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  1. Best: Playing some rounds again Worst: My abysmal piloting performance. Whatever I did, I killed myself trying to bomb someone Funniest: DTBG shooting me out of the AEC Bofors from behind, then they went and kill the 2nd AEC on the same road with the stolen AEC. But I naded him out of it later during the valiant Recapture of Capuzzo Most hated player: @HaLoAL...you little.....I really...you...ARGH. and @Heia Safari!. Whereever I went to with a tank, there you are behind me in a Pz3...... And ofc @Pr0z4c for my inability to bomb your puny tank south of Frontline Most loved/liked player: @Harmonikater for showing me how to fly Other: I must say the rocks I placed spiced the map up in a very positive way *shouldpatting*
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