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  1. Best: Playing with Calliope, as infantry and even as tanker. But with bad results in everything! Best2: Destroying a PIV and a Panther in less than 10 seconds with a Sherman. Worst: Allied numbers. something we need to take care of... Worst2: Trying to aim with Calliope... Funniest: @RAnDOOm almost destroying my Calliope when I was trying to aim. FYI, mate: I was close to Allied main exit, not close to the front when that happened It wasn´t me when someone did that. I tried once, and got back to base very fast Most hated player: Same player as ever Most loved/liked player: Everyone who showed up!! Other:
  2. Best: Playing again after long time. Worst: Playing only few minutes due RL first, then sound issues and, finally CTD... WTF? Funniest: Killing @Sir_Kowskoskeyand receiving a message from him two seconds after: "Bastard". Hilarious! Most hated player: Myself, as usual Most loved/liked player: Everyone who played this campaign and everyone who is making possible. Other:
  3. Happy Birthday

    Eso, feliz cumpleaños @Smashmachine
  4. Happy Birthday

    ¡¡Gracias!! Ya me dirás qué es eso JAJAJAJA
  5. Happy Birthday

    ¿Chaval? ¿Pero tú sabes cuántos años cumplo?
  6. Happy Birthday

    Thank you @RAnDOOm! and Thanks to the CMP Community!!
  7. Technical help needed

    Didn´t thought about that, really... Anyway, Intel doesn´t provide updates for its drivers long time ago while NVIDA keeps my graphic card still updated (will see how much time more). Thanks for your reply! UPDATE: I was able to place the flex cable in a better position (with less tension) and I hope this will help in solving the issue. Surely checking this will require some time but, until now, seems that is working fine.
  8. Technical help needed

    Thanks for your replay @Quicksilver. I'm agree with you about graphic card as every test made to it was passed succesfully. And it doesn't seem to be motherboard related. This laptop have five years old so, no, it's not under warranty and I need to fix it by myself. Yesterday I opened and saw that flex cable which connect mainboard with screen was bad placed, too close to the fan, but doesn't seem to be broken. Probably this can be the problem so I'll replace it to a better position and will made more tests to check if flickering is still there or not. If it is, I'll replace it. Fortunately, laptop is not too much old, so still I can find some parts for it by a reasonable prize.
  9. Technical help needed

    No me preocupa si el problema es del flex, porque yo mismo puedo cambiarlo (de hecho, ya he desmontado el portátil varias veces por otras cosas). EN una ocasión anetrior, que también me dio estos problemas, lo llevé a arreglar y me lo devolvieron sin hacerle nada porque al servico técnico no les falló. Fíjate hasta qué punto es aleatorio... Sorry to answer in Spanish to @mcpollo but he doesn´t know very well English
  10. Technical help needed

    Hi guys, I´m having problems with my laptop, specially, with my screen. I had in the past and seemed to be fixed, but they are back again. My screen is flashing or flickering from time to time, and giving me a black screen from several seconds. (sounds works well). Just when flickering, I connected by hdmi a second monitor and this one worked smoothly but still laptop screen was flickering for a while. This happens in very different situations: Sometimes simply with firefox opened and watching videos in Youtube, sometimes playing a video game in local mode, and sometimes only with desktop. But, surprisingly, repeating those same situations, doesn´t repeat the issue... It´s extremely aleatory. I installed 3D Benchmark to make some stress tests to my hardware, and all tests supported (only three) were passed succesfully over 97% and with no screen issues. All drivers are updated to latest versions (Intel Graphics 3000HD and NVIDIA GT 555N, CUDA version). Any idea, suggestion or recommendation? PS: My OS is Windows 10.
  11. ¡Bienvenidos!

    En muchos casos, no tanto como se debería @Pichu1199. En todo caso, no siempre se tiene un binocular a mano... ¡uy perdón!... a ojo
  12. ¡Bienvenidos!

    No te creas... Creo que el record lo tienen Erwin y WOLFXL: fueron capaces de aguantar la ronda entera sin ser destruidos, ambos con tanques alemanes (el de Erwin no lo sé, pero el de WOLFXL era un Jagdpanther)
  13. ¡Bienvenidos!

    ¡¡Bienvenido pucelano!! Aquí la infantería mecanizada funciona distinto a la realidad, porque se gastan muchas botas corriendo de un lado a otro, más que reparando tanques, jajajaja. Como dice @RayderPSG, echa un vistazo a los foros para ver cómo se juega y si tienes dudas, ¡¡pregunta!!
  14. Hola Cabronazos!

    La próxima campaña traerá muhcas sorpresas y muy posiblemente mapas nuevos. Habrá nuevas caras en los HQ y también nuevos oficiales y, cómo no, personas distintas en el staff, jejeje ¡¡Espero veros a todos en el campo de batalla!!
  15. Easy to fix