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  1. Best: -The numbers were good and the battle was great for the most part! -Some great tank battles around the northern flags and around bridges. -A few times I was in the perfect spot at the perfect time to stop an enemy attack. -I didn't flip my tank even once! I tried though... Worst: -I'm afraid my joystick is starting to break up... how can I fly if I don't have my over 15 years old joystick anymore... Funniest: -2nd round beginning with Axis attacking - I was in D3 and due to lagspike I shot over my target by a lot... so much that it ended up hitting something in Allied mainbase and I got kicked for it! From D3 to H6 is a looooooong way hit something "on purpose" with a Panzer 3 -Strange deaths with the planes. Possibly tree hitbox is bigger than the tree, but I bet I was just too close to them. So, nothing new with me hitting a tree -Strafing the Anthill AA gun with @Hawk in it. I was still faaar away, but he managed to one shot me anyway! I did get 2 kills at the same time - gunner and repairman, but still. Awesome hit with the AA! Most hated player: -Kunderico with his mobile AA gun. Damn you are accurate with it! Most loved/liked player: -All Axis who fought until the end! Other: -I hope for better dogfight maps and less allied AA guns shooting me down
  2. Best: -Numbers and awesome fighting in the last battle! Seemed well balanced in loadouts. -When last battle decided the winner, you know it's been a good campaing Worst: -Low viewdistance killed my enthusiasm to fly... Funniest: -Not exactly "funny", but some really awesome scenes during the battle like traveling in a landing craft looking forward and seeing an Aichival bombing targets near the beach and looking up and seeing a dogfight going on. Almost like a directed scene -Just the athmosphere in our TS from the beginning. Great last battle Other: -Thank you all for the campaing! Was a lot of fun again and hope to see you all in the next one
  3. Best: - -Numbers. The great FH2 battle of the week. It's a really old game and I always come back to it and I can't help but feel joy when the battles starts. It's awesome -I have a love/hate relationship with the map. I love everything in it, except the area around middle flag (bloody hell... errr, nose) and I was infantry ONLY in the middle area this time -I know I sweared a lot and sadly did whine a bit during battle, but I had a lot of fun flying. Awesome dogfights, but damn you @Tore -Even though we lost, I kinda got a feeling that we did great with many things and.... we will have our revenge! Worst: - -I really should have gone to sleep instead of playing... I was so tired and cranky for the whole battle. I got really annoyed by stupid little mistakes all the time and booooyyy did I make a lot of mistakes. Really, this friday wasn't my night at all. Funniest: - - @CptBocquier that AA death stuck in my head for some reason like superglue! I mean I was just looking at the screen after dying thinking "idiot, why did I do that...I knew the enemy AA (you) was there and I still went in." It really annoyed me at the time, but now I'm just laughing at it. Good shot and you earned it after I got your landing craft once or twice! -I'm not sure did anyone see my landings, but some of those were really close to being disasters. Also some takeoffs from the island... I didn't have time to test the map before, so I did some risky "can I fit my Zero between those trees and takeoff" tests during the battle Other: -I'm not gonna continue the airplane chat... BEST/WORST/FUNNIEST!
  4. Best: -Was squadleading after a really long time and enjoying it! Not sure did anyone else enjoy it though... -Really intense battle! Even though I prefer bigger maps with more combined arms action - the smaller infantry maps are so full of action that you don't have time to miss planes or bigger maps. -Numbers and a nice relaxed athmosphere while having a really tough battle. Worst: -Ran out of wine mid-battle. Funniest: -There were a lot of little things in chat that I kept laughing at throughout the whole battle. -Laying down s-mines and then running into them myself... Also ran into @crapinabox127 s-mine while looking at the map - I just had to run around while looking at the map Other: -2 battles left and it's really even in scores. This has been a great campaing!
  5. Best: -Numbers! It's just so awesome to have multiple full squads battling it out on different maps. The feeling when you realise that the enemy is attacking from 2 or more directions and those squads are organized with an objective... even when losing it just gives you a great feeling of teamplay. I hope we can keep it up! -A really nice map with pretty even figthing going around the map. -All my loving to all the finns... I mean all my bullets - All my future bullets to you guys. Worst: -Nothing comes to mind. Funniest: -A couple of stupid suicides running down the cliffs. -Full apc kill in one round start. -Knee mortar - it just feels so "inadequate", but still got the job done. -While attacking some flags, I was cursing out loud when I found out which enemy squad was defending it Most loved/liked player: -Erwin! Just an awesome job on so many occasions Other: -
  6. A small infantry map with very short distances to all flags and a huge amount of all kinds of objects to hide behind and you complain about grass viewdistance? Lets face it, the biggest thing low graphic settings do, is the grass viewdistance and on this map, grass really wasn't an issue at all. You could also complain about the fact, that high graphic settings make the shadows bug and you can see shadows through buildings and other objects - that's equally bad for "fair play". Graphic settings on this map had nothing to do with the kills. So let's not continue this any further.
