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  1. Extreme Sports

    Just amazing, reminds me of my dreams where I'm running and flying like the first seconds of the video lol
  2. Community Music Channel

    @mcpollo escucha esto pepooooon!
  3. Community Music Channel

  4. Community Music Channel

  5. Cosas varias.

    Para mi los pichacorters lo dijeron y como que se viralizó, pero no le pasó nada al canal. Jajajajaja que pajabrava que sos
  6. Cosas varias.

    @mcpollo decime que viste esto
  7. Comedy Central

  8. Community Music Channel

    Lyrics below, of course it won't be the same and they aren't very accurate but you should read them and have an idea of how things work here. Anyway, great song.
  9. Community Music Channel

  10. Community Music Channel

    Regarding the previous pirate event and the end of year holidays... this song.
  11. Battlefield Pirates!

  12. Community Music Channel

  13. ¡Felices Fiestas y Próspero Año nuevo!

    Gracias por la buena onda Wualy, como simpre. Feliz año para vos igualmente. PD: Si fui bueno
  14. Community Music Channel

  15. Community Music Channel

    Oooh Rammstein! One of the first bands I used to listen all the time, never got tired.