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Announcing the launch of CMP's Third FH2 Campaign - "Into Darkness". Join the battles in the Winter and Continuation War fought between Finland and the Soviet Union.

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  1. Yah the mood...Balancewise I think we got a grip on that with the 32 layer counter attack scenarios. About buggedness, the Ha-Go was underpowered in its main gun when we started, and I think we upped it some quite late in the campaign (https://www.quora.com/If-the-M3-Stuart-battled-against-the-Japanese-Ha-Go-tank-who-would-win-Referencing-the-Philippine-defence-during-WW2). We added the HEAT mortars too and the Type 1 AT gun to give the IJN something to work with against tanks. Well, hope to sway you mate 🙂
  2. what was so toxic? Maps? Balance? Mood?
  3. Let's just do a whole campaign just with Alam Halfa and Supercharge 🙂
  4. Papillon

    FH2 - Into Darkness - Battle #8 Ogeldow

    you can download the map, servers are updated. Updater maybe works...
  5. votes are public btw 🙂
  6. Right now no, we don't have any assets for these early theatres. No soldiers, no weapons, no vehicles.
  7. Good morning gentlemen, we're in the mid of "Into Darkness", and the next campaign will start shortly after we finished this one as we don't want a month-long gap. We have a plethora of maps to choose from, and I want to collect feedback of what you would like to play. So please tell us which would be your favourite theatre you wanna clash on next. You can select multiple. Regards, Papillon
  8. Best: - Playing at long last again Best2: - A totally balanced map, ty @Matsku and @Watchtower Worst: - Playing like a noob Funniest: - seeing Ombustman racing towards me in a burning Studebaker, I manage to get off one desparate unaimed carbine shot in his general direction, facing certain deatch by truck. But I hit, and he blows up like 1 m in front of me Most hated player: The T20-Achtungsnow-Cyborg-Unit Most loved/liked player: Watchtower as excellent SL
  9. Oopps my bad 🙂 Fixed: https://fh2.cmp-gaming.com/cmp_file_share/battle_7_strongpoint_joki.zip
  10. fixed that svt-40 stuff @Ombustman @Achtungsnow
  11. Papillon

    FH2 - Into Darkness - Battle #6 Ilomantsi

    A balance and visual update has been released. https://fh2.cmp-gaming.com/cmp_file_share/battle6_cmp_t_ilomantsi.zip

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