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  1. Best: -Thank you Covid-19 for sponsoring this campaign with such great numbers! -I thought it was an awesome campaign from start to finish. Great moments for both sides and really tough battles won and lost. -I got to fly planes and did not fly into trees as often as I thought! Also a couple of really awesome moments in a tank. -Close campaign. -Allied determination to keep going even when things started looking bad. -Some moments with awesome teamplay like: spotting enemies, calling for arty and seeing them go PUFF in the air just few seconds later, airplane&AA action (@
  2. Best: -The Sawmill of death, west of the city flags. -I liked the map. Sure it had some small problems, but overall it was great and will work nicely when completely finished. Worst: -I might have to cut down on the alcohol entirely... Funniest: -Getting my revenge on @CptBocquier from his sniperwork from previous battle! They were some lucky moments, because you just happened to appear in front of me. Once you just drove a jeep right infront of me and another when you were on an open field I was driving towards We did exchange puma vs m24 kills later on aswell - @Anguita36
  3. Oh yes! @CptBocquier I had forgotten all about that! It was one of the funny things happened during the battle!
  4. Best: -Really intense infantry action map - sad that I sucked as infantry today. Ran out of luck in every situation -Numbers were good regardless of a frustrating battle! Worst: -Missing some of our best infantry players on allied side. Funniest: -Driving a jeep northwest of Forest, get shot by ROIOR. Just before spawning in Forest, I saw in the deathcam that someone hopped in the jeep. I was just looking at the flagzone and after it was said to be clear, moved north and I hear a jeep coming. Lay down, shoot the driver and it's ROIOR in my jeep he just shot me out of M
  5. Best: -Flying!! Thank you @Heyna and @Tore for some great teamplay and flying We have too few maps with planes!! Lets hope next camp changes this -2nd round began very well for me and just felt awesome Worst: -Too few rounds flying Funniest: - @Hawk and his extremely annoying AA fire in many rounds, but especially in the 2nd. Always had to watch out for you and you shot me down atleast once! -Smoking Jager with his succesfull landing, repairing and taking off. Damn AA kept me from destroying the landed plane -Killing a panther with the P51 .50cals
  6. Best: -Ohman... I laughed a lot this battle. So many hilarious things happened, but sadly I forgot a lot of them in the heat of the battle. -Great numbers and a nice map with lots of action. Stoumont (the flag) was fun and horrible at the same time -Some great teamplay in Easy 1! Worst: -Lost my mojo during the battle. It all went well at some point, but then I just started missing every shot and died all the time and.... Funniest: - @Mr.ThunderMan has the screenshot of this I think, but someone ( @AdmiralBG ? ) in our squad said "watch and learn" when he tried to cross t
  7. Best: -I've always liked this map and the battle was intense the whole evening! Afterwards I kinda wished I would have played on the ground the whole evening. Such a nice cityfighting map -Only 3 suicides with plane! Worst: -3 stupid suicides with plane! Funniest: -*Running to flagzone and almost greying* Suprise friendly nade next to me!! (Nice timing @turbomursu ) Spawning in again: *Running to flagzone and almost greying* Suprise friendly bullet!! (Thanks @AdmiralBG ) - @ShadowNick and his "drill bit" -Some hilarious chatting in Easy I for the whole evening. -Only t
  8. Best: -This map wasn't as traumatic as last time I played it. -Tough fighting all around the map for the whole evening! -That 0-9 round! Even though we lost it; it was awesome! Worst: -Can't really think of anything... except Quicksilver killing everything I was also aiming at Funniest: -First round, someone came to church with a pickup mortar kit, placed it nicely next to a house, aimed at something, shot, died from the explosion when the shell hit the building next to him I was laughing so hard once I realised what happened. No idea who it was -Killing @CptBocquier and
  9. Best: -Nice map and a full server the whole time! Awesome! -Some really tough rounds that could have easily gone for the other side. Worst: -My own performance in a couple of rounds. Funniest: -"Comoon, gimme the knife kill! gimme the knife kill!!! Pffffftttt...." @ShadowNick -"Right about now" @BaskaBommis line was repeated very often and for the entire night the Fatboy Slim song was stuck in my head and it still is -I gotta say that my worst round was so bad that it kinda became a funny thing. -Our "sneaky" attack to north flag in the last round was the best and funni
  10. Best: -Full server for the whole evening! Always great to see this. -I've always liked this map regardless of what I'm doing on it. -It's been a long time since I last flew in a battle and it was fun. Awesome dogfights Worst: -My old nemesis... the trees that suddenly appear in front of my plane... Funniest: -My old nemesis... the trees that suddenly appear in front of my plane... they got a new friend: The dragon teeth tank obstacles. Sneaky ones! Most hated player: -Pap, you betrayed me! Help me one round and then try to kill me in the rest!
  11. Best: -Great last battle with full server the whole evening and with a good chance for both sides to win the whole camp! Worst: -Not really worst, but of course winning the camp would have been nice Funniest: -There were some funny moments during the battle, but I have to admit that the stuff after the battle was funnier with the trains etc. and the chatting in TS Other: -Thank you all on both sides for a great campaign! (Too many to link all, but all means all :D) And especially thanks to the admins and mappers and behind the scenes people that make this possible!
  12. Best: - -A really tough and even fight! Always the best! Worst: - -I was dead tired even before the battle...not a good thing Funniest: - -With @L.L.HERRAIZ we both threw our nades at each other and both got killed I was sooo close to getting behind a cover, but did not make it in time.
  13. Best: -That one and only kill I got on @Mr.ThunderMan when I was bleeding with red screen. I mean... that made my day, because I really sucked in everything I did today -A really tough fight with great numbers. Our first round got me pumped up! Worst: -After a great first round, we kinda lost our focus. My pumped up feeling went away too quickly! Funniest: -We had the worst luck in our squad. I mean it was so crappy that it became funny. We lost multiple rallies by really random encounters with enemies and in the end it was just hilarious. Other: - -I gotta admit this
  14. Best: -The variety of the flags and areas on this map. Different kind of flagzones that all needed a bit different tactics to be successful. -Numbers were nice all the time. Lucky for my group, we didn't have to rotate anyone out and still had good numbers. -Even though we lost, the athmosphere on Allied TS was mostly great. Worst: -Server crashes and panzershrecks -Some people in my group having problems with the map or TS throughout the whole battle... -I really sucked as infantry and had a really frustrating time killing anyone as one... Am I really getting that old? Yester
  15. Best: - -Paradrops! Ohman... it's been so long since I last got to play a really nice paradrop map and this was the perfect starting map for this campaing -I'll join the choir by saying that numbers were awesome! Great to have 100 players for the whole evening! -Can I just say that I did not die in my little tank in 3rd round at all! Thanks to all our spotting people! Worst: - -Nothing really comes to mind. Funniest: - -One of the first things I hear in TS after first round started "Oh crap, I took the wrong kit" and then see a couple of people dying - @Erwin and @turbo
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