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  1. Best: Rapid urban combat around the city. Intensive and enjoyable. Also that we hit over 90 players! Worst: Combat at the Hilltop was frustrating. No more Shermans bombing pls... Funniest: Shameless self insert, but me describing the "pull-out" tactic, when it comes to destroying tanks with satchels. Also the realization that @Sir_Kowskoskey does sound like Mika Häkkinen! Most hated player: All the Allied spaniards and those who left the game too early. @RayderPSG we missed you  Most loved/liked player: @WOLFXL and @Sir_Kowskoskey because you were my numero uno homies when it comes riding cars.
  2. Best: Germans put up a good effort on holding the flags. Never a dull moment. Most hated player: @turbomursu and @Mr.ThunderMan It is like they know how our squad plays this game... Funniest: Round is live, but Anime is life (c) Best Battle Photo - Gazala Snipers
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aX7BTKJwXjM
  4. Hopefully the matches will be filled with action and good drama! Looking forward to finally be able to take part in these. And especially some good custom maps!
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