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  1. Best: -This map wasn't as traumatic as last time I played it. -Tough fighting all around the map for the whole evening! -That 0-9 round! Even though we lost it; it was awesome! Worst: -Can't really think of anything... except Quicksilver killing everything I was also aiming at Funniest: -First round, someone came to church with a pickup mortar kit, placed it nicely next to a house, aimed at something, shot, died from the explosion when the shell hit the building next to him I was laughing so hard once I realised what happened. No idea who it was -Killing @CptBocquier and then giving him a medpac after it. Didn't seem to help though... But you got your revenge at bunkers when I tried to chase you north of the flag and you somehow got behind me - that bayonet to my back really hurt my feelings... -Generally I had a lot of fun during this battle and was laughing at small things all the time - maybe I was just tired.
  2. Best: -Nice map and a full server the whole time! Awesome! -Some really tough rounds that could have easily gone for the other side. Worst: -My own performance in a couple of rounds. Funniest: -"Comoon, gimme the knife kill! gimme the knife kill!!! Pffffftttt...." @ShadowNick -"Right about now" @BaskaBommis line was repeated very often and for the entire night the Fatboy Slim song was stuck in my head and it still is -I gotta say that my worst round was so bad that it kinda became a funny thing. -Our "sneaky" attack to north flag in the last round was the best and funniest, because we were being shot at multiple times and had to swap drivers during the ride because of bleeding and still getting to our destination and capping the flag! -I tried to position myself on the edge of a wall, failing badly, falling down and thinking "Ok, I'll stay here then." After 2-3 seconds thinking "No, bad spot - I'll change" and got up and of course the axis player came around the corner just that second and shot me. Most hated player: -None Most loved/liked player: -Easy company 2nd squad
  3. Best: -Full server for the whole evening! Always great to see this. -I've always liked this map regardless of what I'm doing on it. -It's been a long time since I last flew in a battle and it was fun. Awesome dogfights Worst: -My old nemesis... the trees that suddenly appear in front of my plane... Funniest: -My old nemesis... the trees that suddenly appear in front of my plane... they got a new friend: The dragon teeth tank obstacles. Sneaky ones! Most hated player: -Pap, you betrayed me! Help me one round and then try to kill me in the rest!
  4. Best: -Great last battle with full server the whole evening and with a good chance for both sides to win the whole camp! Worst: -Not really worst, but of course winning the camp would have been nice Funniest: -There were some funny moments during the battle, but I have to admit that the stuff after the battle was funnier with the trains etc. and the chatting in TS Other: -Thank you all on both sides for a great campaign! (Too many to link all, but all means all :D) And especially thanks to the admins and mappers and behind the scenes people that make this possible!
  5. Best: - -A really tough and even fight! Always the best! Worst: - -I was dead tired even before the battle...not a good thing Funniest: - -With @L.L.HERRAIZ we both threw our nades at each other and both got killed I was sooo close to getting behind a cover, but did not make it in time.
  6. Best: -That one and only kill I got on @Mr.ThunderMan when I was bleeding with red screen. I mean... that made my day, because I really sucked in everything I did today -A really tough fight with great numbers. Our first round got me pumped up! Worst: -After a great first round, we kinda lost our focus. My pumped up feeling went away too quickly! Funniest: -We had the worst luck in our squad. I mean it was so crappy that it became funny. We lost multiple rallies by really random encounters with enemies and in the end it was just hilarious. Other: - -I gotta admit this - last round when axis were attacking Camp. Great job. I mean that attack was awesome and it overwhelmed the defence completely.
  7. Best: -The variety of the flags and areas on this map. Different kind of flagzones that all needed a bit different tactics to be successful. -Numbers were nice all the time. Lucky for my group, we didn't have to rotate anyone out and still had good numbers. -Even though we lost, the athmosphere on Allied TS was mostly great. Worst: -Server crashes and panzershrecks -Some people in my group having problems with the map or TS throughout the whole battle... -I really sucked as infantry and had a really frustrating time killing anyone as one... Am I really getting that old? Yesterday it hit me hard. Funniest: -At Chateau flag we were clearing out the flag after capture and I was crouching in the little Pipe looking for enemy players when @Spieler4 placed an Smine really close to me and I didn't realise it... so of course without noticing it I got up and started to run aaaaaaand killed both us by triggering the Smine... - @AdmiralBG missing his Shreck shot even though I was completely unaware of their new rally and attack from the south side of Bunkers. That missed shot cost you your attack though and I almost felt bad taking you out But you got me the second time. Sneaky bastards
  8. Best: - -Paradrops! Ohman... it's been so long since I last got to play a really nice paradrop map and this was the perfect starting map for this campaing -I'll join the choir by saying that numbers were awesome! Great to have 100 players for the whole evening! -Can I just say that I did not die in my little tank in 3rd round at all! Thanks to all our spotting people! Worst: - -Nothing really comes to mind. Funniest: - -One of the first things I hear in TS after first round started "Oh crap, I took the wrong kit" and then see a couple of people dying - @Erwin and @turbomursu APC rampage. -I kinda hope that the "officer choir" doesen't become a thing, but it sure was funny -Our second assault round was supposed to be a paradrop, but someone forgot to choose it before the round started -"Get ready to die!" "That's not a nice thing to say..." (Conversations before an attack, but I forgot who the other player was ) Most loved/liked player: - - @Bzdziuchanson what an awesome job with jeep patrols
  9. Best: -Did someone mention the numbers already? Nice start indeed! -Seemed like the evening went without any major problems Worst: -Well, I had one strange problem with CC where I couldn't hear @Ronid over CC, but could hear everyone else Funniest: -Guess I was so excited that I forgot the funny stuff... I did laugh a lot, but don't even remember what for. And it wasn't the 3 beers! Other: -Yeah, I did seem to run into you a lot @Pyradus and seemed like you killed me every time..... -Lets keep the numbers up next week! More mayhem coming!
