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  1. Ay, me entró algo en los ojos Fue una gran campaña para mi y en verdad la pasé bien, espero ustedes también... Fue mucha responsabilidad y presión en la que me vi puesto casi involuntariamente (sí, un día me levanté y me dijeron que iba a ser oficial) pero resultó muy gratificante por la relación que logramos tener, mas que nada quienes estuvieron junto a mi en la patrulla. Con respecto a las medallas, es solo un poco de color para todo este juego así que sepan que cada uno de ustedes tuvo un rol fundamental en estas mas de 12 semanas que nos permitió la victoria... y aunque haya sido derrota, las risas no faltaron. En lo personal también influyeron mucho y en verdad les agradezco. Tuve momentos difíciles a lo largo de esta campaña y ver el video del festejo de mi cumpleaños volviendo a casa luego de un duro día fue simplemente genial, sin contar las risas en el ts cada viernes. No quiero nombrar a nadie porque supongo saben su calidad de juego a lo largo de esta campaña, en qué destacaron y qué mejoraron, todo lo que ayudaron a ganar y a hacer de este un espacio en el que todos pasamos un buen rato formando amistades. Gracias por tanto hispanos, con gusto los guiaré una vez mas a la victoria si es de su agrado... y no olviden votar por mi
  2. Give me the most russian music video ever made!... No, not that much. Not my intention to offend anyone
  3. Best: Winning the campaign and this being the first one I play as a SL, some really intense battles that I enjoyed so much. Playing among such friendly spaniards. Funniest: @Nightwing entering to the ts channel with this and giving some motivational/fierce speech but still funny and not so serious
  4. Time for some post rock it seems...
  5. Best: Really intense battle, love it and hated it at the same time. Second spaniard squad... It is an awesome group Finally meeting @Th3rioN on the battlefield and killing him while the rest of the squad continued to sneak to the flag xD. 3-2 you winning but there is still one battle left. Worst: Funniest: The guys from the squad. Me (after battle 3): do you guys have any idea on how we can win this round? @Darkpotato: I say we could all try to disconnect at the same time so the server crash and we play other day Me (trying to make my guys have some fun): @sergioten, I have a very special mission for you. Choose the one you like more and take him with you to... Silos and place a RP. After a brief pause Sergio said: @Facunino come with me I was defending alone our flag, all squad suicided and some "random" enemy appeared in front of me and killed me instantly... we lost the flag and the attack at Silos was a disaster. @RayderPSG take it easy Most hated player: @FranzKruger, you where everywhere killing us... so annoying but well played mate. We are giving medals to the ones that managed to get you lol
  6. Just discovered this band Aaaaand check this gem
  7. Instrumental psychodellic rock Some black metal for those who like it
  8. Best: Great come back from the allied Sneaking to church flag Teabagging every dead enemy I saw/killed, no matter the situation jajaja Funniest: Trying to cap Lumbermill on last round, we went throug a lot on that battle and I only wanted to cap that flag to have something good on our side. We almost got it, no more than 10 seconds and enemy came back killing a lot of us and a jeep coming from nowhere hit me against some piled wood... like, what else???? Later on I "found out" it was my dear @Th3rioN... No more horn I guess, huh?
  9. Escucha esto poshito @mcpollo @SadCamelion the first one ooooh boi jaja. That sonic-like sound at around 2:03 to 2:16 reminds me a lot to another song I can't remember the naaaaaaaaaame
  10. I love Ghosts of Mars. It is not that great of a movie but maaaan, watching it as a kid was brutal. Nice list
  11. Funniest: Hitting @Belzebuth's car and after that he almost flipped it. So we shared a kubel and headed to roadblock. 2 SL's on a sneack attack? What can go wrong? Only 3 guys from my squad spawned and we went yolo to the flag, mg fire coming from nowhere and smoke on the eyes... suddendly @Tore asking me to destroy his plane????? At first didn't understand his words, then was like "you want me to... destroy your plane... here... on the forest?" On the thickest forest you can imagine lol. Of course that flag wasn't taken and never saw that plane.
  12. @eXHaLe I can confirm it was just like that lol
  13. Recently I've been finding these amazing songs... ay vieja, tremenda
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