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  1. Best: Playing with the famous second INT squad Worst: - Funniest: Dancho had set his TS to push to talk, so we didn't need to hear his washing machine (or what the hell was that even) taking off mid battle, then he's went utterly silent for about 30 minutes: "Sh*t I forgot I had push to talk on!" Most loved/liked player: Everyone! But Dancho and the rest Wheelchair Maraduers (that is, INT second squad) especially Other: -
  2. Battlefield 3 is on sale (10€) now at Steam until 03/08. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1238820/Battlefield_3/
  3. Same. Either upgrade of bf2 engine or porting of all the stuff to bf3 engine. Probably neither will happen
  4. Best: That eventually I was able to attend this battle Worst: Loading... variable {Worst:} not found Funniest: Getting rekt by enemy artillery beside our RP, RP survives... Most hated player: Not a single soul Most loved/liked player: @johnnymzq @gtgt40 lovely work you have done with the arty boys! All of sudden I descried @knokworst through my binocs and fired a random shot to his direction and as it happens I hit him! https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3954-best-battle-photo-medal
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