  7. Best: -I, for some strange reason, was first on the axis side in scores one round! -A really intense battle the whole time and good numbers! -Type99 is great for a noob like me that sucks with all other kinds of weapons... -A couple of really successful flankings Worst: -Small map made the battle seem like a team deathmatch sometimes. You couldn't go anywhere without enemies seeing you or waiting for you behind every bush and corner Funniest: -Probably not fun for the other side, but accidentaly finding and killing atleast half a squad with the type99 near the big temple trying to flank north. -@florianmehne finding my pretty random s-mine north of Bridge flag. -Getting killed by @Sir_Kowskoskey, @Matsku, @Mr.ThunderMan a lot... or atleast it felt like you were always waiting for me somewhere. I started to laugh about it around half way through the battle -Fight for the Temple. That was just so fun even though I died most of the time before being useful.
  8. Best: -Numbers! -A really tough fight with very even rounds. Really awesome -Had one awesome round and it just seemed I was always in the right place at the right time. Luck had a lot to do with that -Fight for the hill that last round Worst: -Crash and possibly losing the battle because of that crash? Funniest: -Type99 AA gun! Got 3 plane kills (one of them was Halo's kill really) with it and was laughing quite a lot, because it just seemed so impossible, but still managed to do it -Tank battle where we just went around a big tree. Other: -Happy holidays everyone!
  9. Best: -A few nice dogfights around the map! Always nice to have those, although the planes weren't as equal as one would hope -Decent numbers all around! Worst: -Some dc's while playing - always annoying. -The amount of spawnvehicles makes the game so chaotic in both attack and defence. Funniest: -I bet some allied players got a good laugh because of me crashing my plane right next to the AA gun or some trees around the map and once atleast to the ocean -Had some really lucky kill streaks and was just suprised I didn't die earlier. My aim was horrible today... not that it's much better any time... -Some funny accidental kills with the plane. Just random strafing a flag blindly and killed 2 infantry. Another time randomly destroyed a rally point which was next to an AA gun. Other: -I must commend the awesome use of smoke on the allied side. Not sure was it the last round or the second last, but smokescreen from destroyer was simply amazing! Beautiful to look at as you couldn't see anything and then you were already at the flag
  10. Best: -Nice, tough fights around the map almost all the time! -Near 80 players during the battle! Worst: -Crashes and disconnects. Funniest: -I guess they're mostly funny for me when I crash into the ground/water/trees Most hated player: - @Achtungsnow and his AA gun. Most loved/liked player: -
  11. Best: -The jungle -Japanese won by one ticket Worst: -The jungle -Sadly the map layouts didn't work as planned. Funniest: -Killing @Sir_Kowskoskey maybe one time and then he just started killing me everytime I saw him. Once he just wildly charged down a mountain and ran over me with his smg... - @Ensign_Steel proning right next to me in the jungle Most hated player: -No hate. Most loved/liked player: -Over 80players on server most of the time! Hopefully we'll keep it up! Best Battle Photo - Other: -
  12. Best: -Flying after a reaaaally long time. Was fun even though the map was quite poor for flying. -Last assault on church during the last round - initial rally point was compromised, we managed to spawn and kill the attackers and @Sir_Kowskoskeymanaged to swap rally to a great spot on the other side of town JUST in time. From the second rally, we eventually greyed and capped the flag. Great ending to a tough battle. Worst: -Our inability to use our assests well enough. Funniest: - @Sir_Kowskoskey running around the map for 10 mins and then dying to a single S-mine. And no rally... -Tried to kill Hetzer (@Airshark79) with a flamethrower and laughing my ass off for failing so badly
  13. Best: -Some great inf fighting around the flags. -Our squad assaulting a sawmill with an enemy rally inside. I thought the attack went so smoothly and everything worked like a charm Worst: -That artillery hitting me so many times... Funniest: -That artillery hitting me so many times... -Lots of little things like hearing "enemies from north" and shooting the first guy behind a camonet - Tk'd our own SL. -Getting shot 1second before I was about to shoot at a tanks ass with a zook. -Hiding near a flag trying to place a rally point and getting messages that we were too close to enemy mainbase even though it seemed like it was over 100 meters away. We swapped the place maybe 4 times before we actually were far enough and then our SL simultanously placed the rally elsewhere Most hated player: -That artillery hitting me so many times... Most loved/liked player: -Our squad! Thought we did a great job overall, had fun and relaxed gaming evening Other:
  14. Best: Really intense battle all around! Those 2 rounds with so few tickets Tanking in a battle for the first time in ages! It's always been fun! Worst: Can't think of any...maybe the tk's I made? Funniest: Wualy! I'm sorry I kept running into you in the woods by accident. After the (maybe) 5th time I couldn't believe my good luck and your bad Hellcat cruising and managed to get some nice kills Most hated player: People with bazookas Most loved/liked player: Everyone spotting enemy tanks. Other: I did not flip my tank once
  15. Best: -Intense battle for the whole evening. -Oh the dogfights! The P51 had a slightly better turning rate compared to ME109, but against 2 great pilots in good planes. God damn that was hard and I loved it Worst: -The restarts. Did we find the reason for the dissappearing flag spawnpoints? -Viewdistance again. Hard to look for enemies especially on the ground. Funniest: -Yeah, Haloal and ROIOR flying into each other twice in the same round -Me crashing into a tree and right after that Inlifex says "Yeah, I saw that! Happens to the best of us!" - I was laughing off mic for a few minutes -That one time I shot at a jeep and only killed Kowsky in it -I also crashed into a tree when I tried to strafe a P4 near the big factory - good thing is I never hit the 3 big chimneys
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