Most loved/liked player: - My guys. Gettng it done! Other: - We will get the bugs worked out. Let's keep up the numbers for a great campaign.
  16. I really think the Pacific Campaign is better without hit markers. We have ship behind the fog trying to get ashore and we have people hiding in the jungle bushes. Hit markers make it too easy hit things you cannot see. This is especially true for ships. You can just shoot the fog till you get a hit then stay on it until you killed it. Shooting down a plane with an MG is fun but not considered a realistic/legit part of the game. The mappers and admins try to balance the planes against each other and try to have the right amount of serious AA. We never even consider mgs, though it does happen. I see no reason to make it easier. If this was't such a one shot kill game, I wouldn't care about hit markers. However, when one good shot to a tank kills it and one good shot on a guy in the bushes kills him, I think it is less gimicky without them.
  17. Seriously dude. We just do this as a hobby. It's not our fucking job to make all this for you. The missing sound was just a typo in the file. Everyone should help out.
  18. "Finnish KV-1S havent engine sound. Its stupid." Maybe if you reported that bug we could have fixed it.
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