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  1. Woooooooo, esto se ve mas genial de lo que pensaba. Good job @Harmonikater
  2. Ay, se me cae un lagrimon... Fue muy bueno volver al forgotten de esta manera, entrando de lleno a una campaña y que sea tan justa que solo ganamos recién en las ultimas rondas de la última batalla. Con respecto a lo de liderar, me gustaría probar pero claramente tengo una limitación y es la pc a carbón. Si un mapa me va a 10 fps sería inútil ocupar ese puesto. Cuando se sepa mas de la campaña y mis tiempos laborales (si es que alguna vez termina la cuarentena) me postulo donde haya que hacerlo.
  3. It's like christmas on june lol. Awesome work guys and thanks for this.
  4. Best: Revenge teabag on @Sir_Kowskoskey 2 times in a row after he killed and teabbaged me. Most loved/liked player: The guy on the american light tank that evade my shots (stug 3) aproaching to me doing a zigzag... of course he killed me jaja Most hated player: Me for missing the shot while he wasn't moving
  5. With America you mean USA, right? Just to confirm
  6. Best: The whole battle. It was balanced and had all kind of excitement. I enjoyed this battle a lot. -Winning the race at the begining of the attack rounds two times. (got first to the flag while everyone else was hiding, running and falling to the ground. Of course I didn't take those flags) Worst: Teamkills, there were a lot of tks. -A personal mine exploding after 3 of us walked next to it without activating it and thus ruining the attack on Hamlet (I think). Funniest: -Defending strongpoint 1 and shooting an enemy while both screaming "no" "for the queen" and all that, none of us received damage from the other. Finally decided to equip my bayonete and go for it. This lead to a fight outside where enemy arty and bullets where all over the place and we were there just trying to win our personal battle lol. At the end it was a 3v1 fight and of course we won that... teabagged the poor guy. Whoever it was, you made my day . -(I'm not sure if this was on the same battle as previous fight) Our squad had the order to attack Farm so @Darkpotato, @Anguita36 and me took a kubel. On the way we saw a rp and inmediatly get out of the car to destroy it but potato just ran over it... it was squad 6 rp, our own team. - @RayderPSG's screams because of a tk with the AA, it was hilarious.
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