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  1. I knew someone had to do that job. I would preffer to be in a tank but, couldn't let you fly free. I had to be there to "annoy" you. When I destroyed a plane was because somehow I killed the pilot so the plane went down
  2. The Teabagging thing... I don't like it either. To everyone, I suggest you to do it only to people you know and "play" that "teabagging game". Have a rest and relax. There will be time to think of the next campaign.
  3. http://arrowheadgamestudios.com/2019/10/announcing-helldivers-dive-harder/
  4. Tremendo golpe de autoridad hispana, y con HQ hispano. Nuestro valor sigue creciendo en la comunidad FH2 del CMP:"¡Los mancos también saben ganar!"
  5. Okey... you had to picture the moment I tkilled boogie... I swear there was an enemy tank spotted on the map and I saw a sherman...
  6. Best: Carnage at Checkpoint killing an enemy squad and RP several times in the first round. Worst: I got killed ending the carnage :( Funniest: Plane crash that @caeno is talking about. Most hated player: @aquintus for ending my carnage strike. Most loved/liked player: @L.L.HERRAIZ for trying to do what it needs to be done. @Blander For good coordination with me.
  7. It happened to me some campaigns before... I think is better to leave it like this haha
  8. "Morale was high. Everyone was doing what was expected in a German soldier, and more" @AdmiralBG , is that "and more" because of my legendary stuka gunner kill??? ... Aaahh, still enjoying it...
  9. Best: Going inside Fortress with a PanzerIV and cap it. Worst: Churchill, Churchill, Churchill,... AAAAARGGGHH!!! Funniest: To get a Stuka gunner kill! haha Most hated player: Anyone who had the Churchill  Most loved/liked player: @AdmiralBG , who helped me with the stuka gunner kill, and all the vehicle regiment who congrat me for the achievement . @RayderPSG who didnt steal my panzer when repairing it. He only went in to use it and when it was reapaired, after few seconds and while I was about to rage, he got off(He did it on porpouse, I know). My urge to kill dissapeared...
  10. I've found it interesting... here you have https://crossplaygames.com/games
  11. Fuí el muro en el Norte... Panzer is coming!!! xDDDDD
  12. Smashmachine

    Hell Let Loose

    Don't understand why no private servers and passwords.... I can understand no mods and blah blah, but NO private servers and NO passwords.... It's like Foxhole, and that's the reason why Foxhole lost potential... what is the funny thing about gathering people together but they can't play cooperatively??? ... that's a shame... The truth has to be said, and I heard people saying that a pair of big foxhole communities had its own private server hosted by Foxhole.... maybe we can do the same here...
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