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  1. @Papillon does it updated after the battle10?
  2. Yeap i noticed that, I hear the swing of the knife then i wheeeee from the hill. Becasue mighty sujuk eyes always on you! Refer to:
  3. Best: - Worst: - Sliding is shit. Funniest-1: - Wheee i am sliding! Most hated player: - Non sliders! Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - Come on @Sir_Kowskoskey don't be offended, turn your face. It is time for tea! Double sugar?
  4. @Sir_Kowskoskey We are sujuking you, my dear. We are one, we are everywhere. Signed by, Sujuk brotherhood.
  5. Best: - Finding @Sir_Kowskoskey in this buggy and large map, so his teabaging series continue Worst: - We met with @Sir_Kowskoskey only 1 time on entire battle night. Funniest: - @Sir_Kowskoskey moment happened on me. We were 4 people on jeep, and intense battle ongoning on long range, between pietro and roadblock road. Suddenly smurf kowsky mood happened to me and i drive the jeep front of enemy tanks who was north west of the road block near tree line, Tanks firing, MG's are shooting us like crazy, almost i was getting out their sight line, then 1 lucky bastard HE shot landed near us, and our commando action ended there. Then i realised that sujuk antibody and smurfy kowsky virus is having a intense fight in my blood to take over the control of me. No no no i will not let smurfy kowsky control me, i need to eat more sujuk in breakfast, and it should be more spicy than ever Most hated player: - Enemy long range arti vs axis short range arti. *** maker! Most loved/liked player: - My le équipe/ squad and all these french kisses. Best Battle Photo - When @CptBocquier saw me while i am "sujuk" teabagging @Sir_Kowskoskey Other: - Hehehehe
  6. Best: - Zombie defense at municipalli! Worst: - Funniest-1: - "Teabagging kowsky" medal will be given by HQ, only valid if you have a screen shot of it. Funniest-2: - At municiaplli it look like we were at apocalypse in1941, and allies become zombies. They were attacking 3 different direction in narrow streets of this pizza Italy. Defense was intense. Then allied zombies upgrade themselves to flying and jumping zombies and start to come from roofs. But their pathetic zombie washed actions didn't allow them to eat any axis flesh! And defenders erase them permanently from this green non zombie allowed pizza world! Most hated player: - Challange accepted, you old funky northern sujuk! You started this when you left me alone, and steal my fun! We have a special task force for teabagging you and your squad! Muhahaha Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - "Triple Teabag Kowsky" season is opened in Axis! Good Hunting! Beers and sujuks on me! Other: -
  7. Best: - Not the traitors. Worst: - Traitor Kowsky. Funniest: - Teabagging duty for traitors. Most hated player: -Kowsky Most loved/liked player: - Kowsky Best Battle Photo - Other: - We will see eachother again, @Sir_Kowskoskey boy.
  8. Best: - Worst: - Funniest: - It was last or the round or before the last, all 71 kowsky squad assigned to castel for resting a little bit after all these successful attacks and defense duties as a prize. Enemy don't even dare to step up in our stronghold. Actually they tried twice, but they eat the fist of might sujuk believers. However kowsky think that we should put S-Mines on north and south enterances. So it was a boring duty, but someone should done it. I think it was @Humledrik or @svakidan was refreshing mines. And i was supporting them if i able to grap a sniper rifle. So it was one of the boring tasks like sniping fabric area, and patroling, and swearing kowsky, I decided to put 2nd S-Mines a bit far from friendly S-mine. I crawled to the south gate and i saw kowsky was watching fabric and city attack from front door with a smurfy eagle look and charisma, then he suddenly turned to me and stare me like "should i step up and blow every friendlies near the door?" while i was trying to put S-Mine. I sense it with telepatic unknow energy that always happens between me and kowsky. I shake my head as no while crawling, and step back smootly and slowly not to provoke kowsky. Then i get rid off his eyes, just thinking "ohh peew it was close, at least he didn't do any smurfing kowsky moment". Then after 5-6 seconds kowsky step up my mine and killed one friendly near it. I made a face palms, and said to him "what the f*** did yo do that kowsky, why, what, for what, damn you". And he replied "belive me wolfy, really it wasn't me, it wasn't me." I said "i know it wasn't real you, it was the smurfing monster inside you". Then we laugh until the boring rounds ends, while having a holiday in that castle. Most hated player: - Traitor Kowsky and his smurfing traitor comrades who switch to allied side permanently. So who will do the smurfings in 71th. I hate you, kowsky.  Most loved/liked player: - "After" Battle Photo - Peeing on traior kowsky's head! (the one who switch to yankees) Other: -
  9. Best: - nope! Worst: - Allied low numbers, and @RayderPSG treachery by switching allied side Funniest: - At round start, we got in to a jeep with @Sir_Kowskoskey and @BaskaBommi(i think), and kowsky hit the runway(plane) for short cut without checking his enviroment, suddenly i saw vehicles following another path except runway, then i turned the camera view to my left with a polyanna curiosity, afterwards i saw a big damn plane is coming full speed, i shouted on squad TS, PLAAAANEEEE, PLAAAAANEEEE, IT IS A FU**ING PLANEEEEEEEEE (of course it was about midnight due to times zone, and my neighbours probably woke up in down and upper floors, just like "what fuc**ing plane?!"). Kowsky ask "what plane?" with a confused head because he was in a mood of la laa lala la la smurfy. Then he noticed the plane, and made left and right the jeep with instant reaction. However pilot noticed that smurf kowsky who was the driver, so he went his left and accomplished his take off. At the back seat we were having a hearth attack for this 3 seconds. However kowsky returned his smurf la lala la mood, after that we hit the tree which was only one in that open hilly plateu in 30 seconds. Most hated player: - The people who left from allied side. Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - No goodies for you this time! Other: - Sujuk forever!
  10. Best: - My Sujuk 71th squad. Worst: - Leeööo M1 snipers. Funniest: - Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - Opps, i think i cut @Wualy's ugly hair too much Other: I am funny, you are not.
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