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  1. @eXHaLe I can confirm it was just like that lol
  2. Recently I've been finding these amazing songs... ay vieja, tremenda
  3. Best: Second hispanic squad, always laughing with those guys. Funniest: Getting caught again when trying to sneak. That horn... now I know it was you @Th3rioN jajaja. Next time take me as prisoner or something, I won't shoot. Someone yelling in a completely unknown language after the 3/4 TK's made by @Tore at the end of a close round.
  4. Another one by coconut cluster cause I'm in love with these songs And this...
  5. Funniest: I was on my way to a flag with @sergioten on the kubel when we hear a horn behind us, enemy was chasing us. I told sergioten to get down and shoot him and the next thing I saw was the enemy car ramming sergioten against the kubel... That of course led to a bumper cars simulator while some random mg was shooting to our direction.
  6. Don't know if I posted this already... anyway
  7. Not "my style" buuuuuuuuut... check this guys. From Argentina
  8. Guuuuuuys, have you ever heard of post rock??? It is awesome. I've been listening to it for like 5 months and barely listen to other type of music. Here you have some of my favourites I've found so far. If you are interested in more of this ask for it, I'll be glad to show you.
  9. Woooooooo, esto se ve mas genial de lo que pensaba. Good job @Harmonikater
  10. Ay, se me cae un lagrimon... Fue muy bueno volver al forgotten de esta manera, entrando de lleno a una campaña y que sea tan justa que solo ganamos recién en las ultimas rondas de la última batalla. Con respecto a lo de liderar, me gustaría probar pero claramente tengo una limitación y es la pc a carbón. Si un mapa me va a 10 fps sería inútil ocupar ese puesto. Cuando se sepa mas de la campaña y mis tiempos laborales (si es que alguna vez termina la cuarentena) me postulo donde haya que hacerlo.
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