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  1. Guli123

    Server CMP FH2

    Hi guys this is my first post, first of all i'd like to say that is great to see the server full every time i join but me and other people think that it would be an improvement to see the server ranked, i dont know if this has been proposed in the past time but i think it'd be a boost for all. Well let me know what you think. Thanks and see you in the server!
  2. User: g_u_l_i Level: 14 Preferred Nation: Germany so far, i didn't tried another yet
  3. Buenas wualy creo que voy a poder tener disponibilidad completa los viernes a esa hora. Saludos.
  4. Guli123


    Buenas guli reportandose para servir a la 18 como se debe. Pd: Felicitaciones por la nueva pagina muchachos y por los logros que vienen. Saludos, sigan asi. ???
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