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  1. Best: Being able to get a Sherman76 and deal with a "sandwich pressure" of a Jagdpanther and Hetzer. Could kill them both. Worst: Crashing into the trees while you drive through the forest and then being spotted... Funniest: The enemy was heavily attacking south and I got hurt, but healed myself. At the same time I saw @Nightwing and told him: "Dude, i'm not running because i'm hurt"(I was like going slow-mo). He left behind his duty and tried to come and save me. He turned around and stepped in a "glitchy" hole... His destiny was sealed, to die in that hole... But suddenly @SpetsBomb saw the situation and went to rescue Nightwing. SpetsBomb went in and crouch so Nightwing could jump on him and then jump out the hole. What a band of brothers... It's a saving private ryan story... Nightwing gave his life for rescueing me, and SpetsBomb did the same for Nightwing... Well, the truth is that SpetsBomb committed suicide with an own grenade... Most hated player: People using Panzerschreck and killing my tanks.... Most loved/liked player: The guys of the saving private ryan story...
  2. The same as me. I tkilled in the previous rounds which were not live.
  3. I'm in too. Didn't see the post until now!
  4. Best: - Killing an enemy plane with the MG42. @Papillon Worst: - Firefly Funniest: - Running over @gerul (I think it was him) going backwards with the Panzer IV and killing him by chance. Most hated player: - Firefly, whoever took it. Most loved/liked player: - @DarthTemoc for repairing my PanzerIV and @Nightwing for enjoying the ride on my PanzerIV. Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2786-best-battle-photo-medal/ "Here comes the süjük cavalry!" Other: -
  5. "Total war: Shogun 2" and "PAC-MAN™ CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2" Free on steam and "for the king" FREE on EPIC GAMES launcher. Only this week I think. For the king only 'till 30th April
  6. I knew someone had to do that job. I would preffer to be in a tank but, couldn't let you fly free. I had to be there to "annoy" you. When I destroyed a plane was because somehow I killed the pilot so the plane went down
  7. The Teabagging thing... I don't like it either. To everyone, I suggest you to do it only to people you know and "play" that "teabagging game". Have a rest and relax. There will be time to think of the next campaign.
  8. http://arrowheadgamestudios.com/2019/10/announcing-helldivers-dive-harder/
  9. Tremendo golpe de autoridad hispana, y con HQ hispano. Nuestro valor sigue creciendo en la comunidad FH2 del CMP:"¡Los mancos también saben ganar!"
  10. Okey... you had to picture the moment I tkilled boogie... I swear there was an enemy tank spotted on the map and I saw a sherman...
  11. Best: Carnage at Checkpoint killing an enemy squad and RP several times in the first round. Worst: I got killed ending the carnage :( Funniest: Plane crash that @caeno is talking about. Most hated player: @aquintus for ending my carnage strike. Most loved/liked player: @L.L.HERRAIZ for trying to do what it needs to be done. @Blander For good coordination with me.
  12. It happened to me some campaigns before... I think is better to leave it like this haha
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