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    CMP Christmas Message

  2. Wualy

    ¡Feliz Navidad!

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  3. Best: Finally having some free time Friday to play FH2 Worst: Not being able to play due this sequence: 1st. Downloading the full mod for the campaign 2nd. When updating FH2, Bitdefender decided that FH2launcher.exe was a virus and removed from system (BF2 is an original version installed from a DVD). Tried to restore it without succes. 3rd. Going to forgottenhope.warumdarum.de to download the launcher again. No success: by a unknown reason page didn´t worked. 4th. Looking for a new mirror to get the launcher. Once done, trying to repair the FH2 installation after disabling antivirus protection and, then, I had a write error in FH2/bin folder. Trying for several times, changing folder permissions but no succes again. 5th. Restarting the computer and it decided not to switch on. Resetting it din´t worked at all so, was switched off "on brute force" (didn´t had a hammer close) 6th. Finally getting my PC alive again and trying again to resume game update, keeping disabled antivirus protection. 7th. Finally game seemed to be well installed and ready to play. 8th. Looking to clock and seeing that was too late to join the battle.... Funniest: - Most hated player: Hammer. Where is it when needed? 🔨 Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: Really sorry mates not being able to receive some shoots from you 😄
  4. How can I be honored with your mention, even not playing? (And still not knowing when I'll be able to play...)
  5. Best: Playing some rounds with Spanish guys spotting, and spotting, and spotting. They are so funny! Best2: Intense battles around Sinimaed Worst: This was my, probably, last battle in this campiagn Funniest: Killing @Sir_Kowskoskey three times in a row around Sinimaed with my PPsh. Most hated player: Myself, as usual Most loved/liked player: Everyone who attended this battle. Thanks for having fun with us! Best Battle Photo - Other: As @RayderPSG says, this is not the right place to complaint. All of you knows where and how to do it.
  6. With my full respect, this is same as saying nothing. If you saw one admin doing this, you should report it to any of the Committe members and, if it was one of them (I´m supposing, because I have no idea about who are you talking about) send your report to another one and the situation will be sorted. Now, back to topic.
  7. Best: Playing again, after a lot of time. Best2: Having good time playing with Hispanic guys Worst: Some technical issues showed during battle. Seeral times I saw message "your connection was lost" but, fortunately, didn´t kicked me from server. Funniest: "Where is enemy?" "here!!" 😂 Most hated player: Myself, as usual. Most loved/liked player: Everyone who makes this campaign possible: developers, mappers, admins and, of course, players!! 😃 Other: I hope everyone will have fun this campaign!!
  8. Wualy

    Military Tourism.

    This one was, from the Spanish Civil War too, it´s placed close to Colmenar del Arroyo, in Madrid. Here you are a goggle maps link to find it easily. Bunker
  9. Wualy

    Military Tourism.

    I can contribute to this topic with some pics made by myself around here and there because I love this kind of tourism. In Spain you can find, with a bit of luck, some emplacements from the Civil War and a lot of around old Military bases. Well, in fact, some of them are still in use but old emplacements are obviously abandoned. Here you can see two small bunkers placed around Brunete, in Madrid, just in both sides of the road so you can find them extremely easy.
  10. Wualy

    Lista de hispanos.

    ¿Qué provincias?
  11. Wualy


    Miren quién ha aparecido por aquí, jejeje. Uno de los primeros hispanos en jugar, y disfrutar, de una campaña a lo graaaande
  12. Wualy

    Lista de hispanos.

    Muy buena iniciativa @RayderPSG
  13. Fun as hell, indeed!!. Thanks to everyone who made this event possible: @RAnDOOm, @kummitus in the technical part, and all of you who showed yesterday and shared some bullets, grenades, powder barrels and, over all, a lot of laughs!!
  14. Wualy

    Battlefield Pirates!

    ¡Hola a todos! Quizá sea este mi último post del año porque a saber qué me tocará hacer mañana. Lo sea o no, quiero aprovecharlo para daros las gracias a todos por vuestra participación en todos los eventos organizados por cmp-gaming este año que ya nos deja y, sobre todo, al evento de ayer con el Battlefield Pirates 2. Quizá no fuimos muchos, pero desde luego que lo pasamos estupendamente y la lengua hispana fue la predominante ¡¡Gracias a todos los que estuvisteis presentes, tanto piratas como no-muertos!! Y ahora, ¡un barril de grog para cada uno como botín!

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