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  1. Game Deals / Sales / Freebies - Post Here

    Arma 3, -66% on Steam.
  2. CoD WWII

    Finally I bought it for PS4
  3. Game Deals / Sales / Freebies - Post Here

  4. Hey friends! I'm playing more and more, and I highly recommend it!!! @Sir_Kowskoskey it's time to Foxhole hahahaha
  5. I’ve played a little bit more. i think it’s not so slow game as you might think. You just have to know how to play and how to build and craft. if we could gather some players in one squad we could do something nice. i’ve met a guy who seems to know how to play. come on!! Join this beautiful game!
  6. About the nazi plane, i found someone who was trying to fly with it next to the church, but I killed him when he was inside the plane. So the plane stayed there ?
  7. When @Sir_Kowskoskey tries to reach the top of the church at domaine and finds me with a machinegun again and again ?
  8. Game Deals / Sales / Freebies - Post Here

    Civilization III: Complete FREE. Only 1 hour 19 hours left.... https://www.humblebundle.com/store/sid-meiers-civilization-iii-complete
  9. Look at this... Beautiful!!!
  10. Days of Infamy

    Hi! Im from the spanish regiment. I have that game. You can open a post in GAMES so everybody can see it. ??
  11. @Sir_Kowskoskey Let's play!
  12. Take a look at this video. I've been playing for a while. As I haven't seen the option to create a private server for practising by myself, i've joined a public one. Fortunately, people try to cooperate. COMMUNICATION is VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT. When you start, you have only one pistol(some ammo) and a hammer. If you want a rifle, or a grenade, ammo, etc. you need to go to the town hall to see if a teammate has created the object you want. Everything needs to be crafted and created. So it's important to know how to do/craft things(Know how). Crafters and Support players are essentials. They will be the ones who create and take supplies to the frontline. Without them, the frontline is lost. So it is needed to create a "supply line", from the beggining(crafting resources and creating objects) to the final step(to take needed supplies to the front). Once you are equipped (pistol, rifle, grenade, medical kit and some ammo), you can go to the frontline. If you load you bag/inventory with lots of things, you will run less or you won't be able to run and you will walk. Try not load your bag too much. Only necessary things. Other players needed, Builders. To build defenses. Every captured area/point/flag or the town hall itself, needs to be protected. You can build walls to surround the zone. you can also build foxholes, machinegun nests, etc. Vehicles can be built by everyone. You only need the materials and go to the indicated building for doing this. So a team or regiment can be formed of: Crafters, Suppliers, Builders/Engineers, Soldiers. Soldiers: What else... You know what to do. Like we do on fridays Gameplay: Although player's view is from top camera("from the sky"), you cannot see everything. I mean, you will be able to see things depending on your player's position. You cannot see through a wall, for example. When moving and shooting, nothing to say. Easy. Like other games we play. Right click to aim (You will see a white line to help you aimming. If it gets red, it means you cannot aim to that position). Left click = shot. You can run(there's stamina. so you can't run for ever), crouch and prone. That's all for now.
  13. I have bought it!
  14. @Quicksilver I think i'm going to buy it. 15€ it's ok. I have seen some gameplays and it looks really cool.