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  1. Best: - Our planes are like buzzing in air all the time. Worst: - Crashing round. Kicked axis naval players 2 out of 4 due to low allied numbers. Then we it become 3 out of 4 😱 Funniest: - No one knows sujuk in my squad, when i am yelling it. oh man, i am getting older. Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Sujuk spaniards. We have feelings it in our hearts. Best Battle Photo - This is HQ Sub's Anti Air reporting! (It is @SturmFlim on the deck) Other: - Some moments from the game. Somebody wants to play Deep Silence, it seems. Burn Burn baby! This is a talent (Flipped landing craft). Next challenge is a ship! It seems enemy whale hit the land Sujuk BBQ and a beer will we good against the sunset.
  2. Best: - Radar for friendlies. Worst: - Server crash, and it expose our secret plan on server restart. Funniest: - Killing sub with sub Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - Killing a sub. with a sub. Other: - Where is my Sujuk brotherhood? Ohh they are hiding, sshhh...
  3. Me love you, bro. We will have a sujuk party in my JP in next campaign all together.
  4. Your mighty sujuk fear will arrive soon 😎
  5. You can't and never hate me @Sir_Kowskoskey 😎😘
  6. I knew that, you took that moment's screen shot Your wreck caused me flipping
  7. I think, i should be more active in here. Best: - Mighty Sujuk Spirit. Worst: - The ones not loving the Mighty Sujuk Funniest: - Return to the precious Boobies! Most hated player: - Protesters of mighty Sujuk Medal. Most loved/liked player: - Mighty Sujuk supporters. Best Battle Photo - Come on! We just want to play with my friends, little kitty (Check the mini map)
  8. ooh yeah, i remember that hill. Actually i jumped many times that hill without any problem due to hight speed of T34. However, your curse hit me badly, because i drop my sujuk protection emulet somewhere in main base, before i entering the tank Your %0,01 luck work that time 😎 LOL @SturmFlim I still love you 😘 Note: I knew someone took my picture, damn!

    Overwolf & Forgotten Hope 2

    It didn't work on me... It says connection error even in supported games.
  10. WOLFXL

    Overwolf & Forgotten Hope 2

    I was using Ts notifier with TS3 in WIN7. However When i upgraded to WIN10. It is crashing the game or game even not starting up... Couldn't find how to fix it. But i will try Overwolf, which is too complicated to configurate the thing.
  11. WOLFXL

    CMP Quotes

    Don't forget the mighty Sujuk, otherwise the curse will be upon you! Good old sujuk times with Hans and French friends. But the mighty Sujuk will rise again with Spaniards! World of Sujuk Check if you want to learn how to spot and help the team.
  12. The rain of rpg43, was devastating. It look like getting killed by 500k damage bomb while you have 10 points armor 😀 But i escaped from 6x rpg43 grenades with 2 health bar left which were exploding on my ass, You missed it hahhaaa🤗 That moment was fun for me.
  13. Staying at last round, cost me a pair of boobies 😁 you owe me.

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