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CMP FH2 Campaign 10: "Devil In The Dawn" Battle 2 - Thermopyles Starts In:

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  1. Puto @RayderPSG !!!! muchas felicidades mamonasho!! enjoy your self today (if you know what I mean
  2. The monster its here!! Thanks everyone for you advice and comments
  3. updated: https://www.pccomponentes.com/lista-de-deseos/ficjqpUqymHAqb
  4. Hi my only friends! I'm looking for a new PC (my 30`s B-Day auto present) and I wonder if you can help me cheking my configuration: https://www.pccomponentes.com/lista-de-deseos/ficjqpUqymHAqb All the spaniards have help me to make it, but @RayderPSG invited my to ask here for an extra help in order to double check if there's any compatiblity mistakes or something like that (i'm a really ignorant in compters but i wnat to spend all my money to play FH2). Rayder told me that @Quicksilver it's a kind of Gurú in computing. Thanks in advance for your time and help, Herraiz
  5. Hahaha true story! With that fog the only way to kill americans was throwing nades everywhere:
  6. Voto en contra por que creo que cada cosa debería estar en su idioma y darle aun más realismo a este juego, aunque me parece perfecto si se hace jajaja y si necesitas ayuda pues cuenta conmigo
  7. Best: Of course numbers!! full server and people waiting. maybe quarantine? Back to the sniper style Worst: First kill of the year, me teamkilling @RayderPSG with smine in the first minute of the campaing, thanks amigo siempre te banquee Funniest: Stay at teamspeak with my hispanos shouting as mad people all the night, I have missed you all. Most hated player: - of course @RayderPSG. Most loved/liked player: - @aquintus, nice fights yersterday bro Other: Hispanos "morenitos" in his way to the battle picture:
  8. Hahahaha, i found it!!! We were really ready for the battle. @RayderPSG and @ermahe using the typical spanish carbine Mahou and me with the Brazilian hallucinogen Jambuzera rifle.
  9. This seems more like Rayder and friends posts hahhaha. I'm looking for the picture of @RayderPSG, @ermahe and me in Madrid, but I'm afraid we were too high to have taken pictures....
  10. Yo el sábado tendré tooooda la mañan, por la tarde mas complicado
  11. Best: - Numbers, spaniards numbers, Allied back to the race. Worst: - Not having a 150 people server to let in all the people waiting to join. Funniest: - Hunting the hole frenchi @RayderPSG squad at lumbermill destroying their first and second RP by my own. Roma traditoribus non praemiat Most hated player: - @Ombustman and that cute Puma Most loved/liked player: - @mcpollo with his spots @kirbyris-cafe with his arty Best Battle Photo - / Allied visiting the dentist before battle Other: - Good battle guys, can't wait to our next victory on friday.
  12. Best: - Of course numbers and the spaniards ping in the town Worst: - That Nazgûl plane killing our vehichles all the time Funniest: - Camping from church tower for a hole round being the first player in server Most hated player: - @RayderPSG Most loved/liked player: - @RayderPSG Best Battle Photo - 1. Views from my Tower 2. @Darkpotato wrists 3. Spaniards Football Team Other: - See you this afternoon
  13. Best: 4 campaings waiting for killing @RayderPSG Worst: Being killed by @RayderPSGwith bayonet (see photo) Funniest: See @RayderPSG being tea bagged by my spaniards all the time. Most hated player: @RayderPSG Most loved/liked player: Tea bagged @RayderPSG Best Battle Photo - Other: Really sexi paella numbers
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