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DerSohnGottes has a school-project ongoing where he researches the influence of computer games on mass shootings.
He has prepared a very small survey and asked us if we could help him in his project. Please be so kind and help getting a representative result by participating, it shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes.

To the survey: Killergames turn us into School shooters?!

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  1. The Jancoegers

    CMP: What's Coming Up In 2018

    Ah then it better wait for the update then, I can wait for it Especially Polland
  2. The Jancoegers

    CMP: What's Coming Up In 2018

    It's March now.... I'm still waiting for the Fh2 announcement
  3. The Jancoegers

    FH2 Community Updater

    Mine can install CMP Map Pack but cannot repair installed, and Matt Baker's texture pack also won't installed just stuck at "waiting for seeds"

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