  10. Best: -Awesome end to the campaing -Numbers through out the evening! -M24 is a nice little tank. Kinda hope I would have used it more in this battle! Worst: -Server crash while allies were leading on attack and in a good situation. -Battle ended too early. I could have played a lot longer with all these nice planes and tanks! Funniest: -Never have I ever.... being shot down in a plane with artillery, using a smoke shell... @RAnDOOm Awesome job! -Taking off in the bomber, tip of wing hitting a tree very slightly... aaaaaaand plane did a full 180 degree turn and is now nosediving into the forest. Damn. Most loved/liked player: -The people spotting enemy planes and tanks. Especially @wrenchorbinoculars again! - @Tore, @HaLoAL and @Smashmachine for protecting me in the bomber Other: -Merry christmas everyone! Happy holidays! Happy whatever you feel like being happy for! See you in the next campaing! Also Happy new year
  11. Best: -Numbers and a very tough and even fight! Hated the map terrain, but otherwise a great battle -Playing again after being too busy in real life Worst: -Oh the hills... the hills... Funniest: -AA halftrack and stopping some enemy attacks with it -Kowsky: "caeno sounds like a spanish roayl bordello" I've never thought of that and now I can't get it out of my head. Thanks! -After battle choir in TS... that was some weird stuff right there. Most loved/liked player: -@wrenchorbinoculars because of his spotting!
  12. @Tore it was really really close. I actually expected to explode when I heard the noise, but survived
  13. Best: -Really nice campaing with some really great and even fights on many occasions -Had one nice round while playing mostly on the ground. Had a lot of fun. Worst: -The 2 crashes... Funniest: - @Tore trying to bomb me while I was flying really close behind him - I didn't crash into any trees... but I found a huge field I crashed into. -TS chatter in general and... was it @WOLFXL who said the "happy german noises" comment after one round (Ok apparently it was @Ombustman ) -Me shouting at my screen in finnish to my slow ass tank "Move already you fat fucker!" when I got stuck in some trees Most loved/liked player: -Everyone who joined the campaing and made it a great one once again Hope to see you next campaing! Other: - -Big thanks to Admins, mappers and everyone else behind the scenes
  14. Best: -Numbers started good, but sadly got lower during the battle... Still the start was good! -Only one planecrash caused by lag. Those "trees" have something against me...also hills and... pretty much every kind of terrain. Worst: -Only one planecrash caused by lag. Funniest: - @gerul shooting me down with a 6pounder AT gun!!! You should have seen my face after that kill. Was about to shoot the P40 down aswell, but alas... I was 6poundered down... - BetterSohnGottes (can't find forum nick @DerSohnGottes (edited by Hawk) ) also shot me out of the cockpit with the Vickers Mg. From full speed... Nice one! -Only one planecrash caused by lag. And trust me... there were too many crashes... Maybe it's because I didn't have any beers with me this week. Gotta remember that next time! - @Wasteland_Hero flying the stuka, with me in the gunner seat and @Smashmachine flying the spotter plane ended crashing into each other kill all us of course I was laughing quite hard after that one -I was in HQ channel this battle and had a great time there! I have to admit @RayderPSG that I laughed off-microphone a few times after some heated comments from you Most hated player: -While some of my countrymen do bring out some improvised swearwords from me, I do not hate them Props to @Achtungsnow and @Mr.ThunderMan
  15. Best: -It's been too long since last time I got to fly a lot! I like sitting in tanks, but flying has my heart -The numbers! I think it was 35vs35 for most of the time. -My expectations of the map were subverted... in a good way. Worst: -Nothing comes to mind except... game crashed mid round one time Funniest: -I was so sure that the player on top of a hill was enemy and tried to strafe him. I failed in that, but succeeded in killing him with my wing. Turns out I was wrong and it was @Ombustman on that hill... -A similar situation where I saw 3 players around north of Center flag. I checked my minimap and was sure that "that guy on the right side is enemy" and started strafing... aaaaaand once again I killed a friendly. I think it was @PeterRdeVries this time... sorry! -The deadly trees. -Few head on crashed with @HalcoR-=|RUS|=-. Few times I really tried to avoid it, but just couldn't turn fast enough -I was so excited during the battle...I was laughing at that and told @Blander that you can probably hear it from my voice that I'm excited... My heart was pounding like crazy for some reason.
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