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Announcing the launch of CMP's Third FH2 Campaign - "Into Darkness". Join the battles in the Winter and Continuation War fought between Finland and the Soviet Union.

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  1. Mane_Goddard


    Caiate niño
  2. Mane_Goddard

    World Cup 2018 Football / Place your bets

    France vs Australia = 3-1 Peru vs Denmark = 2-1 Argentina vs Iceland = 2-1 Croatia vs Nigeria = 1-1
  3. Mane_Goddard

    Community Music Channel

    That fretless bass solo at 03:45, amazing!
  4. Mane_Goddard

    World Cup 2018 Football / Place your bets

    Morocco vs Iran = 2-1 Portugal vs Spain = 2-1
  5. Mane_Goddard

    Reglas de la Campaña FH2

    Dolphin Diving es cuando vas corriendo y te acostás, corrés y te acostás y así (todo al instante) para tratar de que el oponente no te pegue. Bunny Hopping es como dijiste, es saltar constantemente para tratar de que el oponente no te pegue.
  6. Mane_Goddard

    Community Music Channel

  7. Mane_Goddard

    Comedy Central

  8. Mane_Goddard


    Blackbeard, varios hemos enviado la solicitud al regimiento. El tema es que está Papillon como líder del regimiento y no Rayder, así que hay que esperar un poquito hasta que seamos aceptados y se acomode el tema.
  9. Mane_Goddard

    Comedy Central

  10. Mane_Goddard

    Community Music Channel

  11. Mane_Goddard

    Server CMP FH2

    I agree too, it would be a nice addon!
  12. Mane_Goddard

    The Road to Forgotten Hope 2.53

    Great trailer!!! So epic, I love it!!!
  13. Mane_Goddard

    Community Music Channel

  14. Mane_Goddard

    Community Music Channel

  15. Mane_Goddard

    Community Music Channel


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