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  1. Don't burp near @CptBocquier, because a monster poping out from that gentelman french man.
  2. Funniest: - 5th round, our attack direction was changed, RP gone, team divided on map in 2, and we had more than twice tickets than enemy but enemy has 90 tickets and as always there was a potential that things get worse for us in last minutes even if it seems that we have enough tickets to win. While waiting for rp from SL, who was away from rally deployment position. I saw @Ombustman on map with two guys, preparation for heroicly charging without rp to village flag from its back. And i said: hey ombust, put rally Ombust said: 100 etc seconds need for it. And enemy has only 90 tickets left, I am charging. I said: hey tomatoman, rally will be available when enemy tickets reach 50. Ombust said: How do you know? (He didnt believe in me, and laughing) I said: Please wait for it, you will see. Then they waited and we started countdown the rally time and tickets. Enemy tickets reach 52. And rally was available. We started laughing for that miracle. And ombust said, how the fuck do you know this? I said: Years of experience (like a boss) Then we cap the village with full force of 288 less than 15 seconds, from back door of village. It was very fun and epic moment in this battle.

    Hell Let Loose

    Early access is up on steam. For my country it is 8.6 dollars.
  4. PR:WW2 is coming this year, according to the announcement in pr web page. Who is actively playing PR? Sent me PM.
  5. Somehow it is giving the same warning as before. But downloading is fine.
  6. D:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 2 Complete Collection\ Same here, and working very fine. Apart from this, On every first run, it gives warning (not error) in pop-up screen as: "Version doesn't match, please download new version at Https//cmp-gmaing.com currently available version is 0.03, you have 0.02" But it is latest from provided link
  7. Working smooth and study. No crash in server. Thanks for your time for doing this.
  8. Best: - Our planes are like buzzing in air all the time. Worst: - Crashing round. Kicked axis naval players 2 out of 4 due to low allied numbers. Then we it become 3 out of 4 Funniest: - No one knows sujuk in my squad, when i am yelling it. oh man, i am getting older. Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Sujuk spaniards. We have feelings it in our hearts. Best Battle Photo - This is HQ Sub's Anti Air reporting! (It is @SturmFlim on the deck) Other: - Some moments from the game. Somebody wants to play Deep Silence, it seems. Burn Burn baby! This is a talent (Flipped landing craft). Next challenge is a ship! It seems enemy whale hit the land Sujuk BBQ and a beer will we good against the sunset.
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